Tectonic plates moving again: will South America split away from Central America?

March 7, 2013 GEOLOGYOne of the expectations of Earth Change researchers is that with the evidence of the folding of the tectonic plates under the Pacific Ocean and the collapsing or subduction of the Western Regions of the Ring of fire in the Far East, that these collapsing plates will eventually pull the Northern Regions of South America to the west into the Pacific Ocean, and tear away South America from Central America. Recently it was noticed that the buoys along the Cocos and the Nazca Plates were deactivated. At the same time the earthquakes along the eastern regions of those same plates that were jutting up against South America along the Andes, from the tip of South America upwards to Peru were increasing exponentially. As the South American coastline is being pulled over the Nazca Plate, what has been called the “South American Roll” has been activating earthquakes that would have been noticed by the buoys rising or collapsing with the rolling earthquakes are now silent. It would be expected that the officials in charge of the buoys deployment and activation would hesitate to let the southern continent know about the devastation that will soon come their way. The stressor points along the coastline leading up to the beautiful and majestic Southern Andes Mountains will soon become the focal point as the Northern Andes Range will slide over the Nazca Plate. This is put significant stress upon the tectonic plate under the Southern Andes. As the northern sectors of South America are pulled to the west, some researchers now speculate that the main stress point will be along the bowed region along the Pacific coastline of South America. What is believed is that the Southern tip of South America is anchored and a pivoting point where the Antarctic Plate abuts up against the Southern Andes. With the solid continental plate of the Antarctica refusing to yield to any compression, the Northern regions of South America appear will be pulled westward upwards to 200 miles into the Pacific Ocean region. The evidence of such cataclysmic changes in our earth’s continental plates was highlighted in an earthquake on February 6, 2013 in Santa Cruz that was following a few days later by a much larger 7.0 earthquake in southwestern Colombia in the province of Narino.  It was felt 240 miles away in the Colombian capital of Bogata, Colombia. Hours later a string of quakes raced up and down the mountainous spine of the Andes. This triggered a second series of quakes on the eastern edge of the South American Plate, where it buts up against the Atlantic Rift and a third series of quakes along the Northern South American regions where the edge of the continental plate joins together with the Caribbean Plate. With the searing of South America from Central America, the once-greatest engineering feat in the world, the Panama Canal with be torn asunder.  It will be essentially useless anyway as a waterway from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean will be created as the Americas will no longer be united. –DY
contribution by Emanni
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13 Responses to Tectonic plates moving again: will South America split away from Central America?

  1. Carlos Asuncion says:

    What type of effect will this portend for the Hawaiian chain of islands?


  2. feedscrn says:

    Article states: “the Northern regions of South America appear will be pulled westward upwards to 200 miles into the Pacific Ocean region.”

    With that kind of violent force, I’m almost positive that the California will be involved. All that shaking and Calif. not get in on the act? Doubt it sincerely.

    There’s also prophesies about Japan experiencing a great upheaval. Probably. IMHO.

    It’s great that they are forecasting this… Problem is, no-one knows when to evacuate. Wish we knew, to be able to move the ppl out on time before it all goes down,

    Jesus come quickly. Maranatha! And let us be ready when you do.


  3. sapphire2006 says:

    What is your source for this information? I’ve heard nothing of this in the news about the tectonic plates moving like that. I’ve googled it and all I get are conspiracy blogs and sites reporting it and they are not exactly experts of this subject.


    • rita says:

      I agree. And this article itself is in some Israeli/new age website. The article is poorly written. No one even bothered to construct sentences that had grammatical consistency.

      By the way, as i have made it known that i am Jewish i never get posted here. Cheers.


    • Frank says:

      You think you’re going to get truth from “the news”? Wake up, pal.


  4. Irene C says:

    Well, I’m no expert, and I’m not sure how accurate this information is – knowing how the tectonic plates are moving, this is a strong possibility. I agree that it would be nice knowing when this would happen, but with any earthquake, forecasting is still not a sure thing. But I’m still not sure why the buoys were turned off. To prevent panic? To spread misinformation? To keep people’s head in the sand? IMO.


  5. sapphire, the source is linked at the end of all articles, DY in this case.


  6. john henry says:

    –who wrote this crap with no proof and no evidence and no timeline.


  7. B-Mac McCain says:

    Don’t count on an “expert” telling you the truth on a catastrophic meltdown . Look at what experts have said about not worrying about Fukushima radiation; Experts told us that Cigarettes were good for us, Lead Gas was not harmful, and GMOs are no different than the foods grown in nature…although nature doesn’t use a laboratory to create it’s food as the case with GMOs (which we now know even causes infertility, Kidney Failure, ect.)

    My friend, you need to read the book: “Trust Us, Were Experts”.


  8. Joseph t. Repas says:

    We are in the information age and information is like money…The more there is to go around the less valuable it is per unit. To put it another way, many of us question the ” experts” but nobody seems to question the NONexperts, which is just as insane. We have become paranoid beyond belief and that is wrecking us as a society. Everything is conjectured as true if it is attached to some conspiracy theory and reason is thrown out the window if no conspiracy is apparently connected under observation of study. As Paul Simon wrote in the song The Boxer; A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.


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