Saturn’s shockwaves reach supernova force

February 22, 2013SPACE During a chance encounter with what appears to be an unusually strong blast of solar wind at Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft detected particles being accelerated to ultra-high energies. This is similar to the acceleration that takes place around distant supernovas. “Cassini has essentially given us the capability of studying the nature of a supernova shock in situ in our own solar system, bridging the gap to distant high-energy astrophysical phenomena that are usually only studied remotely,” said Adam Masters of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Sagamihara, Japan.  Scientists are particularly interested in “quasi-parallel” shocks, where the magnetic field and the “forward”-facing direction of the shock are almost aligned, as may be found in supernova remnants. The new study, led by Masters describes the first detection of significant acceleration of electrons in a quasi-parallel shock at Saturn, coinciding with what may be the strongest shock ever encountered at the ringed planet. Since we can’t travel out to the far-off stellar explosions right now, the shockwave that forms from the flow of solar wind around Saturn’s magnetic field provides a rare laboratory for scientists with the Cassini mission — a partnership involving NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency — to observe this phenomenon up-close. The findings, published this week in the journal Nature Physics, confirm that certain kinds of shocks can become considerably more effective electron accelerators than previously thought. Shock waves are commonplace in the universe, for example in the aftermath of a stellar explosion as debris accelerate outward in a supernova remnant, or when the flow of particles from the sun – the solar wind – impinges on the magnetic field of a planet to form a bow shock. Under certain magnetic field orientations and depending on the strength of the shock, particles can be accelerated to close to the speed of light at these boundaries. These may be the dominant source of cosmic rays, high-energy particles that pervade our galaxy. –Daily Galaxy
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3 Responses to Saturn’s shockwaves reach supernova force

  1. radiogirl says:

    Alvin…..what is going on out there in space!Where is this energy coming from……and……I have been listening to some lectures and find it interesting that the Vatican is fixated on something approaching from the northern reaches of the universe …so what is it that they think they know .Their official position on who and what is in space is surprising.Seems everyone is looking up these days for a variety of reasons.your friend,r


  2. tonic says:

    Cosmic rays created witin our system is very unexpected, and yet another reminder of just how little we know about how all this stuffs works.


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