Tragedy strikes Brazil: 232 reportedly killed in nightclub fire in Santa Maria

January 27, 2013BRASIL At least 200 people were killed in a nightclub fire in southern Brazil on Sunday after a band’s pyrotechnics show set the establishment ablaze, local officials said. Bodies were still being removed from the Kiss nightclub in the southern city of Santa Maria, Major Gerson da Rosa Ferreira, who was leading rescue efforts at the scene for the military police, told Reuters. Ferreira said 159 bodies had been removed from the club, and the death toll was likely to rise above 200. He said the victims died of asphyxiation or from being trampled, and there were as many as 500 people inside the club when the fire broke out. Luiza Sousa, a civil police official in Santa Maria, told Reuters the blaze started when a member of the band or its production team ignited a flare, which then set fire to the ceiling. The fire spread “in seconds,” Sousa said. Rio Grande do Sul state Health Secretary Ciro Simoni said respirators from all over the state were being sent to the scene. Santa Maria is some 187 miles west of the state capital of Porto Alegre. “A sad Sunday!” tweeted Rio Grande do Sul Governor Tarso Genro. He said “all possible measures” were being taken in response and that he was on his way to the scene. –Reuters
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10 Responses to Tragedy strikes Brazil: 232 reportedly killed in nightclub fire in Santa Maria

  1. Dennis E. says:

    It is true that in large arenas pyrotechnics are allowed at large gatherings but they are heavily regulated and supervised. Several years ago in the usa, a similar incident occurred with a heavy loss of life. When I used to go to nightclubs, they can get pretty crowded real quite especially
    when there is a popular visiting local band or guest. Since no one really takes the time to locate a fire exit, they only remember the the entrance they came in and everybody runs to it and someone falls and another over him/her and the bodies start stacking up the entrances.

    I heard on the news that the doors were locked and the security guards would not open them…
    So silly, so cruel….

    Pyrotechnics are, as everyone knows is a performance enhancer or multiplier because the crowd remembers the visual part of it more than the words we cannot often understand.

    terrible situation…………….lives went into eternity unprepared……..


    • terrible situation…………….lives went into eternity unprepared……..

      So goes the song by the Christian band the 77’s (1984)

      Caught in an unguarded moment

      I saw a young man standing
      On a crowded bar room floor
      He was getting less and less
      Thinking he was getting more
      And when all at once
      He heard a sound
      Exploding from the stage
      He’d been taken unawares
      And with no time to prepare
      For he had been
      Caught in an unguarded moment
      He wasn’t ready to go

      I saw a young girl fly
      Over a rocky mountain brink
      She had had too much to drink
      She did not have time to think
      But it was far more than just her car
      That flew out of control
      She had gone over the edge
      Long before she’d lost her soul
      And she was
      Caught in an unguarded moment


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thank you Alvin! That really says it all…. are we truly prepared for eternity? What good is saying the world will ” end ” if we are not ready for eternity.Thank you!


      • Irene C says:

        Well said, Alvin. A beautiful song. So many people don’t think about eternity while they’re living their lives. The young people are especially vulnerable because they often think themselves immortal for the moment and that they have all the time in the world.


      • Thanks, Irene. So true…



    • Claudia says:

      Yes, everyone but Brazil. Well I am a Brazilian and the truth is told, at the end all ends in pizza. I truly hope that something change here. Just for the record, in US things are regulated and checked and double checked. If something still goes wrong you can sue the city, the owner of the establishment and everyone who is responsible. Unfortunately here is not like this. The fire department visit the restaurants, malls and all places opened to public at the moment when the owners of those need licence to open their business.however it does not pay visits regularly and the town also does not do their job either. Anyway, I want to know how is that possible for this country to hold events like world cup or olympics games.
      Another thing, they kept the people there inside until they paid their bills. This, at least, is sick.
      I am ashamed of being born in a country where nothing and absolutely nothing will happen to the owners or to the city under objective responsibility…
      This is the truth..
      Only one door in and same door out.
      We do not have fire escapes.
      Just pay attention. It is just Awful.,..


  2. john says:

    RIP to the lost souls of this tragedy.The comments on that second video are sick, honestly this world is in a real need of a culling of the sick and twisted that only make fun of death. The time will come very soon where a worldwide event will have those people shaking in their boots begging for forgiveness.


    • PKK says:

      A Worldwide wake up call to mercy, sobriety, the sacredness of life and its opportunity, is something that might just work. The research on NDE”s is that the person who experiences it and comes back into life is usually a much deeper thinker, a better person and neighbor and believes in God and our purpose here on earth. God bless all these victims and their heart broken families.
      Love, Paula


  3. Zelly Baws says:

    Why do people seek out such trash entertainment ?


  4. Chris says:

    Rage against the Machine: Sleep now in the fire (Lyrics)

    The lie is my expense
    The scope of my desire
    The party blessed me with its future
    And I protect it with fire
    I am the Nina The Pinta The Santa Maria
    The noose and the rapist
    The fields overseer
    The agent of orange
    The priests of Hiroshima
    The cost of my desire
    Sleep now in the fire


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