Newly discovered comet may collide with Mars in 2014?

March 2, 2013 SPACEThere is an outside chance that a newly discovered comet might be on a collision course with Mars. Astronomers are still determining the trajectory of the comet, named C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring), but at the very least, it is going to come fairly close to the Red Planet in October of 2014. “Even if it doesn’t impact it will look pretty good from Earth, and spectacular from Mars,” wrote Australian amateur astronomer Ian Musgrave, “probably a magnitude -4 comet as seen from Mars’s surface.” The comet was discovered in the beginning of 2013 by comet-hunter Robert McNaught at the Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, Australia. According to a discussion on the IceInSpace amateur astronomy forum when the discovery was initially made, astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona looked back over their observations to find “pre-recovery” images of the comet dating back to Dec. 8, 2012. These observations placed the orbital trajectory of comet C/2013 A1 right through Mars orbit on Oct. 19, 2014. However, now after 74 days of observations, comet specialist Leonid Elenin notes that current calculations put the closest approach of the comet at a distance of 109,200 km, or 0.00073 AU from Mars in October 2014. That close pass has many wondering if any of the Mars orbiters might be able to acquire high-resolution images of the comet as is passes by. But as Ian O’Neill from Discovery Space points out, since the comet has only been observed for 74 days (so far), so it’s difficult for astronomers to forecast the comet’s precise location in 20 months time. “Comet C/2013 A1 may fly past at a very safe distance of 0.008 AU (650,000 miles),” Ian wrote, “but to the other extreme, its orbital pass could put Mars directly in its path. At time of Mars close approach (or impact), the comet will be barreling along at a breakneck speed of 35 miles per second (126,000 miles per hour).” Elenin said that since C/2013 A1 is a hyperbolic comet and moves in a retrograde orbit, its velocity with respect to the planet will be very high, approximately 56 km/s. “With the current estimate of the absolute magnitude of the nucleus M2 = 10.3, which might indicate the diameter up to 50 km, the energy of impact might reach the equivalent of staggering 2×10¹º megatons!” An impact of this magnitude would leave a crater 500 km across and 2 km deep, Elenin said. While the massive Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 (15 km in diameter) that crashed into Jupiter in 1994 was spectacular as seen from Earth orbit by the Hubble Space Telescope, an event like C/2013 A1 slamming into Mars would be off the charts. Astronomers are certainly keeping an eye on this comet, and they will refine their measurements as more data comes in. –Physics
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19 Responses to Newly discovered comet may collide with Mars in 2014?

  1. niebo says:

    Age-old rumors of its existence are confirmed by the launch of the new Comet-class SuperRocket, and, thus, the centuries-old competition between the Venutians and the Martians to see who is better able to avoid detection by the Earthlings takes a violent, even apocalyptic, turn. . . .


  2. larry says:

    How come all of a sudden they are discovering these comets


    • Or more importantly, why are so many entering the inner solar system now?


      • radiogirl says:

        Alvin,what is your theory as to why we are seeing more of these events?God Bless You,r


      • IMG

        Here’s an existential analysis, rather than a scientific one. Is it a paradox of distance or time? Are these objects suddenly coming towards us; or simply returning in this time. To quote a line from Mr. Spock in Star Trek: “There is a theory. There could be some logic to the belief that time is fluid, like a river, with currents, eddies, backwash.”

        We may reentering a loop in time, where everything in our region of the space began- including primordial catastrophism. What sweeps us here in time (to the end of the Age), may also be sweeping all the debris back to the singularity point where the creation and destruction of worlds began.

        God bless,


      • John says:

        The reason our “know it all” scientists are discovering all of these new comets, new asteroids, and other space objects is because our solar system has moved into a denser part of the galactic plane. In this galactic zone there is a higher density of gas, rock, ice, comets, asteroids, dust, radiation, and all kinds of space debris. Expect to see our “know it all astronomers” discover more and more new comets, and new asteroids as the days go by. What happened in Russia recently will become an everyday occurrence on planet earth as time passes. What can you do? Stock up – hope – and pray. Eventually the electrical grid will go down when these events starting happening everyday. There will be two types of people left on the earth. The underground dwellers which are the elitists holed up in their underground bunkers, and then the lowly “surface people” like you and I. Which group will survive? Probably a group of “surface people” who just lucked out in being in the right place at the right time.

        Along with a bombardment of heavenly objects hitting the surface of the earth, there will be a great increase in volcanic activity which will create enough dust in the air to block out the sun and bring on an ice age. Wild life will die. Plants will die. This is why you have to prepare now even though everything looks normal when you watch the daily news on TV.
        Things still look kind of normal, except for these constant new astronomical discoveries and increase volcanic activity. These should be a heads up warning to all of us. Now is the time. Now is the time to get prepared. Soon there will be no time to get prepared.

        The question is, if you are a “surface person” where is the best place on earth to hunker down? With the coming ice age, you would think that the equator would be a good place. But, there are a lot of volcanoes at the equator. If you live in the USA, I think the best place would be southern Texas. It’s getting closer to the equator, but far enough away from volcanoes down in Mexico, and Central America.

        It only takes one year for the ice to form after the sunlight has been greatly decreased by volcanic dust. Anyone living in the northern latitudes will be up a creek without a paddle.

        Of course, everything I write here is just pure speculation. To each his own. But, I will say one thing to those reading this article: If you see more and more “newly discovered” comets and asteroids being broadcast in the news in the future. Get ready !


      • Somewhere, out in the deep recesses of space, is one of several large asteroids or comets with our name on it.


  3. tonic says:

    ” An impact of this magnitude would leave a crater 500 km across and 2 km deep, Elenin said.”

    Mind boggling. And maybe lots pieces of Mars chucked into space. Can a planet this size take a punch like this, and carry as normal afterwards?


    • niebo says:

      Hey, Tonic: there is evidence to suggest that it not only could survive such an impact but that it has already, at least twice. There is also evidence that the moon has impact craters larger than 600km.

      Of course, this does not answer your question re “normal”, but the planets/moons cited in the link have two things in common: they all “survived” impact, and, as far as anyone can tell, in terms of biology, they are “dead”. Were they always? Was there life before collision with a Pluto-sized planetoid? Er . . . insert blank look here.

      Click to access 1260-Biggest-craters.pdf


      • tonic says:

        Niebo,…thanks for taking the time. Sorry, I can only reply now, but work limits my time online.
        Incredible that a planet can take such an impact, and for sure the aftermath would probably lead to sterilisation.


    • Irene C says:

      Which gets me thinking, if pieces are chucked into space – would they be heading our way? Not a comforting thought.


    • J Gibbs, PhD says:



    • grace says:

      And what happens to Earth??


  4. mike2u says:

    Run little Rovers, Run!!!


  5. aaronwt says:

    This would be an excellent show if this comet slams into Mars. I hope it comes to pass.


  6. John says:

    Im pretty sure I was warning people about this comet and 2 others back in Dec. Only back then I told you it was caomet Mcnaught. At the time I did not know about comet lemmons so that makes 4 comets to come. They changed the name of this comet that is going to slam mars and the thing people need to worry about is this what causes rocks to rain down on earth. Fragments of mars hitting earth. Like I said everything you see in the media is pure psyops to get you to take a stand. They want martial law by Nov before Ison arrives. I have a pretty good feeling by then we will all know what time it is. Remember that change Obama spoke of, LOl hope you are all ready for it. Remember those who remember the old ways go untouched. Better find your roots and fast.


  7. Joseph Holrn says:

    Striking tgd heavenly match on the god of war.

    They are in the skies for SIGBS AND SIGNALS.

    Right about the beginning of the 4 blood moons.

    Think about all that debris, that fire and brimstone of debris as a result, hurling towards us….. all that was told in the Revelation of John.


  8. just more of the signs in the heavens pointing towards the comin of the king of kings


  9. 101010 says:

    I have seen this comet or another celestrial body strike Mars and that the resultant debris impacts the Earth. I saw this in a sub-conscious vision (dream) many years ago which had all the hallmarks of a nightmare scenario.


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