Unending rivers of lava now flowing from Kamchatka’s Plosky Tolbachik volcano

January 28, 2013KAMCHATKA – A volcano erupting in Russia’s Far East has sent plumes of gas, ash and molten lava into the sky. Footage filmed on Friday shows rivers of molten lava flowing in the remote area of the Plosky Tolbachik volcano, in Kamchatka peninsula. “The hot materials have erupted to the height of up to one hundred meters,” said Yuri Demyanchuk, a volcanologist who has made several visits to the site. According to authorities, there is no immediate threat to residential areas, but officials have advised residents to ensure they have access to protective masks. The nearest town is around 60 kilometers away. The volcano started erupting in November, after lying dormant for almost 40 years. –Telegraph
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19 Responses to Unending rivers of lava now flowing from Kamchatka’s Plosky Tolbachik volcano

  1. I just want to take the time to thank you for all your information you provide for us… And I appreciate your informative posts
    Wishing you well in your continued work in 2013


  2. Interessante! E belo também!


  3. Selena Clark says:

    Something really big is happening, right Alvin? There are just too many active volcanoes…


    • Yes, Selena. We appear to be on the precipice of a something major happening with the Earth. Hyper-volcanic activity means a period of high seismicity is soon to follow…



      • Angelsong says:

        We are so fortunate to have you and your incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to inform us of world events that are happening that bear our attention. God has placed you here to lead His people during an unprecedented time and we are so grateful for all you do! You remain in my thoughts and prayers and again as always thank you…


      • I thank you for that heartfelt sentiment. Thanks for being here, and thanks for the prayers.

        May God be glorified in Christ by all we do
        Much love, Alvin


  4. Daniel T. Hasbrouck says:

    Alvin, You & com-padre’s are the “Gems”, Sir. Thank You.


  5. musivick von lunas says:

    Kamchatka is only the start… i have been saying that we are going to experience another era like the Siberian Traps… Deccan Traps where millions of miles of ‘land’ was created by lava flows

    this is the ‘birth pangs’ era. followed by the ‘beginning of sorrows’ & culminatig in the great tribulation era


    • Im

      That’s a very serious concern. The Permian extinction produced the Siberian Trap eruptions, when we had a magnetic reversal (250 million years ago say geologists). We should be paying particular close attention to the potential mass shifting of tectonic plates. As I said, that’s a nagging concern because any such basalt flood eruption today would kill everyone in Europe, Asia, and nearly everyone in the northern hemisphere. The fact that we now have a 2nd large-scale effusive eruption occurring on the planet (Plosky Tolbachik and Kīlauea), and P. Tolbachik is not over any known magma plume could suggest the seismically-stressed crust in the region of Kamchatka is in the early stages of weakening. Russian scientists say rivers of lava have never flowed from this region in any known history.


      • Brandon says:

        Sooo, we have rivers of lava that has never before happened in Russia along with an unprecedented number of volcanic eruptions added on to so many record breaking temperatures and events. We are knocking on the door to the Tribulation Period.


      • radiogirl says:

        What should we expect from a pole shift and should we be expecting it anytime now?There has been a very evident ramp up of discord in our environment.Thank You,r


      • P

        Crustal displacement, as proposed by Dr. Charles Hapgood and supported by Albert Einstein, is theoretically possible. However; (excusing a planetary fly by) the trigger for such events remains unknown. Earth’s crust is fragmented, tenuous, and very fractured. I doubt seriously it would survive intact, in a 20° degree slip around the planet. There would be massive surface upheaval to the tune of a planetary annihilation-type event. The oceans would swallow the land, and the atmosphere would be a little more than a chainsaw- searing mountain ranges in half, along with any other free-standing structures. Geologically, this would all but kill the planet- as least the biosphere because, I don’t think anyone could survive the tumult. There are other more obvious concerns like the rending of continental land masses, the pronounced movement of tectonic plates, the collapse of island mountain ranges, and sudden fissure tears and slips in existing divergent oceans rifts; along with the activation of supervolcanic systems. All these appear to be tied to magnetic reversals events in the planet’s past.

        We can see from mounting geological evidence that the planet appears to be shifting spectrum towards some stupendous event or series of events.



  6. visionary22 says:

    Made chills run down my spine, scary!


  7. Crysus says:

    Hmm…. All these Earth Changes reminded me of a John Moore show from Youtube dated October 30 2012 last year in which he stated that he read an article in which a NASA employee stated that there may be a pole shift by spring of this year 2013. Are all these volcanism and earthquake activity precursor events for March/April big events, Alvin?


  8. Aeronyka says:

    Scary extinction


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