6 Responses to After threats against U.S., North Korea issues threats to South Korea

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I just have one question with this article..It mentions that North and South Korea fought each other in the 1950’s but I thought it was only Korea and the communist wanted to take over the country and that the war ended in a stalemate creating a separation of communists running North Korea and the current style of government running what became South Korea; anyone have better details on this? many USA soldiers lost their lives in that war.


    • niebo says:

      Joseph t. Repas: What happened in Korea is similar to what happened in Germany; prior to and through WWII, Korea was ruled by Japan, and after the war was divided (at the 38th parallel, more or less the geographic center) between the US and Russia, with the goal of independence for the country. Of course, “independence” has different meanings to communists and capitalists, and, after much political disagreement (a boycott by Russia of the UN committee to oversee elections in April 1948*) , separate elections (in May 1948 for the south and August 1948 for the North), and subsequent withdrawal of the “puppeteer” super-powers, neither side would agree to compromise for unification, so the North (under Kim Il-sung) attacked in June 1950.

      In the end, it was a “proxy” war between the US and Russia, who ultimately supplied the North with China as the middleman, while we actively fought for/with the South. If nothing else, the US proved that its opposition to communism was no “pose” (at a cost of 142,000 casualties) , but, regardless of the politico-speak, the “stalemate” (IMO) resulted because, so soon after WWII, no one really wanted another war. Also, I have heard Korea referred to as “The land that God forgot” because of its rugged terrain and inhospitable conditions, which, I’m sure, made it an awful place to wage a war.( As if, on the contrary, there is a really excellent place for one. . . .)


      *Within the same time frame, three other interesting things happened: The World Health Organization became an active organization (April 7, 1948)


      Stalin ordered US troops to withdraw from Berlin (April 9, 1948), which escalated and became the Berlin Arilift (the “official” beginning of the cold war),


      and, on Friday, May 14, 1948, Israel declared independence in Tel Aviv.



  2. North Korea has been emboldened by two factors: China’s blatant preparations for war, preparations that seem to be ignored by most Western governments, and by the US government under Obama pursuing further disarmament of our military and populace while arranging to transfer ownership of key American resources and properties to the Beijing government. Panetta seems to be either blind or disingenuous when he says there are no outward signs that NK is preparing another nuclear demonstration. The endgame that Beijing has been working toward for so many years is entering its final stage, and it is the American people who will be the ultimate losers.


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