Civil Defense says just one in 10 Auckland families is prepared for a major disaster

March 18, 2013 NEW ZEALANDTwo shallow earthquakes – a 3.1 followed four minutes later by a 3.9 – shook the city on Sunday afternoon, startling many residents. The Auckland Civil Defense controller, Clive Manley, says a survey Civil Defense conducted shows Auckland families are the least prepared in the country for major events, although most are aware they need to work out a survival plan. Mr. Manley says residents in rural areas are often better prepared than those in the city, because they are accustomed to power not being as reliable as in urban areas. He says people should have enough food, water and first aid supplies for three days. Meanwhile, scientists are confident the quakes are not a sign of volcanic activity. A magnitude 3.9 quake was recorded at 4.05 pm at a depth of 6 km and was centered 15 kilometers north-east of the city. Four minutes earlier a 3.1 quake was recorded in the same spot, and was only 4 km deep. Albany resident John MacNaughtan says they began with a rumbling sound, as if a heavy lorry was going down the road, and a short time later everything shook for a few seconds. GNS Science volcanologist NicoFournier told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report the quakes were centered on Motutapu Island in the Hauraki Gulf. He says in theory an earthquake could affect a volcano, either triggering or stopping activity, but in this instance neither has happened. Earthquakes are rare in Auckland and Mr. Fournier says the last time something similar was felt was 2007. –Radio New Zealand
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3 Responses to Civil Defense says just one in 10 Auckland families is prepared for a major disaster

  1. tiggs_nz says:

    I am really sick of seeing write up like this…POOR AUCKLAND….there is more to New Zealand than just Auckland…in fact Id say just one in 10 families all around NZ is only prepared for any major disaster.
    With the way our GOV is keeping most of the people poor how can they afford to be prepared.
    Pretty sad aye.


  2. Irene C says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. As I commented on the other article, when “experts” say that there’s nothing to worry about, then people will put it out of their minds and go on with theirs lives. Those studying these faults need to be honest with their findings and tell the people the truth. And, those who aren’t ready, need to know that disaster can and will happen without warning, and they need to be ready.


  3. dan says:

    3 days? if the shizzle hits the fan in N.Z you will need more than 3 days of supplies lol


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