11 dead as Middle East battered by hail, snow, and rain

January 11, 2013 MIDDLE EASTAbnormal storms which for four days have blasted the Middle East with rain, snow and hail have left at least 11 people dead and brought misery to Syrian refugees huddled in camps. Officials reported that two women were found dead in the West Bank on Wednesday after their car was swept away in floods, while a 30-year-old man froze to death in Taalabaya, in Lebanon’s Bekaa province, after he fell asleep drunk in his car. Snow carpeted Syria’s war-torn cities but sparked no let-up in the fighting, instead heaping fresh misery on a civilian population already enduring a chronic shortage of heating fuel and daily power cuts. In Jerusalem, schools closed at midday and driving wind, hail and rain battered the city as temperatures hovered just above freezing and the polar air mass moving down from Russia sent temperatures plummeting as far south as Cairo. Raging winds and flash floods caused widespread damage to infrastructure across the Palestinian territories. “The Palestinian infrastructure is deeply flawed and unable to handle weather like this,” said Ghassan Hamdan, head of medical relief in the northern city of Nablus. Torrential rain since Sunday in a region unaccustomed to such deluges has sparked widespread flooding that has also led to transport chaos and helicopter evacuations. Met offices warned that the below-normal temperatures threatened to turn accumulated water to black ice and in Jordan police warned against all but essential travel as traffic accidents multiplied. They said hazardous driving conditions had caused more than 700 traffic accidents in 48 hours. In northern Jordan, conditions for Syrian refugees in the Zaatari camp near the border were miserable as they battled a sea of mud and plummeting temperatures. “My tent has been destroyed. I tried to fix it but it did not work. We don’t know what to do,” said Mohammad Hamed, 30, who fled the conflict in Syria a month ago. “We need help. Urgent help. If this situation continues, our children will die.” Conditions were little better for Syrian refugees in neighboring Lebanon, where the UN refugee agency began moving those living under canvas. “With this very harsh weather, shelters have been threatened and now that snow is hitting the Bekaa people are really in need of assistance,” UNHCR external relations officer Cecile Fradot told AFP. “Today we are relocating families whose shelters have been flooded in the north,” she said. In Syria itself, state television broadcast regular live reports from the snow-covered streets of Damascus, while activists in the battleground city of Homs posted images of a mosque in a rebel-held neighborhood cloaked in white. There was no respite for civilians from the 21-month conflict, however. Four children from one family were among as many as 10 civilians killed in a pre-dawn air strike just outside Homs, a watchdog reported. The two women found dead near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem — one from the ancient Samaritan community — had been posted as missing since Tuesday. A third passenger, believed to have been their taxi driver, was alive but reportedly in serious condition. The latest deaths, as well as that of the man who froze to death in Lebanon, raised the death toll to 11 reportedly linked to the weather since Sunday. An Israeli army spokeswoman said that on Tuesday, soldiers helped evacuate a bus carrying 30 Palestinian children, as well as an ambulance stuck in floodwaters in the Jenin area of the northern West Bank. –Space Daily
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12 Responses to 11 dead as Middle East battered by hail, snow, and rain

  1. Irene C says:

    Weather on top of war – like salt on a wound. Prayers for these people.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Regarding the Palestinian Statement that their infrastructure is deeply flawed and unable to handle situations like this.
    With the Billions of dollars given to this crowd, WHY NOT?
    They should have gold toilets.
    No reason not to have one of the highest standard of living in the middle east.
    Just my opinion as a faithful tax payer……………..


  3. Dennis E. says:

    as an additioanl note, the reported elevation of Jerusalem is about 2700 feet and not the first time it has snowed here.


  4. devlon says:

    it’s a little too obvious…HAARP!!!


    • davide says:

      bravo, and it will be worst when they will improve it.


    • Supreme Siddha says:

      With all the volcanoes going off everywhere, and the poles shifting, and being at solar maximum, it is clearly evident that there will be weird weather patterns and a harsh winter. There will be extremes everywhere, hot summers and winters. All sorts of weird phenomena. I wouldn’t rush to quickly and blame it all on Haarp without any clear evidence. Haarp may play a role in this, but this is clearly not just a man made event, its happening on a cosmic scale. Changes are taking place in the universe.


      • tonic says:

        Agree with all you say. It’s the speed of change that worries me. It has only been 12 months and all hell has broken loose with the climate. Just maybe, (a feeling) there is a process taking place that is new. History only records what has happened, not whats about to.


      • Garth Colin Whelan says:

        HAARP is primarily an earthquake producer, and could quite easily be used to crete volcanic eruptions; it just needs that certain frequency at the right matching resonance, and the earth shakes. A simple way to explain it, is like a bass guitar played very loudly through an amplifier, thuds in your chest with every note; that is the same thing happening with HAARP produced earthquakes. When Nicolae Tesla was experimenting with this when he invented 3 phase electricity, his neighbors complained to him when they found out it was his experiments producing the local earthquakes. That was only limited power though. He said ‘Give me enough power, and I could split the earth in two.’ The HAARP in Alaska is 3.6 giga watts.


  5. richfish30 says:

    Just like last year…I’m starting to think this isn’t HAARP but instead are new “nature made” climate forming! Wake up People!


  6. Emanni says:

    California hit by freezing weather and snow as the East basks in unseasonable warmth
    Unusually cold weather has brought snowstorms and temperatures below 30 degrees to California
    The California Highway Patrol on Friday partially reopened a 40-mile stretch of Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles that was closed by snow
    The cold weather has also alarmed farmers and zookeepers, worried about their crops and animals


  7. Fender24 says:

    Weather modification.


  8. Tom says:

    The severe hail plague described in bible hasnt come yet, but its coming thats for sure. Hails heavy as talents will fall from the sky according to revelation
    I think we may be on the brink to a new iceage and prophecy clearly describes a climate change. Combine that with war, uprisings, revulotions, food shortage and pestilrnce etc and yoy have the perfect storm
    Wake up people, jesus is comng soon!


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