NASA says ‘small asteroid’ exploded over Russia: event took everyone by surprise

February 16, 2013 RUSSIAAt a news conference Friday, NASA scientists said the object that exploded over Russia was a “tiny asteroid” that measured roughly 45 feet across, weighed about 7,000 tons and traveled about 40,000 mph. The object vaporized roughly 15 miles above the surface of the Earth, causing a shock wave that triggered the global network of listening devices that was established to detect nuclear test explosions. The force of the explosion measured between 300 and 500 kilotons, equivalent to a modern nuclear bomb, according to Bill Cooke, head of the Meteoroid Environment Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. “When you hear about injuries, those are undoubtedly due to the events of the shock striking the city and causing walls to collapse and glass to fly, not due to fragments striking the ground,” Cooke said. Scientists believe the object originated from the asteroid belt, a vast collection of debris orbiting between Mars and Jupiter that consists of leftover bits from the formation of the solar system. The asteroid probably traveled for a year before it burst into the atmosphere Friday. As yet, no fragments have been recovered, but experts believe the asteroid was rocky in nature, and not formed of dense iron and nickel. The fact that the asteroid hit on the same day that the world was anticipating the close flyby of a larger asteroid, 2012 DA14, was an extraordinary coincidence. The smaller asteroid was traveling in a very different trajectory and much more quickly than DA14, indicating they were not related, according to Paul Chodas, research scientist in the Near-Earth Object Program office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge. “I would call this a tiny asteroid,” Chodas said. “This is the largest recorded event since the Tunguska explosion in 1908.” That event, which may have involved a meteor, leveled more than 800 square miles of forest in Russia. Asteroids are tracked by telescope, as they are too far away to be detected by radar. Because of this, they are observable only when illuminated by the sun against a dark background. If they are small and dark-colored, they are far more difficult to observe. In the case of the Russian asteroid, it approached Earth with the sun behind it. “The reason it wasn’t detected by telescopes on Earth is because it literally came out of the daylight sky and, as you know, telescopes can’t see things in the daytime,” Cooke said. Scientists estimate that anywhere between 80 and 200 tons of space-borne debris hits Earth’s atmosphere every day. Most of those objects are the size of a grain of sand. Objects that contact the Earth’s surface are much rarer. NASA leads international efforts to track much larger, asteroid-size objects, and Chodas said the agency had identified 95% of them. It’s the smaller ones that pose a problem. “They are very difficult to find,” he said. –LA Times
No meteor fragments found in lake: Russian authorities say divers have explored an icy lake in search of fragments of the huge meteor that exploded above the Ural Mountains, but found nothing. People in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region panicked as the 10-ton meteor lit up the morning sky Friday and exploded with the force of at least 20 nuclear bombs. The explosion unleashed a shock wave that blew out thousands of windows, damaged buildings and left more than 1,100 people injured. The Interior Ministry said most of the injuries were caused by flying glass. The regional governor said the damage is estimated at $33 million. The planetary science director at the U.S. space agency, NASA, says the event was an “exception.” Jim Green said Friday that “fireballs” of some kind happen on a daily basis, but most of them are not seen because they fall over the ocean or in remote areas. The Russian Academy of Sciences says the meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of at least 54,000 kilometers per hour. Its entry occurred just hours before an asteroid known as 2012 DA14 passed between Earth and some orbiting satellites. NASA said the 45-meter-wide asteroid came as close as 27,000 kilometers above Earth. –VOA
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43 Responses to NASA says ‘small asteroid’ exploded over Russia: event took everyone by surprise

  1. Kris says:

    i dont think that the meteor had 10.000 tons ?!? maybe 10. weird article of the LA times.thank you for the quick update of news.keep it going


  2. Deny Watanabe says:

    That asteroid actually weighted around 10 tons, not 10,000. If the later was the case it would have done far more damage and claimed a lot of lives.


  3. robind333 says:

    Hey Alvin, I had a dream about an asteroid back in December hitting earth..If you get a chance stop by and take a’s under Robin’s dream section..Thanks for the post and many, many blessings to you…Robin


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Good morning……. EP family………..we live in a world of constant change. Sounds like where I work.
    This is a good wake up call for all of us. This event is like an unexpected sinkhole appearing. There is absolutely nothing you can do, it is out of your hands.
    Thank God this was not worst and no one died.

    Speaking of surprises…………….Yesterday I saw a report on the internet and we all know about the water crisis in the middle east…………I saw a report ( the water level in the Tigris and Euphrates river basin between 2003- 2010 has lost as much water as there is in the dead sea.
    “It is losing water at a startling pace” the article quotes. Several nations depend upon its waters and Turkey has built a dam on the Euphrates. Also, there is a report also that Syrian rebels are in the position to capture a dam built by Syria on the River. says its drying up.
    2013 is most surely has come in like a lion……………
    Have a nice day………………….


  5. John says:

    The only thing that “surprises” me is that people still believe these stories put out by conventional science agencies – of course they knew these objects were coming. There are three things going on. 1) Our galaxy has entered the “dark rift” which means there will be a drastic increase in earth impact events. 2) A large celestial object has entered our solar system and it is dragging, and pushing, along space debris in earth’s direction. 3) God has lifted His protection on our planet – the Great Tribulation as described in Revelation is upon us. Acceptance of God’s will allows us to endure the coming trials – which are designed for our purification in preparation for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


    • Fender24 says:

      well DA14 didn’t hit, doesnt that mean we are protected then i don’t know what is :D. we are lucky and how do we use it? we continue live the way we do, when we can change. This is a sign, but tomorrow it is forgotten.


      • John says:

        The fact that DA14 did not hit us in no way indicates anything to contradict my statement. Time will tell. But if one takes a sober look at the state of humanity, it lends itself to speculating on how God feels about how we all are behaving. And perhaps his desire to set things right – Book of Revelation.


  6. Angelsong says:

    There are also reports now that a huge fireball was seen in Japan on the night of the 14th and that same night a fireball was seen in the sky from Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany! We are definitely seeing signs in the heavens as well as on the earth that our redemption draws near…
    Much love and blessings!


    • We’re waiting for other reports to come in. I heard that, also. If the asteroid would have exploded closer to the city, it would have killed everyone in Chelyabinsk, and flatten the region for at least 500 square km. Everyone in the region should consider themselves very lucky, and should be counting their blessings.

      love and blessings,


  7. Wes says:

    NASA can say when an asteroid will come near us years in advance, yet they never saw this one?
    Hard to believe, They just don’t want to tell us before hand.


    • Tracy says:

      The developed countries with membership to the UN all knew of the asteroid AND the possibility of “trailers” dragging after it. These countries each have their own astroscientists, long range telescopes and military defense systems, including Russia and Cuba who know the difference between 35k mph and the speed which a nuke travels. The real question to be asked is: when will our weakening atmosphere reach the point that we are virtually sitting ducks? How long do we really have before all hell breaks loose?


  8. Kurt71 says:

    Seems to me that the astrological world was so wrapped up by 2012 DA14 and lost focus on what else might be coming our way and were taken by complete surprise. Suddenly there were three rather large meteors in Russia,Cuba and San Francisco that they missed.(and actually hit the earth) Probably a very sobering day at NASA today. Also wanted to thank you so much Alvin for your work. I see your getting a lot of praise lately and it’s well deserved. I check your site daily and absolutely love the comments from everyone. Other blog comments are so athiestic and immature it’s hard to read. It’s so obvious we are living through the book of revelations right now. So very exciting and terrifying at the same time. I will keep all of you in my prayers so we all can look at the future with absolute confidence in Jesus to lead us through the hardships that face us. Bless you all.


  9. tdenbeck says:

    “The reason it wasn’t detected by telescopes on Earth is because it literally came out of the daylight sky and, as you know, telescopes can’t see things in the daytime,” Cooke said. – So there is no technology out there known to mankind … Thank you for the Up-date on the Water issues … Note to self on that on. God Bless all.


  10. George says:

    How come the media put so much into the Russian meteor but nothing about the Cuban strike just a short while after.


  11. Oggie says:

    Hi Alvin,

    This event is certainly not going the way Hollywood paints science to be. That this was an asteroid confirms the thinking of readers in the alternative media that whether it was a companion of DA14 or not, we’re not being told the complete story by the MSM. As we move into the dark rift, there would be more of this.

    Signs and wonders in the heavens. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in diverse places. Many falling away from the faith. Events are indeed accelerating. May YHWH finds us ready when His Son comes.




    • I

      Not to mention, it could have touched off a thermonuclear exchange from the Russians, who might have assumed, momentarily, they were under attack from the U.S. Since this object was falling over a region where nuclear installations were. You only have a few seconds to acess the situation before you order a retaliatory strike, because you might not get a second chance if you hesitate. These are the dilemas we will be increasingly facing. It probably goes without saying, they are people who probably haven’t slept since this incident unfolded. And there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars and “On earth, distress of nations with perplexity (aporeia – Greek, not knowing what to do) Luke 21:25


  12. Greg says:

    Given that Cuba, the West Coast of North America, Japan and a fireball over Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany are also being reported – it seems whatever bumped the Russian asteroid out of the asteroid belt had many fragments that traveled along with it. Makes you wonder if Big Brother is not far behind.


  13. john henry says:

    –Asteroid or missile???


    • Brandon says:

      I think that’s an interesting question myself. The article said divers found no materials at the bottom of the lake. If you recall the picture of the hole in the lake it was perfectly round like someone chipped it out. A big impact I would expect the site to look a bit different.


    • Tracy says:

      NASA says this was traveling at a speed of over 35k mph. The fastest missle travels at what, 15k mph. Assuming they tracked it, they probably knew it wasn’t a nuke.


  14. Irene C says:

    So many are watching and talking about the bigger asteroids, like DA14 or the one that supposedly killed off the dinosaurs, that they forget about the smaller ones that wouldn’t be an extinction event but would still be devastating. Many of these smaller ones are difficult if not impossible to detect until they enter Earth’s atmosphere and turn into a ball of fire. However, most people don’t want to talk about those things. It makes them feel powerless and out of control of their own lives. And many people want to feel that they control their own destinies.


    • niebo says:

      Ker-POW, Irene! And the best way to live the myth (delusion?) of free will, of course, is to exert it by ignoring the truth. “Tornadoes only happen to other people. Earthquakes are isolated to Wyoming. Asia, and New Zealand. Volcanoes went out with Pompeii. Mercury in vaccines is the best idea ever! Fluoride is a great rat poison and tooth-decay preventative. God is not sovereign; we are. . . .”


  15. tonic says:

    If telescopes are the only way to find these, then how many telescopes are needed to watch every inch of the sky? Sounds impossible.


  16. Helen Parks says:

    ASCHERA: the main asteroid belt ARCHES: across the heavens
    ARCHAEORNIS is Mongolia/Urals (where this fossil bird was found)
    published in 2010:
    This seems to be the one in question, photos do show it ‘ARCING’ over the sky before landing.

    So – No, I do not think it was a man made missile, going on what Nostradamus says

    There is another one coming which the hidden texts tell us – at Easter
    The MARCH PISCES EASTER APRIL forum is up on


  17. rezene says:

    Dear alvine remotly is there somekind of connection between the metoer that landed in Russia and Russian envolvment in the middle east is there some kind of power warning the Russians what they can do?


    • Events are unfolding across the globe, and everyone will be impacted. The Bible does contain some warnings about God’s judgments on the heathen nations. However; lets suffice it say, there’s enough wrong doing going on across the planet by all of us that we should all be a little bit more repentant and humble.


  18. Colleen says:

    Things are getting interesting. I am going to keep watching. God bless.


  19. mrsotto says:

    We must realize that the scientific world is years ahead of what they tell us…think computers in the early 1940-50s and we got them in use really in thirty plus yrs later. They know more than what they are letting us know and the fact that God would send an asteroid to shake us up, make us begin to question things and catch the smart ones off guard is a testament to His glory. of course He is warning us, He tells us so in His Word the Bible. the are indeed exciting times for the saved as we share His Gospel message while there is still time! Amen!


  20. Emanni says:

    50 Confirmed Meteorite Events In 5 Days

    Cuba Meteor

    Florida Meteors – Large RADAR returns over 1000+ Sq. Miles

    San Francisco Meteor – What a coincidence!


  21. Emanni says:



  22. jokerphd says:

    It was a Missil called Buleva


  23. Seven thousand tons is about the size of an Omaha class light cruiser. Imagine that shitload heading toward you at up to four times the speed of an ICBM! Better have a change of pants ready.


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