Earthquake swarm rattles seafloor along Carlsberg Ridge

Carlsberg Ridge
January 9, 2013INDIAN OCEAN Because the Carlsberg Ridge is one of the slowest-spreading, and so supposedly less active oceanic ridges, many had thought it unlikely to be the location of a major volcanic eruption.. At ridges such as this, heat is thought to be released more slowly from the underlying magma. However, we may have to rethink that previous assessment. The Carlsberg Ridge region is currently being shaken by a major seismic swarm, which could very well be volcanic in nature. The strongest tremor in the current swarm is a magnitude 5.0. Nature journal said in previous eruption, “A huge plume of hydrothermal chemicals, drifted up to 1.4 kilometers above the vent site and 70 kilometers along the underwater ridge was seen some years ago. It’s by far the biggest vent plume ever seen, and confirms that such plumes form following volcanic eruptions at the sea floor, even at slow-spreading oceanic ridges.” 1
The Carlsberg Ridge is the northern section of the Central Indian Ridge, a divergent tectonic plate boundary between the African Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate, traversing the western regions of the Indian Ocean. The ridge of which the Carlsberg Ridge is a part extends northward from a triple point junction near the island of Rodrigues (the Rodrigues Triple Point) to a junction with the Owen Fracture Zone. The ridge started its northwards propagation in the late Maastrichtian and reached the incipient Arabian Sea in the Eocene. Then it continued to accrete basalt but did not propagate for nearly 30 Ma. Then, in the early Miocene it started to propagate westwards towards the Afar hot spot, opening the Gulf of Aden. The Carlsberg Ridge is seismically active, with a major earthquake being recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey at 7.6 on the moment magnitude scale on July 15, 2003. –Wikipedia, The Extinction Protocol
1. Nature
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7 Responses to Earthquake swarm rattles seafloor along Carlsberg Ridge

  1. Therese Denbeck says:

    Curious about the swarms future. This past summer a Canary flew into the house and landed on someones head then flew into my friends purse. She adopted the bird and recently they were feed her 3 different breads and commented that she preferred the Indian Flat bread. LOL I kind of looked sideways at the whole event like that was an odd. The bird appeared around the same time the Canary Island activity perked up last summer … lol so I have an obsession with both now. Her name is Wella and though I’m sure the bread incident is coincidental I still find the activity curious.


  2. Dianne Ford says:

    Wow are earth is changing every day and this is an awesome post. thanks


  3. tonic says:

    If it is volcanic, hope it will not lead to more fish kills.


  4. Louise Page says:

    I was most interested in this relentless activity – was ‘glued’ to the feeds. Not because of excitement, but because of a little concern/curiosity that we may have been witnessing the ‘re-birth’ of the volcanic activity, which is mentioned in the article above.


  5. nickk0 says:

    Alvin and other readers,
    Stumbled upon a very interesting article today, regarding quakes and predictive analysis:


  6. chaamjamal says:

    Just discovered this blog by accident and found it very interesting. Thank you for this blog and the information you provide.


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