Mysterious shaking puzzles experts in Morristown, TN- damages homes

February 15, 2013MORRISTOWN, TN Late Tuesday afternoon dozens of concerned neighbors called Hamblen County 911 to report the earth shaking and the sound of a large blast. At first the US Geological Survey reported there was no earthquake in the area. That prompted local emergency management officials to spend Wednesday looking at other options. 10News spoke with TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation) who ruled out fracking or quarry activity. Then, we checked with the University of Memphis Center for Earthquake Research and Information, sponsored by the USGS. Geologist Gary Patterson went and pulled the records from sensors on Tuesday and says he could see activity consistent with an earthquake or quarry blasting. Emergency Managment Agency Director Chris Bell says there was no licensed blasting in the Hamblen County area on Tuesday. 10News also confirmed with the area’s only quarry, Vulcan Materials, which say no blasting happened yesterday. Patterson says the activity shows up over a large area with sensors reporting vibrations in Copper Ridge, Avondale Springs, Green Top, and Lonesome, VA. He says the USGS doesn’t have a lot of sensors in that area which may have resulted in the automated system’s failure to report the activity.  Patterson says they need more time to investigate, but either an earthquake or quarry blasting could solve the ‘Morristown Mystery.’ –Dig Triad
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39 Responses to Mysterious shaking puzzles experts in Morristown, TN- damages homes

  1. nickk0 says:

    This sounds like shades of Clintonville, WI. all over again.


  2. Brandon says:

    I find this topic fascinating! We’ve been hearing of booms and shakes etc for at least two years now… Still no explanation…


  3. Svenn says:

    It seems all of the reports of booms and shakes are close to the fault that runs right across america.. Maybe america is splitting and forming two new continents


    • stacy says:

      Hmmm, if it splits into 2 continents wonder if we could get the democrats on one side and the republicans on the other. The each side would have a utopia.


  4. M C says:

    I still think it’s either the government doing something underground or some strange new change going on with the planet.

    The planet is very active as of late so it might just be sounds/rumblings of the planet as it goes thru some unfamiliar (to us) changes which could be very scary when you think about it.

    Its all very interesting.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    This is what I think……………
    New Madrid Fault as posted by Nancy 729………….but also possible pending judgment………..?
    Some prophecy teachers believe/teach that God himself will judge Babylon and that America is The Babylon mentioned in Revelation and he will send the sinless ones (angels?) to carry out his judgment and that Babylon will be judged in one hour and that she will sink and never be seen again because of her sins. Can say more, take too much space…..
    Central theme::: All the shaking’s, booming noises are country wide. Is it possible that the country is being prepped for such an event………..
    Something to think about…………..


    • Matthew says:

      Their is strong evidence that the ancient city of Babylon will be the Babylon. Their are currently reconstruction efforts being done to resurrect that city. I know that our president has donated money to the project. Other organizations are planning it out. As for our country I think the shaking and booming is in preparation. Maybe not for destruction but for the rising up of the church.


  6. savedbygrace says:

    I’m from Tennessee and Morristown is a looong way from New Madrid. Morristown is in upper East Tennessee not far from NC border and is connected to another fault system.


  7. Susan says:

    They always say at beginning that it wasn’t an earthquake then quickly change their story, things to make you go hmmmm….


  8. Kajajuk says:

    Empty ground water caverns collapsing…sink holes soon (if not already).


  9. Mark Taylor says:

    Local media is now saying that it was a “likely” mining incident that caused the booms. We’ll never know. All I know is I grew up in this area and never remember people reporting loud shaking booms before. Mines have been here all along, so why now the booms from mining? Doesn’t add up.


  10. I’ve read something about the North American craton…and it seems like many of these booms are occurring along this….I am not a geologist.. so I don’t know if it’s true information…but if you look at some of the maps…where these booms have occurred the past few years..def. seems to be along the south ridge of it..very interesting I wish the press would cover this more


  11. Anthony says:

    I’m from the neighboring town. The New Madrid is below us. My wife works in West Moristown (city) and called me that morning to see if I had heard a boom and felt shaking, she said they thought someone had hit the building. She also described what she called a deep rolling thunder type noise that you could not only hear but feel. She said a drug rep came in later and other offices felt it too. That was that morning.

    That night, one of the nurses my wife works with called us to see if we had felt anything about 9pm (give or take). They had felt and heard another noise and shake, it even woke her husband up. They live in west Hamblen County (Morristown). That one apparently covered more ground than the morning shake & boom that could be felt. That was the second shake and boom, or roaring sound as they put it. Couldn’t have been thunder cause we didn’t hear it.

    Morristown is about 65 miles from Maryville where the fault line is. Thing is, we’re between Morristown and Maryville and nobody here felt or heard anything. There is some weird things going on here, like new creeks that have formed, old creeks moving up to 10 ft. Small indentions being formed, nothing large or deep but big enough to turn a tractor over or bottom a truck. We’ve had a lot of rain this year but in 52 years I’ve never seen stuff like this. What it means, I have no idea.


    • Anthony says:

      I almost forgot. There has been booms and I think shaking too in a neighborhood in west (Hamblen County) Morristown towards Jefferson City side of the line (Jefferson County), I think a month ago, give or take. It happened a few times within a week or two. When it was isolated to there we all just assumed it has something to do with the mines in Jefferson City. These two are about 5 miles north of that.


      • Irene C says:

        Thank you Anthony for all of this 1st hand information. I was wondering if this was in any way related to the New Madrid fault line, Interesting to say the least. Stay safe.


    • Everyone…Watch your animals – your own as well as the wild ones in your area…note their behavior…look into the methods with fish developed by the Japanese and used to predict earthquakes thru history…do your own research…be smart…nature will tell you what is coming. Don’t “sleep on it”.


      • Dustytrail says:

        Earthquakes CANNOT be predicted. I know. I’ve lived in California for decades with several dogs and cats and birds. They may possess acute sensory abilities that we do not, but contrary to urban legend they are horrible gauges of impending quake activity. There are no such things as reliable ‘earthquake precursors’ (odd cloud formations, smells, animals acting weird), and though some animals in the wild have been observed to display odd behaviors prior to weather events, they don’t “know” that an earthquake is going to erupt beforehand. They just happen.


  12. Jonathan says:

    Starting around last Christmas we started hearing booming noises all the time. they went away for awhile but yesterday we had another one. – Bluff City, TN


  13. Kate says:

    Never trust ANYTHING the USGS says… I have watched their reports for many years and have seen them downgrade seismic reports that their machines first reported (make them smaller), I have seen them pull reports and indicators on their maps, and a few other things they don’t tell everyone… You need an outside seismic sourse that IS NOT working with USGS if you want to know for sure… Like over in Europe or Russia… That was a lie that the activity there was to small to detect, they do detect very small shallow activity especially down to the level of quarry blasting… USGS can no longer be trusted, ever since the Gov. told them NOTHING can go out to us, till it is approved by homeland security, back during the Bush admin…


    • Kate says:

      PS this site says it is7:03 pm, It is actually 12:05 PM.. Their clock is way off unless they are overseas…


    • Rick says:

      I like this website from Hungary…although their EQ data may come from USGS.
      I am going to e-mail the website owner and ask.


    • stacy says:

      I have noticed this too with the USGS. Now one of the pages i used to go to has been removed.and there seems to be less information. I am in N. GA and about 20-24 miles from me last month or the first of this month there was a small earthquake. That same night I am sitting on the computer and hear a rumbling noise. At first I thought it was an old truck coming up the hill…it got louder and louder. I opened the door no truck or car in the street on the hill. I called my sister who is in Ringgold and she was hearing the same thing. She is about 10 miles from me. We stayed on the phone and the rumbling noise faded my ears stopped up and i heard a high pitch noise and she was hearing something more like a far away train. The rumbling was deep but I didn’t feel any shaking. I immediately thought of an aftershock and went to the USGS live site. Nothing there so don’t know what it was but defiantly have never heard that before and neither of us at the same time like that. Really strange. Wish I could describe it better than a deep rumbling that liked rolled towards you and rolled away, meaning it was noticeable got louder and then started fading out. If there is anyone else on here from Rossville, GA, East Rigde, TN, and Ringgold, GA that might have heard this I would like to know. I will try find the exact date.


  14. Lori says:

    Reports of recent loud booms in this part of Tennessee. I heard them daily for over 2 weeks. Still no explanation from local officials or media. Links to reports:


  15. knowledgeispower says:

    This has been generally linked to tannerite. High concusive, exploding targets that are legal and are only detonated by a rifle bullet.

    One example:


  16. Dougal says:

    Sounds to me like fracking effects


  17. dtayls says:

    Is there any fracking going on? Seems like oil and natural gas fracking could be the culprit..


  18. Jez Strider says:

    I’ve lived in Morristown, Tn most of my life and I have felt one earthquake. It was a such tiny rumble that I didn’t even realize what it was at first. The shaking that went on was intense and there were aftershocks just like an earthquake. My boyfriend is from California and said it felt just like an earthquake to him. Maybe the media was hyping it for coverage. Scaring everyone by saying they didn’t know what it was worked pretty well.


  19. Penny says:

    Go to USGS and look up “Seneca Guns”…then do a search for brontides…these frequently (but not always) occur pre and post earthquake. Several 7.0 earthquakes have been proceeded by these. A lot of small tremors and “booming” sounds have been heard along the New Madrid fault.


  20. Teri says:

    I am a Morristown TN resident too (off of Panther Creek Road). I was driving at the time of the event but my high school son said that the entire high school shook and he heard the loud booms.

    Mo-town sits on a bed of limestone/zinc which is mined for the zinc. The mines were closed down for about 25 years (because the cost of zine was cheaper to import) when Glenco bought the property and refurbished the minds in about 1999. They sold to Nystar who now operates the minds. Both are foreign owned companies. Glenco also builds “underground military bases”. And, Morristown is located about 70 miles east of Oak Ridge.

    Back in the early 1970s my uncle, who worked in the mines, said that the tunnels went all the way to Knoxville and beyond.

    Interesting…don’t you think.


  21. Billie says:

    I just now heard another boom here in east TN. Jefferson County. I’ve been hearing them since Dec. I want some answers!!!


  22. Harmony says:

    Towars the end of December, my boyfriend and I were just watching TV around midnight. We both noticed a really loud rumbling sound, similar to that of a large jet airplane. We turned off all the sound in the house and listened to this sound for about 30 minutes. Sometimes it seemed to get louder, but it sounded like it was hovering directly over us, I live in a highly populated area in an apartment complex, I doubt there was a jet hovering over my house.. We could also feel the ground shaking.
    The next day we asked our upstairs neighbor if he had heard something similar. He said he did, and around the same time as well.

    In this blog you are all describing it as a loud “boom” sound, do you think we heard the same sound and i am just describing it differently?


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