Indonesia’s Mount Lokon volcano shaken by double eruptions

January 31, 2013INDONESIA – Mount Lokon in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, erupted twice throughout Thursday (31/01/2013) afternoon. Head Volcano Observation Post Lokon and Mahawu, Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Bandung Geological Agency, Ruskanda Farid Bina, said the first explosion occurred at 6:54 pm and was followed by a second explosion at 10:44 pm, and that was followed by a boom that sounded up to the settlements located around the crater. “We could not observe the height of the eruption of dust because of the condition of the fog around the crater. At first eruption eruption dust altitude of about eight hundred yards,” said Farid. He said the series of eruptions occurred after an increase in seismicity that occurred on Wednesday (30/1) at 22:54 pm. “Until now the status is still at alert level three,” he said. –Inilah translated
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8 Responses to Indonesia’s Mount Lokon volcano shaken by double eruptions

  1. I miss the eruption count that you had going last year!


  2. I swear if it wasnt for this site,I would not know any of this,it amazes me how everyone has no clue what is going on,they dont know any of this cause of the media blackout,on some sites all they know are the politcal stuff and they have no clue about any of the earth changes,i read someones post that they believed there were gonna be big earth changes some time soon and I siad man you dont know,there are already big earth changes happening right now,this place is awesome,Thank you so much.


  3. niebo says:

    77/365= 0.21 per day
    44/032= 1.375 per day

    1.375×365= 501.875

    Somebody please tell me that I hit a wrong button somewhere and skewed the numbers.


  4. Ciao says:

    My fear is the Mammoth caldera in California blowing its plug. It’s going to be the big one.


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