Italy’s Mount Etna volcano erupts again in dramatic fashion, lighting up the night sky

March 6, 2013 ITALYMount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano sent plumes of ash and lava into the night sky on the island of Sicily. Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology has recently registered increased explosive activity by the volcano, Italy’s Civil Protection agency said. There are several inhabited villages on the slopes of Mount Etna. Eruptions are not infrequent, and Italian airliners sometimes have to alter their routes to avoid flying through ash clouds. Tuesday’s eruption did not cause any interruption to air traffic at the airport serving the nearby town of Catania, according to reports. –Telegraph
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4 Responses to Italy’s Mount Etna volcano erupts again in dramatic fashion, lighting up the night sky

  1. Gmail says:

    This is a good site ,thy will send you news everyday . Stuff that’s happening now , that you won’t see on tv . Thanks .

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  2. Anne says:

    There’s an old Sicilian prophecy that a particular eruption of Mt. Etna would reveal great tragedy for Italy and the world.
    I am a practicing Roman Catholic – I must alert every Christian to what is about to take place. The Chair of Peter will be vacant – sedevancantis – because the next pope to be elected will be The False Prophet!
    Anyone who studies the Scriptures, can understand what this means in our day and time. He will ally himself with the Antichrist, and in time unite all religions and sects into a world religion that is totally pagan. Please do not be fooled by this man and his humanitarianism that will touch your hearts. He is not what he portrays to be!
    Much love in Christ Jesus our beloved Savior.


  3. Awesome says:

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  4. Jason Coper says:

    Very nicely Mount Etna volcano erupts images captured!! I’m completely impressed by those images and that video showed how spectacular that eruption was. Thanks. 🙂
    famous volcanoes


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