Snowiest winter in 100 years paralyzes Moscow traffic for 3,500 km

February 6, 2013 RUSSIAThe snowiest winter in a century has hit the Russian capital, causing Muscovites to get stuck in traffic jams 3,500km in length on Monday evening – the distance from Moscow to Madrid. Since the beginning of the winter, over 2 meters of snow has fallen on the Russian capital, the Moscow mayor’s aide in housing and public utilities Pyotr Biryukov told Interfax. Snowfall is expected in Moscow for four or five more days, he added. On Monday, 45,000 community services employees and 15,000 units of equipment were attempting to cope with 26 cm of snow – nearly a fifth of the average annual fall. The latest snowfall has become a nightmare for drivers with the capital’s commuters trapped in gridlock. Many of those who left their workplace in the evening had to spend five to 10 hours getting home. The average speed of vehicles was no more than 7-9 km/h. The number of road accidents – 3,000 – was much higher than during an ordinary day, with minor accidents quadrupling, according to Channel One TV. ­Pedestrians were having a hard time, too, trying to make their way through ice and huge snowdrifts on the sidewalks. Over 50 people were injured after falling. On Tuesday morning, the streets became virtual ‘skating rinks’, with passengers of minibuses forced to push the vehicles up the hill from time to time, and then jumping into the moving vehicles. Overnight, almost 150 huge trucks became stuck on the Moscow ring highway, blocking it for hours. Moscow’s Yandex Traffic Jams application showed that traffic was at level 10, the highest possible. Meanwhile, over a hundred flights were grounded at Moscow airports. Notably, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev’s plane was unable to land in Vnukovo airport, and proceeded to St. Petersburg. ­It’s not the first time that Moscow has seen massive snowfalls this winter – in mid-January the situation was similar in terms of heavy falls – and traffic. Yandex Traffic Jams also recorded level 10 at that time. In December, the harshest temperatures in 70 years were recorded, with thermometers showing temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius in some regions of Russia. Meteorologists predict more snow is in store for Muscovites in February and March. “March is considered a winter month here,” one top Hydro Meteorological Center official indicated to Interfax. –RT
                                                      Earthchanges: Earth’s weather goes haywire
Earthquake Icon“Earth’s stability is collapsing…and one by one, the biospheric processes regulating life itself are going awry. These are early characteristics of climate shock and are indications that even more ominous changes are yet to unfold…areas of the Earth…will become increasingly inhospitable from the extremes of climate change. As incredible as it seems, we’re witnessing signs of epochal change-across the planet which are typically consigned to geological periods of planetary extinctions. The climate stability, we once knew, is gone forever.” –The Extinction Protocol – page 9, 2009
contribution Emanni & CDTZT
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4 Responses to Snowiest winter in 100 years paralyzes Moscow traffic for 3,500 km

  1. I think we are seeing World Wide weather changes which have not been witnessed for a long period of time…. They say things go in cycles… we should be aware of those cycles and see how they can repeat….
    Unfortunately I do not think all weather pattern changes is created Naturally.. I think its getting a helping hand by man’s intervention of weather altering tools which we are now all become more aware of. And yet many cannot see what is right above their heads!

    Many thanks for all you do…


  2. PKK says:

    Hi Alvin,

    I have friends in Moscow and even they are shocked. The Good News is that people are helping one another more and depending on community to get them through this. There is more and more to come, and I pray that everyone heeds the call to come up higher. Thanks, Paula


  3. Irene C says:

    And here in the U.S., our East Coast is getting ready for what could be an historic winter. There are two storm systems merging. Many of the meteorologists are telling people to take Friday off.


  4. Jacques says:

    The era of the purported “anthropic Global Warming” is gone. It is highly probable that we are entering a new era of cooling.
    The proof? All the average temperatures monitored AT A GLOBAL LEVEL are pointing in the same way: The global warming we underwent by the end of the last century has stalled since 15 years while the carbon dioxide rate in the atmosphere continued to climb undisturbed. All the years since 1998 were cooler. Therefore the CO2 induced warming theory looks as if it no longer holds water. In the case this situation will persist for a further decade, the definitive nailing of its coffin shoiuld be considered and a new and more serious theory launched to better schedule the climate within the years ahead.


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