Extraordinary: New island rises from the sea off German coast

January 12, 2013 GERMANYAn island the size of 25 football pitches has appeared seemingly out of nowhere off the coast of Germany. The landmass, which is composed of sandbanks, gradually emerged from the violent waters of the North Sea over the past few years. It lies 24 kilometres off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany’s far north in a stretch of coastline known as the Wattenmeer, a marine national park. Nature lovers and yachtsmen noticed the appearance of Bird Island – named after the seabirds who rest, nest or feed on the sand dunes that are up to almost five meters high. Winds blew seeds from across Europe, and 49 species of plants have been detected on it. Detlef Hansen, head of the national park, said: “This is, for us conservationists, anything but ordinary.” –News
contribution Emanni
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16 Responses to Extraordinary: New island rises from the sea off German coast

  1. This is great! And appearing out of the wild seas, not a calm area.


  2. Possible vulcano which is swelling and has pressed the seabed up and out of the water?


    • Maria Nieuwenhuysen says:

      No, not all. Sea currents deposit sand in all kinds of places. They sometimes chip away at coastlines and at other times make beaches larger or create new islands. It only means that seacurrents have changed and are now depositing the sand in a new place.


  3. sarahandcoryb@yahoo.com says:



  4. Sandee says:

    just posted this to twitter absolutely fascinating watching creation in motion


  5. Irene C says:

    This is really out of the ordinary. With the seas rising, I would think that land was disappearing instead of popping up out of the ocean. I could understand if there had been volcanic activity under the ocean, but this is a sand bank. Fascinating.


    • Truth seeker says:

      Irene C, it`s no mystery.. Some places like Norway where i live is raising so for us the water is sinking.. it all comes down to where the country is placed on the continetal plates.. some will sink and some will raise 🙂


      • Irene C says:

        Thank you Truth Seeker. That was something I didn’t think about. Makes sense. With so much going on at one time, sometimes it’s overwhelming. So thankful that we have this community here on TEP so we can try to put all the pieces together.


  6. caroline says:

    our planet seems to be evolving all the time. just when we think that things arent good we get extraordinary things like this happening. this earth is just like a woman, keeps on surprising us and when you least expect it something changes. brilliant………..


  7. ukjackie says:

    Sounds like mother earth has found a way to fight back ….. Lets hope the powers that be don’t dig it up and blow it up in the name of science


  8. tdenbeck says:

    Thank you Alfonso and Truth Seeker … This article has some buzz words that truly have me looking at the Pacific Northwest at the moment and reviewing a few dreams that I have had … It is truly an Orchestra of many things that are currently happening ::


  9. sharilynne says:

    This explains the visions I have had of new land masses suddenly rising out of the water. I never understood why I was seeing this. Now it all makes sense. Thank you everyone!


  10. isis2012 says:

    Maybe it had been there all aong .. and a veil or cloaking barrier kept it from view …


  11. Jacques says:

    That’s a proof that the glaciers and polar caps are not melting and that the sea level is not rising.


  12. IVAMU says:

    What this reveals is not only how Islands form, but how they can also disappear.
    Better get over to Hawaii ASAP, eh?


  13. sarahandcoryb@yahoo.com says:

    Lets hope no one decides to build condos here…


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