Large fireball streaks across eastern U.S. – seen in 7 states

March 18, 2013HIGH POINT, NCThere are several reports from Saturday night of a meteor gliding across the Carolina skies. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a large bolide meteor that split into several pieces. First Warn Storm Spotter Stuart McDaniel caught it all on his sky camera. McDaniel lives in Northern Cleveland County.  In his video, the fast moving meteor moved rapidly across the sky growing bigger and bigger then fading away. McDaniel isn’t the only one who saw the meteor; the American Meteorologist Society received 55 reports about this fireball seen over Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Nearly half of the reports were from Ohio. –WCNC
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17 Responses to Large fireball streaks across eastern U.S. – seen in 7 states

  1. Sherry says:

    This is my first time to comment on your site, Alvin. I have read all of your books and visit here daily to keep up on what is really going on in the world. I appreciate so much your work and wisdom in all you do!

    As for the balls of fire that are being seen everywhere, I do not doubt that many are just that. However, I did have an experience in 1980 that influenced my thinking. Around 9:00 p.m. on a full moon night, me and another person saw a very large rectangular ship hovering over an area of our town. As we were watching it, the ship took off in a literal ball of fire…just like a meteor streaking across the sky. It was seen by thousands across the Midwest according to the reports of the local television station at the time. With that experience behind me, I do believe that sometimes what we see perhaps may be something else entirely.


  2. Geoff Jameson says:

    I think this is just the first of many to come this year, this is no chance thing. 2013 is the year something big is going to happen……thankyou for all your work to keep the world informed of the Real Events happening in the world…the stuff that is never shown on the mainstream controlled news networks…


  3. Morgan says:

    I think they aliens might sound crazy but anything is a possibility 🙂


  4. John says:

    Here we go again. Another sign in the sky, that things are not quite the same. I wonder if anyone on this blog is improving their preps because of these signs of the times?


  5. Graig Haney says:

    We are in a time written about long ago. To see, hear and read about these events, makes one stand up and take notice. Something big is coming and these fireballs, meteors, comets and asteroids are harbingers of what’s to follow. “Fasten your seat belt, it’s about to get ugly”.


  6. oliver jones says:

    I saw one of these on friday night early sat mornin shootin over austin tx about 20 miles west of town headed east to west it was brighter than the brights on my car


  7. Suzan says:

    According to NASA, Sonic booms from meteors are not a rare event and even something as small as a golf ball could cause a big boom traveling upward of 1,000 mph and leaving a trail of sonic booms as it flies across the sky, most likely quite close to the ground. “A sonic boom is a pressure wave, and it mimics an explosion,” Zawodny from NASA told Life’s Little Mysteries. “They can be quite forceful, and can definitely rattle walls and windows.”

    Also Mudslides, meteors, earthquakes, tsunamis and explosive gas are all given as potential causes for the odd and intense noises according to the following article explaining possible theories for booms from the Carolinas to New York. Published By Fri, Sep 16 2011
    geologically its still relevant.

    also similar for Va occurrences as well: NASA Meteor likely caused mysterious boom NASA scientists say not uncommon:

    (Alvin, sorry I double posted this I wasn’t sure where it would be more relevant).


  8. Irene C says:

    Way too many unknown objects out there and our planet seems to have a bulls-eye on it.


  9. yeah right says:

    feel like posting this one? Your ad placement, right below the article, suggests that is in fact the meteor video. I noticed it was a beer ad. How twisted of you to create the illusion that you’re letting us see the vid, only to increase your measly ad revenue. Ought to be ashamed.


  10. nickk0 says:

    It does seem like there is a sudden ‘spike’ in fireballs.


  11. Howard says:

    Read the data stop thinking you are dead wrong.


  12. Cipher says:

    I have seen two of these fireballs, one in October 2012, and one this month. These were not your usual little brief “shooting star” meteors that we see all the time. These were both slower moving and had bright tails. The one in October was bright green, and the recent one was more blue-white. There sure do seem to be an elevated number of these things.


  13. nickk0 says:

    Yet another one made the news:


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