6 Responses to Deadly spiral towards war begins: South Korea unveils ballastic missile it says can hit anywhere in North Korea

  1. Irene C says:

    Korean War (oops, I meant police action) part two?


  2. Dennis E. says:

    This is an issue that really can get out of control. I think we are going to have some hair raising events to occur here as some people have written and warned…..


  3. Emanni says:

    South Korea flexes missile power after North test


  4. radiogirl says:

    The nightmare of proliferation.


  5. drift123 says:

    Neither side is going to war. The DMZ is 2.5 miles of land mines, barbwire, and listening devices. Both Sides have had 40 years to zero in their artillery. Now granted, I am sure that both sides know paths to get through the minefield. But an activity like that is done at night, in rainy weather and very very carefully.

    It is one thing to go through a minefield under cover of weather and it is quite another to do it with accurate and numerous artillery shells coming down on your head. I suppose the North Koreans could form penal battalions that walk through the minefield with either the choice of going forward or getting a bullet in the back.

    Perhaps the explosions in North Korea over the last couple of years have been a cover for building tunnels through the mountains. At a given moment the final three feet of tunnel is blasted through and hundreds of tanks and thousand of screaming soldiers poor through the tunnel in a surprise attack. Anything is possible.
    The casualties would be too high for either side and the North Korean leader (He made himself a general) has Everything to lose. The only people who stand to gain from perpetuating the “War is Imminent” theme we hear every two weeks are people involved in selling gold and silver.


    • Chris says:

      drift123: You make a logical argument against the possibility of conflict. The problem is, logic is often not the deciding factor in such situations. If it were, Hitler wouldn’t have dedicated valuable resources towards the goal of exterminating the Jewish people, nor would he have instigated war on multiple fronts. If logic dictated action, there would now be a real Palestinian state, through a treaty with was agreed to by Israel and flatly rejected by the Arabs. Do not count on logic or common sense to keep us from war, for it is often irrationality that leads us to it.


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