Part 2: Extinction-level supervolcano growing in the Pacific

Super V
February 12, 2013 RING OF FIREBad news, everyone – you have another near-certain world-ending catastrophe to look forward to. Scientists have confirmed that two continent-sized chemical blobs of partially melted rock are converging in the Pacific, and look set to create a massive new volcano, which could prove cataclysmic to life on Earth. Geologist Michael Thorne at the University of Utah reports in Earth and Planetary Science that the collision is slowly happening 1,800 miles beneath the ocean. He says that the collision could lead in two possible directions – both of which are bad, and would wipe out millions of species. One is just a massive single eruption, which would kill us all, the other is a thousand-year flood basalt eruption, which would also kill us. The problem is that two enormous “thermochemical piles” of molten rock about 3,000 miles across are moving towards each other at the bottom of the Earth’s mantle. The piles have been known about for decades, but it was originally thought they were static. But after extensive study with seismic waves, Thorne is convinced they’re in fact moving together. The result is a massive, molten blob that will one day be created beneath the ocean, creating a huge amount of pressure that will eventually blow up in our face. “What we may be detecting is the start of one of these large eruptive events that – if it ever happens – could cause very massive destruction on Earth,” said Thorne. Luckily the process is slow – it shouldn’t happen for another 100 million years or so. –Huffington UK
Trouble in the Pacific: But in the 1990s, geophysicists found evidence for the continent-size thermochemical piles beneath Africa and the Pacific. These are known technically as LLSVPs, or “large low shear velocity provinces,” because seismic shear waves passing through them move 5 percent slower that through surrounding mantle rock. That suggests they have a different composition and-or temperature than the surrounding mantle. Previous studies also have observed smaller blobs of rock, measuring perhaps 60-by-60 miles on the edges of the continent-sized masses. Seismic shear waves move as much as 45 percent slower through these blobs – known technically as ULVZs or “ultra low velocity zones” – indicating they may be spongy and partly molten. Thorne says his analysis of seismic waves passing through the core-mantle boundary reveals the Pacific pile really represents two or more continent-sized piles slowly sliding atop the core and colliding so that partly molten blobs on their edges are merging into the largest such blob or ULVZ ever observed – roughly the size of Florida. “My study might be the first to show actual seismic evidence that the piles are moving,” he says. “People who have done previous simulations have suggested this. They are sitting atop the core and getting pushed around by overlying mantle forces like subduction. They move around on the core somewhat like continental plates drift at Earth’s surface.” -UU
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32 Responses to Part 2: Extinction-level supervolcano growing in the Pacific

  1. Thanks Alvin. It was hard for me to imagine a picture of the 6th seal in Revelation coming open, until recently. I think that is what we are facing. We’ve had plenty of warning. Praying for all to be prepared.


    • v

      Extinctions are, by their very nature, unforeseen events. The fact that this much magma is coalescing under the thinnest part of the planet’s crust, that is likewise subducting, should raise more concerns than Yellowstone. Geological events generally require a catalyst and we know both seismicity, heightened volcanism, and ocean floor warming has been accelerating in the Pacific basin of late- so we live constantly on the edge of a knife on this planet. Add to this, scientist knew about the location of these magmatic reservoirs since the 1990s and said nothing of them.


    • alvin says:

      The “seals” of Revelations are the 7 CHAKRAS of the spine that one “opens” to receive CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. GOOGLE it.


  2. john henry says:

    it shouldn’t happen for another 100 million years or so. –Huffington UK —so why bother.


  3. Connie says:

    Bummer! I thought it might be tomorrow….Bahaha! Had me going there till the last sentence….


  4. Andrew says:

    So disappointing…. so it won’t happen for another 100 million years or so? Are there any ways to speed up the process? Its getting so boring here on earth….


  5. sparrow59 says:

    Who cares if it’s not going to happen for 100 million years!


  6. Nancy Coleman says:

    I dont know which is more distressing; to know that is accumulating down there or to know that it is moving sideways?


  7. Ted says:

    phew for a second I read 10 million


  8. James says:

    I love these things “that shouldn’t happen in another 100 million years or so”. We will be lucky that the human race will survive another 1000.


  9. taffyduff says:

    Phew! Thought it was going to happen tomorrow!


    • It’s already happening with the subduction of the Pacific Plate under the Australian…the blobs are moving because of subduction, which means the Santa Cruz swarm is an agitator…


      • Magenta says:

        Alvin, isn’t a lot of these time frame predictions, speculation science? We are in uncharted territories, so to speak, are we not? The lava, like water has to take the path of least resistance. Do we really know how and where these underground caverns connect?


      • m

        Geological events can happen anytime, because we don’t know what physical catalyst will eventually set them off. If geology has taught us anything over the last 120 years; we’ve learned that the forces of the planet are relatively unpredictable. Chaitén Volcano in Chile is a prime example of that. The 2008 eruption virtually came out of nowhere. Prior to this, the volcano had been silent for 9,000 years. Tambora had small steam eruptions for six months prior to the April 15, 1815 VEI7 eruption (which was the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history), but otherwise the volcano exhibited no signs a mega-eruption was imminent. Tambora’s 1815 blast took everyone by surprise. More recently, geologists said an eruption of New Zealand’s White Island volcano was imminent, but seismic activity has waned. There is no time-scale when it comes to predicting the volatility and explosivity of magmatic gases (which are under tremendous heat and pressure) in respect to when they will suddenly and catastrophically depressurize, and fracture the planet’s crust. And the quakes happening from the subduction of tectonic plates Pacific under Australia, at Santa Cruz, are aggravating this process, because entropy accelerates activity in thermodynamic systems.

        Moderate 5.1 earthquake sets off Mt. St. Helen’s eruption in 1980


  10. prayntongues says:

    “Luckily the process is slow – it shouldn’t happen for another 100 million years or so. “…REALLY? For a minute I was in a state of awe then I read the last sentence LOL!!! I’m not posting this on fb


  11. Michael says:

    Where in the Pacific?


  12. Irene C says:

    Fun times. 😦


    • Daniel Hughes says:

      Fun times indeed. Though I must admit that the misanthrope in me wants to pull on his red neck cap and say, “Let’s get ‘er DONE!” I know that’s terrible…


  13. Carol Vincent says:

    Perhaps we are nearing the fulfillment of this prophecy in:
    2 Peter 3:10-13
    King James Version (KJV)
    10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
    11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,
    12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?
    13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.


    • Caroline Leavitt says:

      Blessed be God in the highest!! May the new Pope Peter the Roman lead the church and world as Christ would.We are entering the tribulation and need strong Christian leadership not someone who is week and joins Satan.Pray Pray


  14. larry says:

    Don’t care about a million years from now ,but I do care about now.


  15. Mick says:

    Luckily the process is slow…??? …who is to say just how fast something like this might happen.


  16. sapphire2006 says:

    Notice how any time they talk about something that can be catastrophic they always say it is thousands if not millions years away from happening. Oh no never can happen in our life time. That is the height of foolishness to say nothing catastrophic can ever happen in our life time. I know they are trying not to worry people but really how the heck would they know how long this will take. Humans have only been around 200,000 and we have only been keeping good records on this kind of stuff for less than 200 years. I don’t think any human was around the last time a super volcano was formed. They have no idea how long this will take and I am sure the people of Santa Cruz are not thrilled with the idea of constant earthquakes every friggin day for the next 100 million years! Sorry I just get annoyed when people make light of this stuff.


  17. Angelsong says:

    I saw where we just had a 5.1 and a 3.1 in Nevada In Coaldale which apparently is labeled as a volcanic area on Google Earth.
    Much love and blessings!


  18. john j says:

    I never worry about the earth being destroyed because Gods word states. The earth abidth forever Everloution is another farce, No one did anything .Everything just popped out of nothing


  19. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, there is a prophecy that Newzealand will be washed under the sea and a new land mass created which will join Newzealand Australia ok folks here is how its likely to happen if it happens


  20. Jim Randall says:

    Regarding time lines in geology / earthchanges , I recall a comment by Alvin elsewhere concerning an event in Ethiopia in which a 35 mile rift ( or whatever) developed in short space of time confounding scientists with their ” thousands / millions of years to form ” theories. And on another note , graphite supposedly took thousands of years to form / or come out of the ground but apparently only takes months. ( other readers here might know of this with better detail) . The supervolcano could very well form in a much shorter period of time as well….


  21. Kajajuk says:

    What else, decades old, is yet to be released?


  22. Deb says:

    Won’t happen in another 100 million years say scientists…Yet, scientists can’t predict the weather 3 months in advance, where an earthquake will strike next, or the next volcano will erupt, or how many hairs will fall from their head tomorrow? Hmm…but they know when this giant caldera/supervolcano will finally converge together? Or when the Sun will die?


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