Nine people killed, as freak hailstorm rains ice boulders on Indian villages

February 1, 2013 INDIA Hailstones the size of boulders have rained down on villages in southern India. At least nine people were killed when the violent weather hit several villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The hailstorm which lasted for almost 20 minutes, destroyed crops, houses and live stock, causing devastating financial implications for residents. It was once-in-lifetime experience for people living in seven villages in Chevella, Moinabad and Shankarpally. The hailstones started falling from the sky on Tuesday night and covered the entire villages under the snow-like blanket. Some women were seen attempting to sweep up the massive boulders using flimsy brushes more suited to lighter debris. Dr K. Sitarama, director, Meteorological Centre Hyderabad, said: ‘The hailstorm was caused by an intense thunderstorm. ‘Such occurances are highly localized and restricted to a small area.’ The storm in the south was extremely rare as the deadliest hailstorms, and perhaps the largest hailstones, in the world occur on the Deccan Plateau of northern India and in Bangladesh. –Daily Mail
contribution Iris Y.
Scientists mystified by India phenomena: Two days after a severe hailstorm lashed parts of Chevella mandal in Rangareddy district, a two-member team of meteorologists from the Indian Meteorology Department ( IMD) visited the affected areas, but were clueless as to what caused the unusual phenomena and were only able to give textbook answers. Sudhakar Rao, director of the meteorological department, said humidity incursion in the lower layers of atmosphere and colder air incursion in the upper air led to a severe thunderstorm associated with hail in parts of Chevella mandal on Wednesday. Rao, who visited the area, said that the hailstorm was confined to a small area. “While most of the ice chunks had melted away, some was still there,” he said, describing the incident as a rare phenomenon for this time of the year. But some environmentalists said the Met department should have probably answered why it occurred at Chevella and not in any other place in the state, for instance, Guntur had experienced massive hailstorm a few years back. But B V Subba Rao, a climate change expert, said that the incident clearly indicated drastic changes in local weather conditions. “By saying that high atmospheric moisture in the lower layers and cold winds in the upper air led to the hailstorm, officials are giving textbook explanations. They are unable to give a concrete reason,” said Subba Rao. He further said that typical snow flake formation was noticed at Chevella which indicates that the precipitation pattern has changed. “This calls for a very close and intensive monitoring of weather changes but the Met department in India is not equipped to study these changes,” said Rao. Weathermen had forecast rain or thunder showers for Telangana districts for January 29 but had failed to forecast the unusual hailstorm. The hailstorm hit Mudimyal, Rabulapally, Malkapur, Kummera, Gollapally, Yankapally and Kammeta villages in the mandal. It damaged crops and killed livestock. Parts of these affected areas were left in one-foot thick sheet of ice. “Hailstones pelted down on my farms for almost an hour. Almost all the trees were left shorn of leaves. Exposed heavy duty plastic pipes were shattered. Thick leaves of agave plants were shredded,” said Raj Kumar, a resident of Kummera. Officials said that hailstorm normally occurs during summer months but not in January. Last summer, there were hailstorms in Warangal, Guntur, Mahbubnagar and parts of Rangareddy, said M Narasimha Rao, assistant meteorologist, Met department. When asked if the hailstorm of such a scale as the one witnessed on Wednesday ever occurred, Rao said that there was no record and did not rule out such a possibility. However, Dr Sagar Dhara, an environmental engineer, said that he had encountered a severe hailstorm in Guntur district during the 1960s-70s. “I witnessed bad hailstorms in Delhi during the 1980’s and even in Guntur district during the 1960s and 1970s. In the 1980s I was in a car in Delhi and there was a hailstorm pelting down huge chunks of ice and I thought my vehicle glass would be shattered. These hailstorms were much similar to the one in Chevella,” said Dr Dhara. He further said that one incident by itself was not indicative of climate change. –Times of India
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45 Responses to Nine people killed, as freak hailstorm rains ice boulders on Indian villages

  1. Now these are Biblical size!


  2. Sarah Tsakalis says:

    Oh my gosh. That is a horrible act of nature. The weather has started out rather extreme so far. Wonder what’s in store for us next. Bless us all.


  3. Overboard says:

    the picture looks staged


  4. memoriestoday says:

    Revelation 16:21 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great….
    Some people thought it wa not possible to happen !


  5. ujjwal says:

    this is not good..


  6. tellthetruth1 says:

    Seriously scary.


  7. Dennis E. says:

    The updraft in this thunderstorm must have been tremendous. But the ones in the picture could easily kill humans and animals. Since the posting mentions that these types of storms are restricted
    and localized to this area, I believe I would relocate…..


  8. MAD says:

    Looks like some one dumped ice on the ground, looks like its just dumped out from back of a truck,


    • Really looking the same, i can’t believe that the ice is of naturae creation 🙂


      • H

        Since nobody sweeps up hail during a hail storm, the picture of hailstones was taken after the hail was sitting on the hard pavement or a flat surface. Ice is malleable, and changes shapes when it hits a flat surface or has started to sublimate after sitting a while. What other shape would it have if it sat on a flat surface and sublimated? Round?

        This really isn’t rocket-science…


  9. Paul says:

    I to believe this picture looks staged. When was the last time you saw a hail stone with flat edges and right angles? Wish there was some better pics than this.


    • b. aileen Sislbernagel says:

      Several years ago here in Montana, we had several hailstorms. One was quite unique, as the “stones” were shaped much like the ones in the photo, only much smaller. Up to that point I had only seen round hail. Very unusual.


  10. John says:

    Hailstones with right angles? Not likely — I agree with Overboard —


  11. Gary Gray says:

    I saw this Daily Mail article yesterday. I couldn’t trace down any source from India. Nor could I find a date of occurrence. 5Ws = Who, What, When, Where and Why. I couldn’t forward the article yesterday because I couldn’t get any other news on it.

    Then I found this:

    I wish Daily Mail would put a date of occurrence and some source reference in their article. At any rate, it looks like some India source did publish on it. It looks like this happened on Jan 30th 2013.


    • Tom says:

      Rain of heavy Ice/hail is something I belive will be a common problem. More particles from volcanoes etc. in the air can create bigger hail.
      Book of Revelation speaks of it as a severe thing(globally?)
      Anyhow its yet another sign, Jesus will soon step down on the mount of olives!


  12. Beam me up Scotty! says:

    These once in a life time events seem to be coming a daily event. To me it is becoming the more normal and less shocking when these things are happening. I own a flame resistant hazmat suits and I am ready for the super volcano’s. I have my heavy equipment, boats and bunkers stocked and ready to go.


  13. We are indeed living in the end times. I pray that Jesus returns very soon. Everybody please get ready, because Jesus is coming soon!


  14. BTSCelebs says:

    That is horrible. Its so sad to hear…..I hope people in the surrounding areas rush to their aid. May the people be comforted.


  15. tonic says:

    Signs from heaven.


    • J

      “And it came to pass, as they fled from before Israel, and were in the going down to Beth-horon, that the Lord cast down great stones from heaven upon them unto Azekah, and they died: they were more which died with hailstones than they whom the children of Israel slew with the sword.” -Joshua 10:11

      As Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun


  16. Ciao says:

    I’m sorry for the victims of this freak hail.


  17. bhargav says:

    I stay an overnight drive from this place. It is not staged, it is a true event. It was extensively reported in all the local dailies. A truly unprecedented event at this time of the year, of such magnitude. There was a carpet of ice of one foot height.


  18. aaron says:

    Once in a lifetime event? For 9 people, truer words were never spoken.


  19. Anonymouse says:

    Hi , Just wanted to say that this event actually happened, its not a hoax of any kind. the area where this occurred experienced a perfect storm kind of event which resulted in this hailstorm. it is scientifically possible but not very likely if you want odds.

    To those who don’t know Andhra Pradesh has ‘almost’ equatorial climate so this is pretty incredible.

    p.s see the photo in the link below


  20. sue says:

    Towards the end of last year, Irish visionary Christina Gallagher was told in a vision from Jesus that “rocks from glaciers will hit you….the earth’s plasma is boiling up”. This message is on her official website.


  21. Angelsong says:

    The earthquake map site you recommended to us that you use just registered THREE 6.9 quakes near Hokkaido, Japan about 25 minutes ago! God bless us all…


  22. Antilluminati says:

    The movie 2012 also starts with a big hailstorm in india 😉


  23. Colleen says:

    I do not believe that these giant hail stones are staged. They look very real to me. Why would people think this is staged? God help us. We are living in strange and scary times.


    • Irene C says:

      Well, first of all, let me say, that it is important that we use discernment and check sources carefully. On the other hand, so many think these things are staged because of all the fake youtube postings. So people become cynical. Now when something bizarre or unusual happens, they automatically believe that it was staged. This will be one way that people will be deceived when everything really hits the fan.


  24. Jean says:

    There is no hail on the ground behind the ladies and you can bet they did not sweep those into a pile with those brooms. It is obviously dumped ice. My guess.


    • mrinfinity says:

      Nope. It all got deposited near walls and when you have too much hails they start melting into each other, creating a shape they are deposited at. See dust on edges there? Watch walls behind those women.

      But no way they swept them with those brooms. Indian news media has this habit of creating more drama to pictures, often forgetting about feasibility.


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