5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Gulf of California

Gulf of Ca 1 13
January 13, 2013LOS ANGELES, Ca.  A Mexico earthquake today 2013 has erupted in Sinaloa. The Mexico earthquake today Sunday, January 13, 2013 began within the hour. And while one of the strongest quakes to strike the country this month, the quake was not centered on land. Its epicenter, in contrast, was centered in the Gulf of California. Officials tell news that a 5.5 magnitude Mexico earthquake began moments ago. Erupting at 9:28 am local time, the quake was shallow. USGS indicates to news that the quake began only six miles below sea level. As a result, the quake could be felt across the Sinaloa region. USGS indicates to news that the Mexico earthquake was fifty-six miles from Ahome. The quake was sixty miles from the Sonora town of Huatabampo. Officials also tell news that the quake was seventy miles west of Los Mochis and roughly six hundred miles from Tijuana. Today’s quake was close to the July and September quakes to strike the country. On July 18 last year, a series of quakes struck roughly fourteen miles from Baja California’s Guadalupe Victoria. The quakes were thirty-five miles from the Sonora town of San Luis Río Colorado and roughly one hundred miles from Tijuana. USGS also told news at the time that the quakes were roughly thirty miles from the Arizona community of San Luis. –LA Late
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5 Responses to 5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Gulf of California

  1. Irene C says:

    Somehow, I have a feeling something big is going to happen. My cats have been acting strange, they’ve been very needy. They won’t leave me alone and they’re always wanting, demanding, attention. It’s almost unnerving.


    • oh gosh,mine too,I was wondering about that,my cats are climbing all over me like never before and if i dont throw them out of my bedroom,they will hudle all around and on me in the bed,they dont normal act like this,and some of them that have never wanted to get in my lap are all of a sudden they dont want to get out of my lap.I just said to my husband wonder if they feel something is gonna happen or if I am gonna die or something,he just gave me that dont be crazy look.


  2. Kerry says:

    January in Maine…60 degrees and even a small earthquake today…not normal for us at all!


  3. Katherine says:

    My two cats and dog are behaving the same way, Irene. They follow me where ever I go, inside and out, staring at me, always on top of me, and demanding constant attention. It wasn’t always like this.


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