Double earthquakes strike Kuril Islands region

March 1, 2013 KURIL ISLANDS – The second strong earthquake in the Kuril Islands, in less than 24 hours, poses no tsunami threat to Hawaii, according to officials at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The preliminary magnitude-6.7 temblor, which struck at 2:53 a.m. Hawaii time, had an epicenter 57 miles southeast of Ozernovskiy, Russia at a depth of 25 miles, officals at the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The 6.7 magnitude earthquake was followed by a 6.5 aftershock- making it the third major quake to strike the Kuril Island regions in the last day. There were no injuries immediately reported. The Kuril Islands lies in the volatile bulleye of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and the region is prone to very large magnitude earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. –Star Adviser, TEP

Seismic Watch 3


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4 Responses to Double earthquakes strike Kuril Islands region

  1. Brandon says:

    And there goes another one… The only semi-surprise with the earthquake news is nothing major on the coast of the US… Probably soon would be my guess.


    • Irene C says:

      I’ve been watching the coasts of the US also. Have seen them in Alaska and a decent one off the coast of Oregon, but nothing major further down the coast. We need to be thankful for that, however, I feel it won’t be long before it happens. Praying it won’t though.


    • radiogirl says:

      I think you are right Brandon… will have an effect soon or later on our west coast.


  2. bobby90247 says:

    Of all these earthquakes, in recent months, are they “increasing” in strength or “decreasing” in strength???

    Having lived in Southern California my entire life, we have learned that if they are “decreasing” in strength, then the BIG ONE already hit…the rest are simply “after-shocks”


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