2 Responses to Britain on pace for unprecedented triple-dip recession

  1. TexasRedNeck says:

    One step closer to the NWO.


  2. Incredible14U says:

    “Slightly off key – but apt to the subject”
    So – David Cameron in his speech has decided to give the UK a in/out referendum on membership of the EU and its treatise. What is going on here? To get an idea we must look back to the era of politics that involved Margret Thatcher’s government. At that time, under Mrs Thatcher, the UK took “centre stage” of European politics because of her courage and strength of her personality – she could discuss and control the issue‘s: with good or better ideas. Europe to a certain extent drifted the way the UK wanted it too, because of Mrs Thatcher, Europe’s politics was under the UK’s political will.
    But here today – the day of David Cameron’s speech on Europe – he has taken the UK another step further away from the centre of European politics. This drift started under the weak leadership of John Major; and continued under the “third way” of Labour policy’s. Gordon Brown that sold off two thirds of the UK’s gold reserves, to pay a debt to Germany – the market was manipulated to increase the gold price at that time, look where the gold price is now – to use hind sight – But the UK’s drift and demise from the centre of European politics is now completed by David Cameron’s speech. Rather than gone to the centre of Europe’s politics; by this speech David Cameron has all but removed the UK from it. So what? Some might say – I would say that in turning its back on allies from its empire days – this is what had given the UK its individual strength and ultimate unique personality; the UK decided in the 1960’s to the 1970’s to jump into bed with it’s erstwhile most historic enemies in Europe – Germany and France – in a triumvirate challenge as to which country would rule inside the new coming “European Empire”. Ultimately with his speech -David Cameron – has handed the batten to Germany. Without a shot fired Germany now rules its empire it has wanted for sometime; having fought two world wars over it.
    Where does all of this leave the United Kingdom – I would say ‘Up Stream Without A Paddle’ – has any member of the UK’s parliament even thought who the UK’s allies are once they are totally removed from the European Union. The President of The United States “definitely” knows who to call when there is a problem in the world – and it won’t be the Prime Minister of the UK. Unfortunately the UK will drift into oblivion and total obscurity once outside of the EU – thanks to weak British leadership inside its political system. The European Union – led by an economic and “Re-Arming” powerful Germany – will become economically and militarily stronger than Germany or the United States ever was in the twentieth Century. As we all know and understand well the saying; “Nothing good ever came out of Europe” will rue true with unfolding events to come. God help us?


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