2013 may be worst year for bees, say beekeepers.

January 26, 2013ENVIRONMENT “We’re facing the extinction of a species.” That’s what one Midwest-based large-scale commercial beekeeper told me last week at the annual gathering of the American Honey Producers Association (AHPA). And he meant it. Bee losses have been dramatic, especially in recent years. And beekeepers are feeling the sting. According to many who manage hives, commercial beekeeping won’t pencil out in the future unless things change, and soon. Beekeepers from across the country gathered in San Diego in mid January to swap stories and share best practices in the trade, as well as to learn more about the latest research on declines in bee populations (often referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder). Independent science continues to point to pesticides as one of the critical co-factors in bee losses — alongside nutrition and disease — and beekeepers continue to see major declines. And these losses parallel the ongoing increase in pesticide products used on seeds and in fields across the country. As one beekeeper told me, “On average, 40% over-wintering losses across the country. That’s what we’re facing. And my losses are closer to 70% — this is likely gonna be the worst year for bees.” But it isn’t just this year; USDA reports major bee population declines since 2006. Another beekeeper told me he lost over $250,000 in honey business last year alone, and he’s no longer pollinating melon and cherries. As he reminded me, this not only has direct impacts on him, but his employees, their communities, suppliers, vendors, the food system and agricultural economy. With on pesticides were more common than ever at this annual AHPA conference, as evidence mounts showing pesticides to be a key catalyst in bee declines. And representatives from chemical giants like Arysta, Bayer and Monsanto made their presence known, even hosting workshops to pacify concerned beekeepers. These corporations have a lot at stake. With the market becoming increasingly consolidated, just a few companies manufacture many of the same seeds and pesticides implicated in honey bee losses. If history is any guide, these corporations will likely continue to object to finding healthy, sustainable and commonsense solutions to bee declines. Some beekeepers have taken matters into their own hands, forming the National Pollinator Defense Fund. With a commitment to protecting bees and their livelihood, this new band of beekeepers will “defend managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impacts of pesticides.” –Panna
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24 Responses to 2013 may be worst year for bees, say beekeepers.

  1. James B Gibb says:

    It’s time to outlaw all cellphone activity within 5 miles or more from Beehive operations. It has been proven cellphones cause Bees to abandon hives due to radiation from these units. If there is cell tower near active hives it will cause Bees to leave same. Don’t believe it, then leave a cellphone on a hive and watch your Bees stop returning to it.


  2. Chris says:

    precursor to worldwide famine as prophecied for the last days..


    • Dee says:

      agreed…they refuse to see the answers that are right in front of them. It’s not cell phone towers. It’s not man destroying the earth, we are created not CREATORS. It is merely time winding down, for His return is imminent.


      • James (jim) Gibb says:

        Well that may possibly be true for you and your brothers, but for my money I rather get off my butt and try to do something positive, instead of blaming the bible.
        Man has cause most of the destruction on this earth and if we don’t change our ways, there will be a serious result and famine is only one possible result. That being said, researchers have proven Cell Phone technology is not compatible with Bee populations and we should try and see if this is true on a larger scale. As a Amateur Radio Operator and as a Professional Electronics Technologist, I know radio radiation can be harmful and should be kept at low levels around humans. It can cause many serious problems, which after 60 years I am happy to say I have not been plagued by any of them.

        If or when TSHF comes to pass, you can blame God or Satan or which ever your bogyman is that week. If I remember my Sunday School teachings, the Lord helps those who help themselves. Maybe one should think about that before you do nothing.


  3. richfish30 says:

    Einstein stated that “if the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live..”


    • niebo says:



    • Charles says:

      Man is the virus that ills the earth. Yeast is to a bottle of grape juice, as man is to earth. We will eventually destroy ourselves.


      • James B Gibb says:

        I sure hope this serious situation is not just left on the back burner, we cannot survive without our Bee helpers to pollinate our food crops. Test have been conducted to find causes for the Bee disappearance, with cell phones being one sure cause . These test are documented and a search of the web will turn up these test. Do the test your self, leave your cell phone on a hive, this will cause Bees to start leaving. We all need to seek solutions to this problem as it maybe the greatest crisis man has to face to-day. Loss of Bee populations will kill mankind as surely as an Atomic Bomb. Don’t let this subject drop from our forefront, it’s too important.


    • James (jim) Gibb says:

      Einstein sure must be right, given we depend on Bees to pollenate the food stuff we grow. Leaving a greenhouse door closed has proven that to many Amateur Gardener. That’s called learning the hard way.


    • Donny says:

      I think Einstein was great. The bees are of great importance. But so is the whole circle of life. from the bottem of the ocean to all living things in the sky. And we are poluting everything. the engine of self destruction has been started and seems to be unstoppable. ,,,,,,mmm sad world we live in these days.


  4. catchofthedayvideonews says:

    To me this is a no brainer.. Chemtrails are full of what?  If  there is a reason for chemtrails who is telling anyone?

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  5. nickk0 says:

    Scary words:
    “If history is any guide, these corporations will likely continue to object to finding healthy, sustainable and commonsense solutions to bee declines.”


  6. steve says:

    The MAJOR cause of bee decline is and has been CHEMTRAILS!


  7. Dennis E. says:

    All great comments: I saw a minister on TV who reported he had a dream and in that dream he saw a fork that was at least 1/3 buried in the dirt and there some other symbols but later he said that when he heard about the distress of the bee population he found that 1/3 of the food we eat is pollinated by bees. This subject has been posted and discussed before and it seems to just be getting worse. Weather by design or prophesy some food(s) is going to be hard to find in the next few years in the usa. In a few years millions world wide could be dying of starvation because countries that can grow food are going to keep it for their populations.
    Also, I think food will be used by the anti-christ as a means to take the mark…….


  8. Alex Jones says:

    Good luck in this fight. Pesticides are the key killer of bees.


  9. Irene C says:

    I agree, Dennis E, there are many great comments here.

    These people say that the bees are dying because of pesticides. Weeds and bugs are becoming more resistant to the pesticides and herbicides we use. So we come up with stronger pesticides and herbicides. Then to increase the resiliency of our produce, we come up with GMO (genetically mutated) produce. (Monsato anyone?) And the cycle continues until our food sources are polluted with chemicals and GMO. Just saying…


  10. C says:

    British researchers found that the cell towers frequency disrupts the natural earth resonance thereby disrupting signals of the earths magnetic fields enough to confuse animals and insects.


  11. Louise Page says:

    Here a ‘quaint’ story of sorts for you.
    Recently, one evening, we heard a continuous drone emanating from outside our front door. When I sheepishly poked my head out to see if we had a wasp nest brewing, I was surprised instead to find a huge swarm of honey bees taking up residence in one of my large garbage bins.
    Not wanting to upset the swarm and also being unable to get to my car, I called a local bee keeper.
    The keeper came to my house quicker than the bees had initially arrived. He was so grateful (he was actually brimming with excitement) that I had called him and collected the swarm to add to his hive ‘farm’.
    I was in awe of the beautiful structures the bees had created in such a short space of time. They are amazing creatures.
    I was also glad they went to a ‘good home’, as I would never have had them exterminated. They are precious little creatures, with such important ‘work’ to do.
    I kept the ‘structure’ they had built for some time to show others what they had created. But, I eventually had to remove it as I needed to use the bins.
    Strangely though, it reminded me of how I was using the bin to help rubbish this beautiful planet, yet the bees were going to use it to help nature continue its work. Interesting how things like this make you stop and think about our precious planet.
    Cheers, Louise 😉


    • tonic says:

      And also a story of hope.


    • Rocky says:

      Thank you Louise. That was a very nice description of the beauty of the honeybee. People need to learn of how important these little wonders of nature are to life as we know it. If anyone here has The time, I would recommend a very nice and easy to understand read called ” Fruitless Fall” Sorry I do not remember the author but it’s a great read about honey bees, other species of bees and Colony Collapse Disorder in general.
      I agree with many of the Beekeepers that it is pesticides . Most of which are deposited on the seeds and then the crop or plant grows with these pesticides in its system.
      These poisons then are spread through the hive and the bees become confused while gathering pollen and nectar and basically cannot remember where the hive is located. Many people do not know that a bee generally will not survive more than 24 hours away from the hive. They leave, Gather nectar , and forget where they lived. The colony collapses. That is one possible cause. Many have found that bees are suffering from many different things. Read the book. you will be amazed and a bit frightened.
      Cell phone signals in general are not a good excuse either.
      The test that started this idea was not valid. Even the person who ran the test retracted his statements.
      Oh well. I think its mainly in the pesticides


  12. Val Shinkle says:

    I wonder if the decline may have anything to due with the GMO seeds that were created to partner with Monsantos weed killier ‘Round Up’ but was unwittingly missing a key enzyme needed for animal digestion of the crop. Last year,Entire Animal herds bound for our national food supply died en masse….full bellies but starving to death, just like the Irish Potato Famine.

    . Meat and Dairy Cows, Pork, Poultry anything that had corn and grains in their feeds. Most of nations crops failed and was fit only for ethenol. Emergency crops and herds were ordered to be grown in South America but they will not be ready until late spring 2013 at the earliest. Pressures of South American food supplies from American demand, have already caused spikes in prices due to demand, and Argentina has pit price controls in place to feed their own people. Prices for Americans.? Well buckle up…

    But in regard to Bees, My question is…would this missing digestive enzyme affect the pollen of the GMO crops that the bees collect to feed their young? Also, if the animal herds died from starvation from this missing digestive enzyme, how much of it got into the Nations food supply ? Corn is in its many forms, Oil, sugars, flours, thickeners and countless products are a staple on our pantry shelves….


  13. Donny says:

    Anyone seen Battlestar Galactica 2003? We humans are masters of self destruction. Ow yes we are. Many innocent will pay the price for those little who have the power…


  14. Susan Reed says:

    We must keep looking for potential causes of bee loss. We don’t want to admit it, evidence exists that human wireless radiation may be a factor. To ignore the major manmade environmental change would not be reasonable. Electromagnetic (radiofrequency/microwave) pollution may inhibit normal immune activity and amplify effects of chemicals. It may interfere with navigational communication functions of bees.

    Check out this information and start to think about this in conjunction with corn syrup, chemicals, etc. We cannot afford to ignore any factors.

    • Resonance: Beings of Frequency – A film which discusses the electromagnetic nature of life on earth, a great lay-friendly film which still conveys important information which includes great information about navigation of bees, available for free at http://vimeo.com/54189727

    • National Geographic – this article discusses the minute electromagnetic interactions between bees and flowers (wireless may mess up) http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2013/02/21/bees-can-sense-the-electric-fields-of-flowers/?utmsource=Facebook&utmmedium=Social&utmcontent=linkfb20130225ph-beeselec&utm_campaign=Content

    •Why answering your cellphone might be killing bees The electromagnetic fields from cellphones cause bees to become disoriented and eventually die, a study says.http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2011/05/13/whyansweringyourcellphonemightbekilling_bees.htm

    • The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollution, Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, May 2009 http://www.mastsanity.org/health-52/research/269-the-birds-the-bees-and-electromagnetic-pollution-by-dr-andrew-goldsworthy-may-2009.html

    • A very in depth discussion of factors, particularly radiofrequency radiation, causing problems for bees http://www.hese-project.org/hese-uk/en/issues/nature.php?id=bees


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