New Zealand’s White Island volcano exhibiting strongest activity in decades

January 22, 2013NEW ZEALANDVolcanic activity at White Island is the most “vigorous” in years and could mean a large explosive eruption is imminent, GNS Science says. The volcano, off the Bay of Plenty coast, is the country’s most active and showed heightened signs of unrest last year. But it is the increased hydrothermal activity in the last three weeks which is of “significant concern,” GNS vulcanologist Brad Scott says. “I don’t think I’ve seen anything this strong since the late 90s and 2000s.” The activity then led to a large eruption in July, 2000. “The hydrothermal activity is some of the most vigorous I have seen at White Island for many years. This type of activity usually leads to stronger volcanic activity and is a significant concern,” Scott said. “Increases in hydrothermal activity often leads to explosive eruptions and that can be quite dangerous for visitors.” The activity may mean an eruption is imminent, but there is also a chance it could cease. The volcano poses no threat to the mainland, however, as it is 48 kilometers from shore. But White Island is a popular tourist attraction, with boat and flight tours heading there daily. If it does explode, ash may reach the mainland and Bay of Plenty locals might smell gas, Scott says. Scott’s observations were based on a visit to the island yesterday. Hydrothermal activity in the small ‘hot lake’ had increased, large amounts of sediment had surfaced and vivid white steam and gas was flashing from the base. This was the sort of activity that had been increasing since late 2012 and was now semi-continuous, Scott says. The lava dome that was first observed in late November has not changed since earlier this month. There were elevated levels of volcanic tremors, probably generated by the hydrothermal activity, Scott says. As usual, the volcano could erupt with little or no warning. –Stuff
contribution by Chris & Robin
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22 Responses to New Zealand’s White Island volcano exhibiting strongest activity in decades

  1. darmp says:

    I would just like to thank the admin/owner of this site. Although I rarely comment, this site has been part of my everyday life for quite some time now. I look forward to each and every new story line. Once again, thank you.


  2. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    I ran across this article and wondered if you had seen it? Interesting read….. maybe people are seeing what you have been writing about:)



  3. Brandon says:

    How close is the planet to the point of no return?


    • V

      My assessment is, we’ve already passed it. One of the best indications of that is how the frequency of eruptions are increasing, as well as their synchonous eruptions with other volcanic system. Geological events on terrestrial planets can last for decades or even centuries. This will drag out over a protracted period of time, and will gradually grow from being a nuisance, to being something distinctly unbearable in many regions of the world. Further, these events could portend something even more compelling is brewing under the planet’s crust. When this many volcanoes (in random locations) are going off across the planet simultaneously, while many of the world’s supervolcanoes are also inflating…something is very seriously wrong.

      Recall what I warned about a week ago:


      • Brandon says:

        Why in the world are the authorities and scientists not seeing that something is wrong?!


      • Well, let’s hope they wake up to a discussion about these events unfolding soon. Sooner or later, the public is going to start asking questions.


      • Brandon says:

        You mentioned in the October Wiser now interview that volcanoes going off are a sign something is wrong with the planet and that when the ocean’s salinity changes the climate unravels? Okay, i have put your book down for awhile. I need to get back into reading it. Everything taking place is just so huge and mind boggling. I do not want to take any valuable time away from you but i am a bit confused. Could all this that is taking place in concert with each other be caused by the rising gradient temperatures in the earth’s core? Is that part of what is causing the magnetic pole shift, extreme heat and cold, eruptions, and earthquakes along with other things? And lastly, you mentioned in that interview that if the heat cannot be consoled by geological processes then the planet tilts towards an extinction level event. With everything rapidly unraveling now, and especially the amount of volcanoes going off and the supervolcanoes inflating do you think we are now pointing towards an E.L.E.? Maybe the earth’s core will cool a bit and our fate may not be sealed??? You’re a good man Alvin. I sure hope the Lord blesses you richly and smiles upon you.


      • IMG

        We have to see where the body of evidence leads us. It certainly appears the planet is now entering a physical transitional shift. Yes, a thermal anomaly within the planet’s interior is the common demoninator for these events, Brandon. You should read The 7th Protocol next, because I cover that in the book. As far as an E.L.E., we’re seeing things which were common charasteristics of previous extintions which suggests the planet may again be heading down that pathway. And this next extinction event is not the attrition of fauna and flora; it’s a near extinction due to very catastrophic events.

        God bless,


  4. Good gravy, Alvin! I’m sixty years old, and I’ve NEVER seen the planet doing things like it’s doing now. I may be in the minority, but I really think Jesus is coming back for us very, very soon.


  5. Arno says:

    Hey Alvin,
    Just wanted to thank you for your work.
    Site in my favs too. And many info of yours can be found on other websites I visit daily. Stay focused and healthy ! Tahnks for your time and dedication my friend.


  6. awm says:

    Many thanks, first website I check daily


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