In response to North Korea and Iran, U.S. will beef up missile defenses

March 16, 2013 WASHINGTONThe United States will deploy 14 additional ground-based missile interceptors (GBIs) to combat the nuclear attack threats from North Korea and Iran, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said today during a press briefing. “The United States stands firm against aggression,” Hagel said. Hagel cited North Korea’s recent test of a “rogue, mobile intercontinental ballistic missile” as a reason to beef up the United States’ missile defense system. In addition to the GBIs, the United States will also add one more radar in Japan and is conducting environmental studies to determine the feasibility of another interceptor missile site. “The American people expect us to protect them,” Hagel said, adding that they also expect them to do it in a cost-effective manner. Hagel was asked if he was confident that the interceptor missiles could stop a nuclear weapon from striking the U.S. He said that before the 14 additional interceptors are deployed, the U.S. will do additional testing. However, he said, “the American people should be assured our interceptors are effective.” Hagel said they expect the interceptors to be deployed by 2017. Thirty of them are already deployed in California and Alaska. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is set to announce that the United States will beef up its missile defense system in response to nuclear attack threats from North Korea, Reuters, Fox and CNN are reporting quoting an unnamed “defense official.” As we’ve reported, this has been a week of “inflamed rhetoric from North Korea,” which has unilaterally scrapped the 1953 armistice that ended open warfare on the peninsula and threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S. “The bottom line is that we just don’t know where Pyongyang’s capabilities lie. These tests might represent lighter and smaller weapons. The North could be lying about that, but then again, maybe they aren’t. As we think about our homeland missile-defense posture, we do not have a ‘just-in-time’ policy,” Miller said, according to the AP. “Our policy is to stay ahead of the threat — and to continue to ensure that we are ahead of any potential future Iranian or North Korean ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) capability.”  –NPR
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2 Responses to In response to North Korea and Iran, U.S. will beef up missile defenses

  1. Dennis E. says:

    It was once said that the Anti-ballistic missile system was like trying to hit a bullet with a another bullet.
    The news reported that the proposed new deployment would not be complete until 2017?
    Harrp could deflect an incoming missile. Some nations, including the USA, have the ability to erect a static shield to stop incoming airplanes and missiles, only that outgoing planes and missiles would also be destroyed as I have read.
    Nevertheless, the USA used to have a anti-missile system the spartan and the sprint but under the MAAD agreement with the Soviet Union, they were dismantled and the Russians laugh at us everyday.
    It is possible that a space based defense system could hit a missile. But, I think when you speak about a North Korean strike, you are only talking about on or two warheads and not several hundred launched from Russia.

    I also believe that the tensions regarding this situation are going to get further intense……..and worrying……I don’t think this is just going away as we would like…………….


  2. does NK realise that an attach on the US would result in the total anhilation of the N Koreans.


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