19 miners rescued in Poland, after earthquake causes mine collapse

March 20, 2013 POLAND – Emergency services in western Poland have rescued 19 miners who were trapped underground when a minor earthquake caused a tunnel to collapse. The workers at Rudna copper mine in Lower Silesia were trapped for about eight hours while rescuers dug through earth and rock to reach them. The mine is owned by Poland’s largest copper miner, KGHM, and has operated since 1969. A KGHM spokesman said the accident happened 600m (2,000ft) below ground. He said the rescue operation was “difficult because huge amounts of rocks have to be removed.” The tremor that caused the tunnel to collapse, lasted about 10 seconds, the BBC’s Adam Easton reports from the capital, Warsaw. One miner had a gash on his head, but all those who were rescued were fit enough to go home. The mine is some 400km (250 miles) south-west of Warsaw. Accidents there are relatively uncommon. Poland has a large number of mines, many of which are located in the industrialized Silesia region, which is rich in mineral and natural resources. –BBC
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3 Responses to 19 miners rescued in Poland, after earthquake causes mine collapse

  1. Glad all came out safely 🙂


  2. Mike h says:

    Poland and regions are still rocking about..again Im not an expert on that region but seems weird?It also seems the North Atlantic has had a few tremors that may be helping push things alongs?


  3. Irene C says:

    I keep thinking about those who are building underground bunkers. Makes me wonder how safe they would be in case of an earthquake.


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