Earthchanges: Signs of the times, February 2013

Signs 2
contribution by Emanni
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22 Responses to Earthchanges: Signs of the times, February 2013

  1. Lisa says:

    Great video. Thanks Alvin


  2. Marybell says:

    Could all this be caused by HAARP? Got a scientific mind? If so, read: “ANGELS DON’T PLAY THIS HAARP”


    • rita says:

      I viewed Angels don’t play this Haarp a few years ago, and it is excellent. You can also stream “Holes in Heaven”. Very good.

      And, thank you to Alvin for posting my comment last week!

      Merci’, Rita


    • Doctor Phill says:

      I would have to agree ::)) coincidence maybe??? i don’t think so ::))


  3. Joseph says:

    Could you please add a warning that this video contains a man shouting almost hysterically / aggressively which triggered a panic attack in myself, and probably will do to others who suffer from panic disorder.
    Thank you,


  4. Texblonde1956 says:

    We watch the news and see these events reported, but it is staggering to see the events of just one month all lined up as presented in this video. I was blown away by how much happened in just February alone. Thanks for showing the way!!!


  5. John B. says:

    Just the beginning. By April 1st we could be in a totally different reality. May God have mercy on all of us.


  6. sparrow59 says:

    This video puts it all together well! Is anyone paying attention?


  7. tdenbeck says:

    Thank You Alvin – Initially I am frustrated because I am having a hard time tracking and concentrating on the events (due to my environment I feel distracted and detached in a way) but so far each of these events (triggered by cameo of the Spiders in Brazil) are very resonant to my dreams. I can barely trackat the moment that each of these events links into my dreams and with the increase (swarmish activity in Riverside Ca.) I feel that we may be fast approaching something big/something of importance. I will need to find a quiet moment to hone into my intuitive side while watching this. I would love to emerse myself in this information on a different level soon. As always Thank You


  8. This is a good site thank you Alvin and all blogs . I just have too ask do u ever take a day off. Or a vacation just asking ……….. God bless you and the readers and the bloggers . Have a wonderful day 🙂 .


  9. Dennis E. says:

    February 2013 was a most eventful month regarding heavenly signs and earth change events.
    March will leave its mark also.
    March will be far more interesting than February if you take into account the selection of a new pope and Obama’s trip to Israel which could have deadly consequences for the USA. Many people disregard Israel in these latter day events but according to scripture, the main purpose of the tribulation is for Israel, not to cry, but to scream for the messiah who will come and rescue her from the Anti-Christ at the last moment and to bring a rebellious people back to God, thru his son. Many people differ with that and all I ask, if you are alive during that time, then bear me out. Some may be offended, but in order for Israel to become the leading nation and Jerusalem the Capital , these things must come to pass for it is the path chosen.

    This administration is going try to force Israel to pull back to pre-67 borders which according to senoir military officials from years gone by will make Jerusalem undefendable.
    It is also going to try to establish a Palestinian state, side by side with East Jerusalem as it’s capital, it will be a disaster to unfold. Also, the idea whom the anti-christ might be if a 7 year covenant is presented on this trip by either of the parties involved.
    We are on the edge of significant issues coming to the fore front.
    Have you ever thought that by dividing their land, God might divide ours?

    I recently read a internet report that on or after 12.21.2012, our solar system moved into an area of the galaxy that that is littered with stationery rocks, small planet bodies and other potential hazards.


  10. Angelsong says:

    We just had a 6.7 in Papua New Guinea.
    Much love and Blessings…


  11. Michele B says:

    Very informative indeed. Did anyone else notice the repeated misspelling of February as “Febuary” in the video? Just a pet peeve of mine. I know, I know, it’s more often than not pronounced that way. But that’s not how it’s spelled. 😦


  12. Hello…
    I only have a mobile/android device for internet. Is there a possibility of putting the link in so I can view the videos? When I click on the picture I get nothing 😦


  13. niebo says:

    The “lightning at the Vatican” incident has been bothering me, so I went looking. . . .In the Hebrew Bible, I found about fifty references to lightning; a few (as in the book of Job) were “rhetorical”, that is, related to the weather that God controls. The vast majority, however, refer to lightning as a literal act of God:

    “When Moses stretched out his staff toward the sky, the LORD sent thunder and hail, and lightning flashed down to the ground. So the LORD rained hail on the land of Egypt. . . .”
    Exodus 9:23

    See also Exodus 19:16; 2 Samuel 22:13-16 (13: “from His presence”; 15: compared to “arrows”); Job 36:30-33; Job 37:3-4; Job 37:13-14; Psalm 29:7; Psalm 77:18; Psalm 78:46-50; Psalm 97:4; Psalm 105:29-33; Psalm 135:7; Psalm 144:5-6 (“arrows”); Psalm 148:7-8; Jeremiah 10:13; Jeremiah 51:16; Ezekiel 21:8-10 (“sword of God”); Ezekiel 21:15-17 (“sword”); Ezekiel 21:28-29 (“sword”); Hosea 6:4-7 (judgment); Habakkuk 3:11 (“spear”); Zechariah 9:14 (“arrow”).
    Three exceptions where lightning is not necessarily “sent” by God:

    Ezekiel 1:14, in the account of the chariots of fire, lightning precedes (and accompanies) the arrival of the messengers; Daniel 10:6, the face of the angel was “lightning”; Nahum 2:4, “lightning” is used to describe the speed of the chariots of the Medes and Chaldeans during their attack on Ninevah.

    In the Christian Bible, “lightning” refers to the return of Christ. Except, of course, for “I saw satan fall like lightning from heaven.” (Luke 10:18) (!!!!!)

    My personal favorite, the one that convinced my skeptical intellect that this was NOT a weird but random coincidence: “He fills his hands with lightning and commands it to strike its mark.” Job 36:32


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