Unexplained boom baffles experts, residents: heard in four Illinois counties

March 21, 2013 ILLINOISThe mystery of the “loud boom” heard in parts of the region over the weekend may go unsolved, as efforts to find the source of the boom proved a bust Monday. Hundreds of people in at least four counties — Franklin, Hamilton, Saline and Williamson — flocked to social media to report hearing a windows-rattling, earth-shaking boom between 1 and 2 p.m. Saturday. No damages or injuries were reported as a result of the boom. “I have no way of knowing exactly what occurred but it was not likely an earthquake,” geophysicist Don Blakeman of the National Earthquake Information Center said. “There is nothing on our lists, only the last one on the 11th (near Benton).” Some earthquakes are heard as well as felt, he said, but if it was so widespread as to be heard in four counties, “We would be able to locate it as an earthquake,” he said. “Typically, when loud booms are heard it turns out to be a sonic boom, although I’m not saying that’s what it was in this instance.” However, if the boom was sonic in nature, it wasn’t caused by military action. Neither Scott Air Force Base nor the North American Aerospace Defense Command reported activity taking place in the region Saturday. “We were not in that area with any of our assets,” a NORAD spokesman said. A Scott Air Force spokeswoman confirmed no Scott or military-related activities or exercises took place in Southern Illinois over the weekend. The boom was not weather-related, according to meteorologist Robin Smith of the National Weather Service in Paducah said. Nor was it related to any coal mining activity, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Office of Mines and Minerals said. The swarm of social media postings caused Franklin County Emergency Management Agency Director Ryan Buckingham to make his own post on the agency’s Facebook page. “Residents in Franklin County are reporting what was described as a ‘ground-shaking loud boom’ during the day on Saturday 3/16/2013. USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) has not reported any earthquake activity in our area during that time, leaving the cause of these reports as somewhat of a mystery,” Buckingham wrote. The mystery was not cleared up by Monday, he said. “We picked it up first on social media. A lot of people heard it but didn’t have a source for it,” Buckingham said. “I put a feeler out on Facebook because if there is a threat to public safety, that’s something we need to know about it, but no one had any idea what caused it.” While the source of the boom has yet to be traced, Buckingham said it should serve as a reminder for residents to have a plan in place in case of emergency. –The Southern
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21 Responses to Unexplained boom baffles experts, residents: heard in four Illinois counties

  1. You know this is happening all over the world, along with huge sinkholes and strange weather all over too. So one more strange dilemna after another. It could be just the sound deep down in the earth of earth movements or tearing apart because of problems we don’t yet understand or see. Only God knows the source for sure and when he wants us to know, he will! That’s how I look at it!


  2. oliver jones says:

    I have a theory on this .. It could possibly be meteors / astroids enterin the atmosphere. Since as of late we have seen alot here in the dessert at night so if they sre fallin in tge day time that could be it


  3. Fran says:

    We recently heard a series of “booms” here in the Verde Valley, (Arizona), which were never explained. My friends in up-state NY heard the same booms last week … is it possible that these are asteroids entering our atmosphere? We have no frame of reference – but they are a new phenomana, and one which is being ignored by main-stream-media. If they are military experiments, one would think that at least a leak or two would have occurred by now…


  4. Karen Russell says:

    Look up ‘spacequakes’ in Wikipedia. The article gives a bit of history as to when they were observed by NASA and reported on. It can indeed explain many of the ‘mysterious’ boom sounds heard by many today. Karen


    • nanoduck says:

      Makes sense and thank you for pointing it out. There is also a growing evidence that strong earthquakes can be correlated to “gamma bursts” from outer space and sun activity. I am supporting the idea that our solar system is entering very energized region of the Milky Way and that is setting off many changes in our system.


      • sharon says:

        In the past 2 weeks it has happend herein rural north central pa. in the early am hours i have been awakened by a huge boom the entire house shakes the outside is lit up for. up to a minute with clear skies also happened in August. of this year. I would like to have an explanation .


  5. Nibikwe says:

    Booming happening in many areas of U.S. with no explanations from U.S.G.S, military, or other experts. What about volatile methane hydrates being ignited by all the tectonic plate shifting going on? If not the naturally occuring methane hydrates, possibly the billions of gallons of horizontal-frac-drilling wastewater being injected into the earth? Things to think about and test for.


  6. shannon says:

    I have twice heard these very loud bangs in a period of approx. a month apart that you speak of. It sounded like a huge heavy log was thrown on my roof (both times). It sounded like it came from the air. My dog and I looked at each other like, what the hell was that! He starts barking. Both times I ran out to see what it was (we have a lot of trees). Nothing was on the house and nothing at all around it. In the interim between the first bang and second bang approx. 4-6 weeks later, I read online somewhere that someone said something to the effect that when a portal from hell is opening to let out more fallen angels and demons, a real loud bang is heard as portal opened from one dimension below to our dimension here. That is why this noise is being heard all over the world. The portals have been opening. Satanic rituals are opening more and more portals all the time and more of hell is being loosed upon earth all the time in every city, town and even remote areas. Everywhere.
    Makes sense to me.

    I’m not saying meteors and meteorites don’t break the sound barrier when they enter the earth’s atmosphere but if you don’t find any debris, and neither does anyone else then guess what!!


  7. Brimmer79 says:

    I read a little about these space quakes, and with the increased solar activity we have been experiencing I think you could be on to something here. I just wish everyone could relax, I’m sure this has been happening for a very long time and not everything that we discover is leading to doom and gloom. I wish everyone the best, and love The Extinction Protocol. Many thanks Alvin, god job. /pat on back


  8. dbm says:

    I think its the govt is building huge underground bunkers for themselves cause they know the world is about to financially collapse and all hell is going to break loose.


  9. Bodie says:

    Witness what happened in Russia recently. The same thing happened here in N. California last spring. My house shook and the windows rattled. Both meteorites.


  10. Irene C says:

    Thank you Alvin for keep us current on these strange events. Of course, none of this ever shows up on the main-stream media sources. But then, I stopped relying on those a long time ago.


  11. Colleen says:

    I have a feeling someone knows what is causing all of the tremors, and booms. I also believe they are not going to tell us.


  12. Alvin,
    There have been quite a few Manhole covers being BLOWN off & fires or other Property Damages in Our States’ Capital, Albany, NY
    Wonder if these are also Related, or from old infastructure as being led to believe.
    Check out stories on WRGB CBS News 6,
    Albany “Times Union” @ timesunion.com,
    & Schenectady “Daily Gazette” @ dailygazette.com ,
    6 in last 6 mo!!! More in last 2 yrs.
    See what You think, or if can spot this happening elsewhere too.
    TYVM an Avid Reader


  13. Nick Ferrari says:

    We must assume the USGS is not lying to us because if these booms originated underground, such as tetonic shifts, or even the Feds building underground structures, then it would register on seismographic equipment. We’d see meteors, or at least someone would. It’s not a sonic boom because they would be repetitive in a direction that could be identified. We know the Feds are doing their best NOT to answer our questions so this is suspicious and I’m sure they know exactly what it is. Whatever it is, you can bet it’s a bad thing.


  14. Rick says:

    i too hear these booms multiple this very night in chicago they resemble all the characterisation of s sonic boom yet they are frequent and close together i recently observed at least 6 in the past month and after some research my guess is the earths equatot could be shifting as its been effected by the december 21 polar shift this means something deep in the equator is changing whether it be good or bad i dont know


    • Erin says:

      Heard one last night northwest chicago area. About 11:30pm. All I heard was boom noise. Friends thought it was an earthquake because their whole house was shaking.


      • sean says:

        Erin, i, am right on the Border of Lake / Cook county. I myself haven’t experienced any of the “Booms” yet, but a strange “Hum” has kept us up on and off for last few days.


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