Ice World: Record snowfalls inundates cities across the globe

March 4, 2013 EARTHThis is proving a freakish year for weather, but Japan is having an odder time of it than most. The country has had a record winter for snow, and northern Japan is currently coated by unprecedented volumes of the white stuff – more than five meters at higher altitudes, with houses turned into igloos and roads into snow tunnels. In the Hakkoda Mountains the depth of snow has been measured at 5.61 meters – a record for Japan. Even lower down, in the city of Aomori, snow is standing at almost 1.5 meters and bulldozers have to work round the clock. This has also been a record year for snow in parts of Russia – a couple of weeks ago snow piles of more than five meters caused gridlock in Moscow – and Switzerland, too, has been experiencing dramatic snowfalls, with depths of up to three meters. These snowfalls, especially those in northern Japan, are remarkable by any standards. But they still fall well short of the all-time record-breakers. Tamarack in California claims the record for the deepest snow ever recorded: 11.5 meters on 11 March 1911. That was clearly some year in the Sierra Nevada, as Tamarack also recorded the largest snowfall in a single month in the US: almost 10 meters. –Guardian
Heaped snow in Red Square, Moscow, 21 January 2013. Most of northern Russia was buried in heavy snowfalls this winter.
Texas blizzard breaks 120 year old record: The blizzard that hammered the nation’s midsection broke a 120-year-old record in Amarillo for one-day snowfall in February with 19.1 inches. The blizzard was accompanied by fierce winds in excess of 75 mph. National Weather Service meteorologist Krissy Scotten in Amarillo says the snowfall total Monday bested a record set Feb. 16, 1893, when 19 inches fell. –Abqjournal
Roads in India buried under 100 ft (30 m) of snow: Ahead of them stands a 100-foot-tall wall of snow and they are slowly cutting their way through the mass to connect this Himachal Pradesh hill resort to landlocked Lahaul Valley in the Himalayan slopes. They are the dedicated men of General Reserve Engineering Force (GREF), a wing of the Border Roads Organization, working to reopen for traffic the snow-marooned Rohtang Pass located at 3,978 meters in the Pir Panjal mountain range, 51 km from here. Snow-clearing work started March 1 and it will take the men two months to reopen the 115-km road stretch between Manali and Keylong towns, Col. Yogesh Nair, commander of the 38 Task Force of GREF here, told IANS. Rohtang Pass is the gateway to Keylong from Manali in Kullu district, but it remains off-limits from the rest of the country for over five months due to heavy snow deposits on the road. This time, Rohtang shut down in mid-December and since then, people of the Lahaul region have been holed up in their region. Nair said there was record snowfall in the region this season and the snow-clearing operation was a herculean task. “The road stretch near Rohtang Pass is under 100 to 120 feet of snow. Unusually high. It normally experiences 70 to 80 feet of snow. We will try to reopen the Manali-Keylong highway by April-end,” he said. Every year, after winter, GREF opens the Manali-Rohtang-Keylong highway by deploying more than 250 personnel and laborers. The highway is also strategically important as it further connects to the forward areas of Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh region along the borders with China and Pakistan. “Our men are working in Arctic-like conditions where chances of snowstorms and avalanches still loom large. Last year, our laborers were caught in a snowstorm but were evacuated safely,” he said. The effort of GREF working in snowy and harsh climatic conditions is commendable since a sudden drop in temperature, even in summer, can trigger winter-like conditions. Oxygen near the Rohtang Pass is minimal and high velocity winds blow every afternoon. GREF has provided special uniforms to workers which weigh around five kg while the weight of a pair of shoes is two kg. Anti-glare sunglasses and gloves are also part of their uniform. With the help of global positioning system, engineers locate the road beneath the hill of the snow. After a bulldozer clears off the major snow, labourers manually clear the remaining snow with shovels. Residents of two dozen small and scattered villages with a population of over 20,000 in the Lahaul valley are eagerly awaiting restoration of the road traffic. A government-run helicopter, which also operates once a week between district headquarters Keylong and Manali, is the only mode of transportation for them these days. “Since late last December, we have been cut off from the rest of the world. We are awaiting reopening of roads,” Mohan Bodh, a resident of Chokhang village in Lahaul, told IANS. –Daijiworld
Canada sees record February snowfall: Toronto broke a snowfall record for Feb. 27, according to Environment Canada. At Pearson International Airport, 12.4 centimeters of the heavy wet snow covered the ground, breaking the record of 7.1 centimeters set in 1967. The slush is still flooding some city streets. City officials are asking homeowners to stop shoveling the slushy snow onto the road as it’s blocking the catch basins. According to a report in the Toronto Sun, the city said the cost to clean up Wednesday’s slushy mess is around $2.5-million. –680News
contribution Emanni
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16 Responses to Ice World: Record snowfalls inundates cities across the globe

  1. John says:

    This is the beginning of the ice age. We are 2000 years over due. Ice ages usually take place every 10,000 years, and they last a long time.


  2. Teemu Noora says:

    Why is our weather so erratic (e.g. floods, droughts, record high/low temperatures, increases in earthquake/volcano activity, etc.)? Weather extremes/irregularities always precede the onset of an Ice Age. It’s not my fact, it’s a scientific fact. Its a cycle! Roughly, every 11,500 years earth enters into an Ice Age. We can’t do anything about it, as important as we feel we are…we can’t stop/delay or eliminate an Ice Age. Well, we are at the doorsteps of the next Ice Age (roughly 11,550 years have already passed since the last one).

    What’s about to happen to us, society in the 21st Century, our reality, earth, etc…is so much more important than the “economy”. Keep on walking up the ladder guys! There is a bigger elephant up there to find. I wish I was wrong. In my estimation, from everything I have researched and read over the years…the earth changes are not because some crazy lady talks to aliens about an incoming planet-X or because of biblical prophecies, etc. It’s quite simple. We are within the transitionary period of entering into the next Ice Age.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone. If you know how to discern truth from fiction, I suggest you do your own research, read the scientific journals. See what Russia’s most prominent scientific team had to say after returning from Siberia where they studied the permafrost in January 2013. I’ll give you a hint…Methane cometh!

    Ask yourself, why this may be the first time you’ve heard a “crack pot” suggest an Ice Age as opposed to all of the other theories that have been targeted at you. Well, “they” are good at keeping reality from you and giving you something else to experience. Godspeed from Northern Finland!


    • dan says:

      you dont need to convince me…i predicted all of this years ago,and im just a nobody who reads random information on the web,we are indeed heading for change.
      The truth is that there are too many things we don’t understand about this rock floating through space and we never will………….


  3. Christy Carlton says:

    This is one of the main 6-lane roads in Amarillo, the day after that 19.1 inch snowfall. The cars are literally sitting where they got stuck-even the humvee you see in the picture. It’s really something!!

    Thanks, Christy


  4. send it all to the north pole 🙂


  5. Tom says:

    I think the northern hemisphwere is heading towards a new iceage. According to icedata from the last 900000yrs we should expekt this at any time now
    Some Non biblical prophecies supports this theory too. For ex: Before “ragnarok” comes there will be a long and hard winter for several years
    The severe hailplague mentioned in the book of revelation would fit a iceage scenario. That should also force the “kings of the east and north” to seek new land to live in. Imagine a icecovered europe/russia/asia. Israel would be in danger when several millions seeks refuge in that area. (The sahara desert of today was full of life during the last iceage)
    The prophecy of 200000000 “soldiers” invading israel will come true, maybe sooner than u think


  6. john says:

    All people have to do is come to ireland and live here. We have the most boring weather on the planet. SNOW! not a chance we are lucky if we get enough snow to fill an eggcup here. And it has actually been strangely dry the last 6 weeks here. It seems the rest of the world is ready for an ice age and ireland is safe as houses.


  7. Brandon says:

    Excellent piece I reblogged this. These hail stones were estimated at 75lbs each. The ones that will fall on Gog will be 120-140lbs each!


    • I

      Ice – I think that was a lot of people first thoughts- were the balls of ice falling in Revelation, which many thought were impossible. (Revelation 16:21) Can anyone imagine such ice boulders raining down from the clouds? A talent is about 75.5 lbs; which is close to the estimated weight of these ice boulders. If the atmosphere is becoming more saturated with moisture, we may be entering uncharted territory with some of these extreme weather events.


  8. crimsonthorn says:

    Where I live in Saskatchewan Canada, we received more snow than the past year (But not very much compare to the past time in Quebec, The weird thing is that Texas received a big amount of snow and the cover or snow in Montreal and Toronto is not very high, even in northern Quebec the snow was melting not so long ago.

    That’s just bad that in Canada we didn’t receive snow like Japan or Russia in my opinion. Snow for me mean descent temperature weather, we get some weeks at -35 degree Celsius in the Prairie.

    But Spring is near now 🙂


  9. Emanni says:

    Living with Calcutta’s record low temperatures

    “Toopi por, thanda lege jabe,” / “Wear a hat, otherwise you will catch a cold.”

    When I asked a friend of mine from southern India they laughed as they replied: “We do not have a winter, it is always hot.”

    Dressing for the cold has become a major talking point in Calcutta, where the temperatures are the lowest for a century. But here in Calcutta, in the east, there is a different reaction. This year the mercury dropped to 9C (48F) – balmy for London or New York in winter, but here it was the coldest day for 100 years.


  10. Emanni says:


    Climate Change

    Satellite data reveals extent of Andean glacier melt


  11. Katherine says:

    Ice Age or Nuclear Winter…?


  12. Cheryl says:

    The climates are becoming more and more abnormal. The earth is more and more restless. The skies have been broken. The atmosphere is distorted. Disasters are more and more severe.
    Lyrics from angels singing in Manderin. Can be found on YouTube interesting story of Chineese singing in the spirit and finding a whole band playing and singing with them when they played it back.


  13. Irene C says:

    How much of this could be caused by the polar shift? Just wondering…


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