8.0 magnitude earthquake shakes Santa Cruz Islands: 9 reportedly killed

SC 9
February 6, 2013SOLOMON ISLANDS – Several people were killed when tsunami waves generated by a major earthquake slammed into the Solomon Islands, damaging villages, as warnings were triggered across the Pacific. At least five people died after the 8.0 magnitude quake struck near the remote Santa Cruz Islands in the Solomons at a depth of 28.7km. Two powerful aftershocks of 6.4 and 6.6 magnitude were also recorded. “We can report five dead and three injured. One of the dead was a male child, three were elderly women and one an elderly man,” said Chris Rogers, a registered nurse at Lata Hospital in the Santa Cruz Islands. Local officials reported two 1.5-metre waves hit the western side of Santa Cruz Island, damaging between 60 and 70 homes in at least four villages, said George Herming, a spokesman for the prime minister. “At this stage, authorities are still trying to establish the exact number and extent of damage. Communication to Santa Cruz Island is difficult due to the remoteness of the island,” he said. It was not immediately apparent whether all the victims died in the tsunami. Two of the four villages on Santa Cruz suffered severe damage, said Solomon Islands Police Commissioner John Lansley. Other areas of the Solomons did not appear to have been seriously affected. Solomon Islands Red Cross secretary general Joanne Zoleveke said she had been told at least three villages were hit. “In the Solomon Islands when we talk about villages there can be anything from 10 to 30 houses,” she said. “We have received a lot of information about houses washed away but we haven’t heard about any deaths as yet. That is what we are waiting for.” Earthquake monitoring agencies earlier said a wave measuring about a metre had been recorded at Lata on Santa Cruz, the main island in the eastern Temotu province, which has a population of about 10,000. Vanuatu and New Caledonia also reported rising sea levels, before a region-wide tsunami alert was lifted. Locals in the Solomons capital Honiara, 580 kilometres from the epicentre, said earlier the quake was not felt there but some villages had been destroyed, according to a hospital director. “The information we are getting is that some villages west and south of Lata along the coast have been destroyed, although we cannot confirm this yet,” the director at Lata Hospital said. Richard Dapo, a school principal on an island near Santa Cruz, said he lives inland but has been fielding calls from families on the coast whose homes have been damaged by the waves. “I try to tell the people living on the coastline, ‘Move inland, find a higher place. Make sure to keep away from the sea. Watch out for waves,”’ he said. He said he’d heard the waves had swamped some smaller islands, although he was not aware of any deaths or serious injuries at this point. He said it was difficult to contact people because cell phone coverage is patchy in the region. In the Solomons capital of Honiara, tsunami warnings prompted residents to flee for higher ground, while ships also moved to open water to avoid potential waves. “People are still standing on the hills outside of Honiara just looking out over the water, trying to observe if there is a wave coming in,” Mr Herming said earlier. The tsunami warnings prompted warnings in nations as far away as Fiji for residents to evacuate to higher ground. Sirens were heard in Fiji while the alert remained in place, locals said. “Chaos in the streets of Suva as everyone tries to avoid the tsunami!!” tweeted Ratu Nemani Tebana from the Fiji capital Suva. The tsunami warning was initially issued for the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, New Caledonia, Kosrae, Fiji, Kiribati, and Wallis and Futuna. New Zealand was also on guard but monitors said there was no threat to Australia. The tsunami warnings were later cancelled. –Australian
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30 Responses to 8.0 magnitude earthquake shakes Santa Cruz Islands: 9 reportedly killed

  1. will says:

    whoa 8.0 …what wiped out the 3 villages ? tsunami or the quake itself


  2. Colleen says:

    What is up with all these above 6 magnitude quakes? We have been hearing loud booms in some parts of Kentucky.


  3. Again, Ring of Fire…


    • Donna M. says:

      I know you hear this a lot, but again, thank you for giving us wonderful information and a place of community. Even though many of us don’t respond often, we are all connected in a global way and for that I am greatly appreciative. You are a wonderful facilitator and the genuiness and integrity of your person is clearly reflected. And for that I say thank you. You’re a blessing.Thank you for the work you put into sustaining this cite.
      Many blessings in Christ.


    • Liam says:

      Spanish is “Santa Cruz”, in English “Holy Cross”… This is a warning.. The Great warning to come, we all shall see the Holy Cross, illuminating from total darkness… Prepare your hearts.


  4. Deb says:

    So powerful and so shallow, I’m not surprised to hear villages were wiped out. I can’t imagine how scary it must have been for those nearby, my heart goes out to those people and I pray there wasn’t any loss of life. People are still saying all these things happening are normal and happen all the time…


  5. tdenbeck says:

    I can understand all the data and need to sort through things at this point. I hope all is well and I will be looking for additional information on the current event. I was curious over the last couple of days with all the 6 pointers that had been occuring in this area. I have listed a link to an April 10, 2007— magnitude 8.1 that struck in the Solomon Islands which sparked a deadly tsunami and lifted a reef 10 feet. I don’t know how todays event (2013) and the 1977 activity differs from the 2007 event —http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/04/photogalleries/earthquake-island-pictures/index.html/index.html ..


  6. Im expecting an even bigger Quake from this area>.Santa Cruz means holy cross. i think Gods about to really shake things up


  7. Irene C says:

    I just heard some breaking news on the quake. They didn’t say anything about villages being wiped out but did say some houses were destroyed by the tsunami. Of course reports are still sketchy.

    Even though I know that all of these earth changes are happening, I’m still amazed when they do happen. And I just have this feeling that this quake will touch off another one soon. And we were just talking about a megathrust earthquake threat for New Zealand.

    Romans 8:22 – For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.



  8. Leon Cane says:

    I wonder if San Andreas will act up this year? New Madrid, is another fault line to watchout for! There was some activity @ New Madrid a few months back… And don’t forget about sinkholes…


  9. Raven says:

    Not good 😦
    Blessings Alvin x


  10. hvf says:

    I see no news on Yahoo for this. Go figure


  11. wiped out three villages,are there any loss of life?or did they evacuate them in time.


    • Louise Page says:

      Yes Phyllis, most sadly several people have lost their lives (unsure of the number currently), some islands were inundated, some villages washed through, the tsunami in some spots came 500 metres inland and I feel their maybe more unpleasant info to come out yet as the situation becomes clearer.
      This has been serious movement and it doesn’t seem to bode well for it settling down soon.
      The reverberations from the M8, particularly, were recorded almost world wide on many seismometers. 10 buoys in the Pacific Ocean (including one in the Tasman Sea, near the SE of Australia) are in event mode, as I type this.
      Peace to all.


  12. Mikey72 says:

    Is the 8.0 just another foreshock ??


  13. richfish30 says:

    I heard on the news damag was reported as far as Japan…


  14. richfish30 says:

    people are saying that the last two 6+ quakes were aftershocks.,,but I don’t think they are because we have Been having 6+ quakes shake Santa Cruz for the past few days…

    And does anybody think that all theses strong six quakes and now an eight magnitude quake all happening in the last few days might be having a serious effect on our planet physically. For ex. Causing disturbances on other plates or shifting r planet a few inches???


    • john says:

      Right now the aftershocks are off the chart in that area just check this site and you can see for yourself. Regarding the quakes the last 30 days, it is getting worrying to say the least and i would not be surprised if i wake up one day and read 9.5+ somewhere nothing would surprise me anymore.

      Here is the site http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php?area=&lang=eng


    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      …and if you zoom in on Sta Cruz islands on the USGS map, you will find the epicenters are probably too far spread out to be aftershocks. Some of them I’m sure are aftershocks, but I do believe some are separate events.


  15. Larry says:

    I follow your site daily…the prophesied earth changes are well underway and your calling in life is obvious to many of us, Alvin. I’ve read all your books and again just want to say thank you and God Bless you Alvin for ALL of your brilliant and anointed works. Your efforts help us all to understand more deeply God’s Divine Plan.


  16. Colleen says:

    It is quite upsetting that the main media news sites have not done much coverage on the Santa Cruz 8.0 magnitude quake. The media continues to focus on movie stars, political figures, politics, and sports. This must be what the people like. You might think the news media would have spent a little more time on this current quake. It amazes me how sound asleep the folks are out there. I am not making reference to “all” for I know that there are a lot of folks are alert and watching. If a higher magnitude quake were to occur, would it be in the main headlines, and if it were, for how long?


  17. my cousin feel the earth quake


  18. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    So far besides the 8 pointer, there have now been three 7 pointers, and around a dozen 6 pointers. That’s a lot of powerful quakes in one area.


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