30 Responses to Nightmare unfolding in Cyprus, as plan hatched to seize 25% of large bank deposits

  1. Qc-Canada says:

    All of this is totally unacceptable.


    • Brandon says:

      Not to sound like a jerk. But what are you going to do about it? Nothing. Just like everyone else, nothing. This is the plan of the globalists to bankrupt everyone. Soon the people will beg for a new world order government. You saw what just happened in Cyprus. Now, get your money out of the bank before it happens to you. Of course in so doing would cause a bank collapse too. It’s going to happen, prepare for it!


  2. jake says:

    Funny how they call it a “haircut”. If I took 25% of MSNBC’s bank deposits, I am pretty certain they would call it theft!


  3. PKK says:

    So, the awful harvest comes from the poisonous seed which is a private corporation posing as a Central Bank, fractional banking which allows banks to “loan out” multiples of the monies deposited, “Central Banks” coining money- which in the USA was a power reserved to Congress in the beginning- and of course thereby inflating currency and debasing it too, billions of dollars invested in “derivatives” which is wildly speculative but supposedly designed to “cover the banks bets in investments” and we the people end up with banging on the wall of an empty ATM machine. Let’s look hard at Iceland’s solution. And Pray for the honest people everywhere.


  4. Spit says:

    This is exactly why you don’t trust banks! Bury your money!


  5. Gav says:

    As Nigel Farage stated its pure theft, unconstitutional and anti democratic. We can expect to see more as the EU and US fall apart.


  6. TexasRedNeck says:

    Coming to a town near you soon, it’s called the New World Order.


  7. niebo says:

    1) “They also gave the government powers to impose capital controls on banks,” which means what, exactly? That the government decides how much the BANKS must have “on hand”, or how much DEPOSITORS can withdraw at one time? No matter how the “legalese” is structured, the end result is the same: the depositors no longer have ‘free” control of their own accounts, the freedom to do with their own assets what they choose. Of course, my question is “academic” because, after a shut-down, after a (proposed) 25 percent seizure, and after all sorts of (proposed) new limits, restrictions, and mandates, it is clear that any such freedom is a myth in the first place.

    2) This is a social experiment in behaviour modification. Cyprus is now the world’s largest “animal study” laboratory, where the same crooked “scientists” who colluded to wreck the economy in the first place will now introduce a series of distressing “variables” in order to “evaluate” the behavior of the test “subjects” under compounding duress, for the purpose of establishing a marker, a rough, on-the-fly “standard” for how much corruption (and dehumanization) a “normal” population will endure before social order dissolves. What happens now in Cyprus CAN happen anywhere in the world. Factor in the fact that, a few decades ago, Turkey invaded Cyprus, divided the island (and so it remains today), dispelled half the population, and the rest of the world . . . didn’t care. So, yes, Mr. Panayides, you have been sold out. Again.



    • tonic says:

      It’s horrid, but everything you say is true.
      The only “maybe” in all this is that people will eventually reach the point where enough is enough. And when this point is reached as it will be, all the banks and legisliation, and control will be bought to boot.
      We are only human, not robots, and very subject to human emotion.
      Play with us at your own risk……………Look at our history to oppression.


  8. Rick says:

    Don’t think that it couldn’t happen here too…


  9. Bone Idle says:

    Don’t forget that there are many foreign banks operating in Cyprus as well as the local ones.
    A haircut of depositors funds will not just effect the local banks. There will be a flow on affect. Something like 400 million plus pounds for U.K. banks alone. Then there will be the bank runs to come.
    There will be an immediate affect on much of the countries economies where these foreign banks are domiciled.


  10. JamesinNorway says:

    I get a good laugh and smile when i read this…the fact that this bank levy of 25% hit the rich and richer of eu and russia makes me happy..these people put their wealth in what was thought as a safehaven..many probably thought they could keep their money safe..guess what they were wrong..they dont put big money in a bank in another country unless they wanted to avoid taxes in their home country..

    it would suck if it was the savers who got hit..but that its those with alot of money..the rich and the richer..well i feel no pity for them..let them rot in their own greed…


    • Darlene says:

      By the way I am poor folk but I dont think anyone should be robbed of their earnings. Some people have large fund because they made something of themselves or started a business ground up from hard toil not everyone hits wealth from the lottery… perhaps if you were lucky and picked the right numbers and you hit the lotto means you deserve to have it robbed from you? Put yourself in check …Theft is theft.


      • JamesinNorway says:

        Hi Darlene..I am also poor in a way..If i had won the lottery i would donate a good portion of it to those that need it.. i am against greed, it only corrupts..Yes some people get rich from hard work, but those are in the minority..These people who are going to suffer are the rich who placed there money in the banks there to avoid paying taxes in their home country..When it comes to the rich, i say let the banks take their money.. i feel no pity for them..I see how a mans greed corrupts and destroys..


    • Jennifer says:

      I agree with Darlene… I know quite a few wealthy people and they worked their butts off to get what they have now. So they have more money than you? And that makes it ok for this theft to happen? They earned their money. Theft is theft and there’s no excuse for it. If you think for a second the “savers” won’t be next, think again. And lastly, If it weren’t for the rich, who would own the businesses that give people jobs?


  11. ding says:

    yes, and this 25% theft of ‘those” accounts will certainly cover what they need?
    WOW.. ! Hystericaly ridiculous..is anybody listening to what they are saying?


  12. TruthSetsYouFree says:

    This is an Icveland moment for the Cypriots. Either they say “no” to paying off bad bank debts with the peoples personal funds, and make each bank responsible for it’s own losses. Like Iceland this would wind up meaning the politicians who sold them out go to jail and the bankers who did the damage get sued and possibly sent to jail as well or…..they buy the lie from their politicians and bankers, allow the banks to steal MORE of their money and become the indentured servants the banking elite want them to be.
    When Iceland said “no” to bailouts, all the central banks said they would live in poverty for generations. They even scared the Icelanders as best they could by moving all the Starbucks, Mickie D’s, and KFC’s out of the country. One year ;ater they were all back and now Iceland has one of the strongest currencies is the EU. The greedy politicians are on trial and warrants have been issued for the bankers who mostly fled the country. For Cypress and whichever country, including the US, this is the preferred way to handle banks. They are NOT too big to fail and hence they are NOT too big to jail.


  13. Dennis E. says:

    This is just terrible. As I blog this, it is being reported that the Obama administration is handling out millions of dollars to middle east countries and look at our plight. This administration has spent more money than the previous administrations and still proclaim we do not have a spending/debt problem yet.

    The 2014 mid term elections are around the corner and we need representatives/candidates who understand our coming debt disaster and will stand up because that is where we, The USA is heading. We are heading to a Cypress moment in the USA and it is planned as this crisis is.

    And if to happen, you will throw your gold and silver in the streets because you cannot eat it.
    You who have stored/HIDDEN food and food supplements will fair better and we all need to be educated how to use rain water effectively.

    Just my opinion……………


  14. Hahahaha Money eaters rather worship money than the physical DEMONS MONEY CANNOT Save Your soul.
    even i Know this simple Factor Do u.
    Quit Hateing and Start loving the ones u Have or aleast the ones u Have Left? in this sign of the times u CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING JUST help seeing others through SO quit being Rich in reality Forgetting You were born and given a Spirit aKa Your very own Soul aka ur own mind To think.
    peace predictability.


  15. thebird says:

    Please don’t forget that the taxes that people are trying to avoid is money that is stolen from the people to pay the debts that the central banks created in the first place. this whole scenerio is a scam created by the banksters


  16. David says:

    The problem here is that u don’t need to confiscate money from citizens. Both the Euro and Dollar are backed by nothing…..it’s just zeros and ones. The biggest illusion ever. All the EU central bank has to do is just give an illusional amount to the failing banks and the problem is solved.


  17. David says:

    Currency that is not backed by a commodity
    (Ex: gold or silver) is just another way to ins lave a population. Your savings have no real value and it gives the Elite unlimited powers to manipulate the currency……including creating a crisis to further their agenda.


  18. Keith says:

    One can be assured that no Cypriot legislator or bankster has any money left in their accounts.
    They reduced the amount of people affected by leaving out the little guy. Just hope the collapse begins very soon, so the arrests can begin. Hope this open’s up the eyes of sheep..


  19. John Cage says:

    In one day they will turn all world cash currency into bank account digits and following that the dreaded chip


  20. Maverick says:

    If the US Government starts talking about the AMERO, remember the Euro …
    In the case of Greece and Cyprus (at the very least), the books were cooked to make them join the Euro (courtesy of Goldmann Sachs, Price WaterHouse Coopers and others), even as the biggest financial crisis ever was already looming in the background. And here is the result. Daylight robbery, and the potential for Bank Runs all over southern Europe, maybe Ireland too.
    In my opinion, ICEland did the right thing ; let the banks go bust, kick the faulty administration out of office, sue the banksters and officials, devaluate by 50 %, and endure a 25 % reduction of your standards for a couple years. Now they’re back in business. Check it out …


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