Meteor explodes in skies over South Africa

March 13, 2013SOUTH AFRICAResidents across Cape Town claimed to have sighted a meteorite on Tuesday after what appears to have been a fireball “exploded” in the sky. It is said to have been sighted just after noon. Nicola Loaring, an outreach astronomer at the South African Astronomical Observatory, said they had received about four or five reports. The green and blue light with a white tail that was reported to them appeared to be that of “a fireball, which is a bright meteor.” Fireballs were caused by dust formed in space that enter Earth’s atmosphere. “There are two meteor showers in March with one peaking on March 13 and this could be related to that.  Loaring said another meteor shower would start later this month and peak in April.” “Meteor showers are best viewed in the morning. Up to eight an hour can be seen,” Loaring said. People shouldn’t be alarmed since these were “common and predictable”. Company director John Houston captured part of the event on camera while he was driving on the N1 from Stellenbosch. There was a “huge” explosion that left a white cloud close to the Durbanville hills, he said. – IOL
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29 Responses to Meteor explodes in skies over South Africa

  1. John B. says:

    “Common and predictable” Really? So no dramatic increase this type of phenomena since 12-21-12? The conventional scientific community would have the population of this planet believe that everything is okay. All systems normal. “Move along, nothing to see here. Go about your business.” When in fact, we are the cusp of the biggest shift in 3rd dimensional reality that this planet has ever experienced.


    • John says:

      To John B — Yes, you are absolutely right. Most of the people on this blog have said that astronomical events that can be seen from earth and will happen to earth will increase on a weekly basis as time moves forward. And, for the last 8 weeks we have seen one NEW asteroid after another come screeeeeching past our blue planet. If anyone has any urge to start prepping now. This is a wake up call. This may be your last chance. Plus, NASA has said that the sun is very, very quiet right now. They give the impression that this might be the calm before the storm.


    • Numbers says:

      I think we were given a heads up….but I trust in God’s mercy and love.”be not afraid”…that is for all of us.


    • ju says:

      Well said! Obviously science doesn’t have an answer, but they have to say something… Most people thinks “everything is ok” When is NOT!!


    • larry says:

      Yep, they are playing these low wait when something realy big happen


  2. Captain Bill says:

    A meteor do not just “explode”, unless he had some dynamite inside… It’s exploded from external… and not by men artifacts, be sure of that. This never happened before at list in my lifetime and is a “common” fact? Common to who?? Our scientific community is a shame, they have no courage to broke rules and to tell people what they really know is going on.


  3. Suzan says:

    Cold brown dwarfs are difficult to locate & there is so much out there that hasn’t been discovered yet.


  4. Rusty Brown in Canada says:

    “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”
    [Chicken Little]


  5. Brandon says:

    Signs from heaven that the false one will be cast down to earth soon?… Possible.


  6. Patrick says:

    Boy oh Boy, there is a heck of a lot going on in the world today… John B has it exactly right.
    Here’s why :
    Signs of the end of days(excerpt from messages given), as revealed by Jesus himself to a boy named Segatashya in Kibeho, Rwanda before the days of the mass genocide in Rwanda.”

    “To start fighting, people will have had enough of the world and the
    world will have had enough of people. That’s why I am here to tell you that I am
    on the way back to earth. I warn you! Be patient with all that will tempt you. Those
    who will believe in Me, they will be persecuted heavily. I am telling you don’t be
    discouraged, I will be near you. When all the bad things will be happening and
    have made you exhausted, the sterile will wish to be a tree, and a mother will wish
    to be sterile in vain. Man will wish to die in vain. There will be many earthquakes
    in all the corners of the globe. In many places, the sun will beat down so
    relentlessly that the earth will dry up and crops will fail year after year. Winds will
    carry away all the soil, and never-ending rains will bring great flooding. Hunger
    will grip many nations. Many will fight each other for food, and scores will starve
    to death.”
    All of these things are happening and more…. unexplainable booming sounds happening all over the world, mass die of of millions of fish, birds all over the world, earthquakes happening daily on an unprecedented scale all over the world, meteors are just one more sign..


  7. carre. says:

    “Common and predictable” Tell that to the Russians.!


  8. laurentien says:

    If we are getting more meteor, what an we really do about it ? Beam up to the Enterprise and go to Vulcan ? The only thing they can help us is tell the people where the incoming ones will fall whenever they fall. Russians may have destroyed their own meteor to minimize its damage. That is about what you can do when meteors hit Earth.


  9. Robin says:

    The indigenous tribes…of every continent on Earth…have brought to attention…a time of ‘fire in the skies’…(probably from the Sun, Comets, Meteors, and other celestial bodies)…and also other cosmic energies…during which there will be great changes occurring on Earth…
    We cannot deny that we have been seeing more and more in the past few months?


  10. mtnwolf63 says:

    Even after the 3 near Earth asteroids just last weekend? And the Russian meteor, and at least two more around the same day as the biggest asteroid ever seen so close to Earth? And none are related, according to the “experts”? This would be comical if it wasn’t such a dangerous situation. I’m guessing that behind the scenes they are bewildered and confused, but don’t let on so as not to alarm the publec. Either that, or the conspiracy theory is true, they know damn well what is happening and endeavor to keep it hushed up. Whatever the case, I concur with John B. Whatever is on the way is now on our doorstep, and making it’s presence known.


  11. Irene C says:

    Don’t be alarmed. Nothing to worry about. Go ahead and put your head back in the sand. And don’t forget to watch your “reality” shows. And if something happens, your government will take good care of you. (My sarcastic streak must be taking over.)


  12. dan says:

    edge of galactic plane?more space debris?,increased solar particles?seems to make sense….probably not.


  13. Ry says:

    Haha yep I’m glad not everyone is asleep in this reality that’s always changing, & in a major way lately! Lucky to be alive & witness all of these planetary changes that are taking place! Go with the flow 🙂


  14. Natasha says:

    Lol, I agree John B. 😉 Been on this planet fro over 40 years and never saw a meteor shower. And love watching the skies for the extraordinary.


  15. Teddy says:

    It reminds me of the meteorite that fell in Kilimambogo in Nairobi, Kenya sometime mid-last year. The advanntage is that its sonic effect didn’t cause damage because it was far from towns and cities where glasses and other sonic-effect sensitive materials are found in plenty.


    • tonic says:

      A very interesting event, and also an insight on how easily we can be taken by surprise. A lot of peope in high places had their fingers crossed that day.


  16. david G says:

    Dont be surprised that these “fireballs”are not what you think. I feel something is coming too.


  17. barb says:

    has anyone wondered if these so called fireballs, meteorites, “asteroid chunks” (just saw that explanation)……. are something else — something intentional going on? doesn’t seem to be one straight answer out there. trying not to be paranoid here, folks. would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this.


    • Mrsotto says:

      I am just guessing here but we know that the govt is years ahead of what secret projects and “stuff” they tell us or dont tell us thay they have sooooooo,
      why not have a ” satellite” that can create lightening bolts on demand? seems like something the devil would think this up to use this device to get the sheeple to go along with whatever govts tell them….those who choose to trust God are not afraid of anything that is to come, He has warned us and we understand His second coming is very soon! Amen!


  18. tonic says:

    Some businessman wants to “capture” and harvest an asteroid composed of stainless steel. Nothing wrong with this at all.
    But how lucky are we, that not even a tiny one of this composition has hit us, it mignt not explode, like the latest ones to visit us. We have been very lucky, so far.


  19. Rushana says:

    Hey there can anybody explain the meteor in the sky in Cape Town 6 May 2013 about 5:30am its beautiful but also scary is there anything we should worry about very concern


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