5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Oregon

February 28, 2013 PORT ORFORD, Ore.An earthquake has hit the ocean floor far off the Southern Oregon coast, but there were no immediate reports of anyone feeling it on land. The U.S. Geological Survey reports the magnitude 5.1 quake was 114 miles west northwest of Port Orford at 2:14 p.m. Wednesday. The epicenter was 6 miles deep. USGS spokeswoman Leslie Gordon says there were no immediate reports to the agency’s website from people feeling the quake on shore. –KGW
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2 Responses to 5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Oregon

  1. tdenbeck says:

    I have shared in the past about my dreams matching certain activity. Well … this along with the recent activity in Riverside Ca. is a heavy reminder of 2 specific dreams. I have pointed out two spots off of the Oregon Coast to Earthquake Reports in regards to matching a few other dreams. I continue to be impressed that we are headed for something – especially with this event. I cannot believe that the USGS changed their website – this is really throwing me off a bit and will continue to be an annoyance and hindering my ability to judge things as they continue to happen. I can say however this is impressive activity. I continue to try and curb the temptation to post prematurely … because I have seen the rythmn and understand that only key points will be of importance.


  2. lee Treadwell says:

    How often do we see pre-shocks as a warning before a major quake strikes the Pacific Ring of Fire? We see a lot of activity in other Pac ROF areas thanks to Alvin’s posting for us. Things rarely covered on US or Brittish news organizations. Do we know if magnitude 5/6 size quakes are a signal we could be headed for a major magnitude 7/8/9+ in the very near future? Is there a close enough relationship for these quakes to set off an eruption right over Seattle’s head?


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