Florida man vanishes, after being sucked into sinkhole under his bedroom

March 1, 2013 SEFFNER, Florida A sheriff’s deputy plucked a man from an expanding sinkhole, but neither was able to save the man’s brother from being sucked into the rubble, authorities said. Early Friday, authorities said the site at 240 Faithway Drive had become too unstable to continue rescue efforts and the focus would instead shift to a recovery operation. The sinkhole opened late Thursday in the home’s backyard, swallowing one of the home’s four bedrooms.  Someone called 911, and a deputy reportedly found Jeremy Bush trying to pull his brother, Jeffrey, out of the hole when he arrived. The deputy pulled Jeremy from the growing hole. But Jeffrey Bush, 36, disappeared into the rubble. Janell Wheeler was inside the house with four other adults, a child and two dogs when the sinkhole opened. She sat huddled in a lawn chair Friday morning, covered in a green quilt. “It sounded like a car hit my house,” she said. It was dark. She remembers screams and Jeremy rushing to rescue his brother. The rest of the family went to a hotel late Thursday, when the house was condemned and neighbors evacuated. But she stayed behind with her dog Baby Girl, sleeping in her Ford Focus. “I just want my nephew,” she said through tears. Family members returned to the home around 7:30 a.m. Jeremy Bush leaned on a patrol car and cried, his chin shaking as his eyes filled with tears. He said he just gone to bed when he heard a loud noise and cries for help from his brother’s room. Jeremy opened the door and found the dresser and bed had disappeared into a hole. He jumped in and began to dig. But he heard nothing more from his brother before the deputy pulled him from the rubble. “I couldn’t do anything,” Jeremy said Friday, in front of the house where his brother was still buried. “Everything in the room was gone. I just wanted to get my brother back,” he said. “That’s all I wanted.” Wheeler paced the sidewalk nearby and hugged relatives. It’s a dream, right?” she said. –Miami Herald 
contributions Sheldon, Caroline, Dennis
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31 Responses to Florida man vanishes, after being sucked into sinkhole under his bedroom

  1. Kim says:


    Is this a sign that Florida could eventually break off into the sea?


  2. Kim says:

    P.S. My prayers are with this family.


  3. gandyr2.1@juno.com says:

    God bless this family….I can’t imagine the horror of waking up to something like this.


  4. Susan says:

    prayers go out to the family, deepest sympathies, my heart cries with them


  5. Susan says:

    it seems no ground is safe anymore, the holes are showing up everywhere, the ground/earth is grieving through the sins of the world


  6. BDM says:

    Sending prayers for the family during this tragic time in their lives.


  7. johnpaily says:

    Heat increases energetic state thus the gravity. Through reckless release of heat and hindering the night cycle of nature in which she works to cool, we have compromised our earth and its environment rendering it fragile and increasing its gravitational force – The increasing mudslides, sinkhole speaks this. The recent trend of meteor striking us suggests we have compromised the environment too inviting a new type of destruction in addition to destruction through increasingly disturbed natural forces. – It is time we awaken to truth and take guard of our earth. We are heading to self-destruction in our ignorance of Truth of Nature and Her Master – I know the world will awaken to truth – the only question left behind after how much destruction – viral the article below and awaken the world


  8. Dennis E. says:

    This subject and the likely hood of a sink hole developing without warning has been posted and blogged many times since I’ve been visiting here. In this matter, it is the probable loss of life that makes it so much worst than just suffering property damage/loss.
    As noted, sink holes can develop in nearly any location and sometimes without warning. In a previous post, a sink hole report from China indicated an explosive type noise prior to the one that came in the rice paddy.

    I saw an internet report this morning regarding the geological event in Arizona recently reported
    on this site this week, saying that there was speculation that the mountain was/could be sinking . I remember the article saying perhaps half of the mountain was splitting and sinking.
    Well, expect the unexpected………


  9. Irene C says:

    This is really frightening – to have the earth open up beneath you. How sad. My prayers also go out to this family.


  10. Kathy says:

    God be with that poor family!!


  11. tonic says:

    Horrific, and harrowing for this family. God go with then in their grief.

    The map tells a sobering story of what is going on in this area, and the uncertainty of what is yet to play out there. Sinkholes seem to be appearing more and more, with no warning system or any real answers as to what is happening.

    Only a guess… but water, in areas of excess, or areas of depleation, might be having some consequence. Landslides are also becoming more frequent and increasingly fatal, and go hand in hand with flooding, usually.
    Sinkholes seem to point towards underground erosion. But like everything else going on……. why are all these events happening in unison?


  12. My prayers for this family and the state of Florida. Certainly all of the signs, pestilence, war, earthquakes and signs in the sky signal His return will be soon.


  13. Puckles says:

    Does anyone know if these sinkholes are increasing with frequency and, if so, can you point me to an article that gives stats? I have been trying to find info but haven’t found any.


  14. Tina marie says:

    I remember as a child being told that Florida would either break off or sink in to the ocean in my lifetime. As I’ve gotten older and learned about Global warming I assumed it would likely be from rising ocean levels but what you said about the aquifers makes so much more sense. I lived in Savannah, Ga for 3 years and all their water was supplied by the Floridian Aquifers. Right before we moved the had announced Florida was cutting them off and they were in the process of building a water treatment plant on the Savannah River. They said they were cutting us off because the water was getting too low. It would make perfect sense that depleting the aquifers would leave large undergrounds holes. Just a footnote to the water treatment plant they were building. Upstream about 150 miles was Savannah River Nuclear Plant. My sister used to work there and way back before 9/11 you could drive down the roads near it and even fish in some of the ponds, although I don’t know why anyone would want to. I saw the 2 headed and 6 legged mutated frogs for myself out there. My sister used to have to sit on the cesspools and do her drawings before the days of computer graphics and she’s not only been sick for 15 years now but she’s dying. And to think they built a water treatment plant on it blows my mind. I was already planning to move out of state but that gave me a good final push to get the heck out of there quick.


  15. Brandon says:

    That’s terrible. I can’t imagine that.

    The earth itself cries out for the return of our Lord.


  16. Richard says:

    Extremely sad story, perhaps people are going to ‘just disappear’ as foretold by many. Apparently we suffered a geomagnetic storm yesterday, earthquake also in Russia. I’m in the north of England and the sky was filled with a very unusual pulsating ‘hum’ last night….it may not have any relation but then again, always worth mentioning.


    • Lynne says:

      I live in Melbourne and Ihave also been noticiing a strange sound humming over the past few days off and on. and the dog has been going ballistic sooky and barking all the time which is really unusual for him. It is hard to believe that pumping up the water would continue when it is causing so much damage. I was reading a blog on people living in the Fukishima area and the blogger states that people there dont want to hear that maybe everything is not going to be alright and a false sense of everything going back to normal. I think human nature is a bit like that – it’ll be alright it will come good especially when it seems so huge a problem. I have been watching with interest the stories of the roads being destroyed in Arizona that seems such a clear indication of change cause honestly if you lived out here in Australia and just listened to the news on tv you wouldnt think anything was going on anywhere in the world hardly anything makes the news.


      • Louise Page says:

        I too live in Melbourne (outer east) and you are not alone in hearing these hums. Last night there was a distinctive hum in the atmosphere, emanating from the north east skies (3/3/13).
        Our dogs and others were behaving strangely, and one of mine actually burrowed under the cubby house (shed) and I had to rescue her (she got stuck) from under there.


      • Richard says:

        Thanks for the info regarding the ‘hum’, it seems that more and more of us are hearing it. Some claim it is a result of electromagnetic storms and from what I gather the noises do seem to coincide with such events (at times). I believe it is related to electromagnetism but the type formed from high energy experimentation and not from natural occurences….but the folks on the hill won’t own up to that one just yet. You are right, if you rely upon mainstream media then it is just a normal day but for those who go outside, stand still and turn their attention to the skies then they’ll find very strange things are going on up there. There’s nothing like direct experience, meanwhile the commercials are trying to sell you some useless de-hydrated product which they claim is food. I turned off the tv and turned on my mind instead, these are exciting if not dangerous times.


  17. niebo says:

    Cross-refer the sinkhole map with these that demarcate locations of mining industries, particularly phosphates, which, PER DAY, utilize millions of gallons of water (from aquifers and elsewhere).

    Just sayin’.


  18. Tim says:

    Late this afternoon, they gave the home owners on both sides of the damaged home 20 minutes to gather their belongings and get out. The sinkhole is continuing to expand under the damaged home. From the outside the home looks ok, but the concrete floor gave way under the bedroom and fell into a hole taking the man and furniture in one big swoop. The hole is now 100′ feet deep and growing. The home is supposed to be torn down tomorrow. Sad situation for the family – both beloved brother lost and their home all in a flash.


  19. Dennis E. says:

    03.03.13 -10:00 AM
    To echo what Tim wrote yesterday, indeed the destruction of this home has begin and the news reported that state officials are concerned about the chasm expanding even further past this home and the neighbors home. But this is not the first time a sink hole has appeared under a home. It is the first time that one has been reported to have taken a life unexpectedly in this manner that I know of?

    So, is this is a wake-up call to be more aware of foundational cracks in our own structures?


  20. Bill Hayes says:

    Hi, I was curious to know why my response was not iiiicluded in the comments section. I had challenged a posters’ assertion that because the Earth was (supposedly) heating up it altered the planet’s gravity and was pulling in Space objects. I was not rude or disrespectful. I read your blog every day and find it very interesting but it worries me that it cannot take any critisism.


    • I haven’t even seen your comment Bill, let along, had time to get around to posting it or not posting it. In all honesty, I’ve taken criticism since the day I launched this blog. The day I don’t get it; will be the oddity. I have 5,400 comments I haven’t even looked at yet. That should give you some idea of the volume of what’s submitted to sift through…



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