Britain warns of more riots, as civil unrest sweeps across Ireland, Bangladesh, and India

January 7, 2013WORLD The Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross has warned that Britain could face further riots as a result of the economic crisis. Yves Daccord also said he believes there is the prospect of further violence throughout Europe, drawing parallels with the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. Speaking to The World At One, Mr Daccord said: “If the economic pressure on people goes on, yes it will have a social impact on people. And if young people especially don’t see any future, any options, you might be confronted also with unrest – like in 2011 – and there is no reason that this unrest will not repeat itself one day.” –BBC
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12 Responses to Britain warns of more riots, as civil unrest sweeps across Ireland, Bangladesh, and India

  1. Yes, and much of this unrest is being engineered precisely to give governments and especially the UN the chance to crack down and install their One World Government, all in the name of protecting us from ourselves. I am becoming increasingly aware of just how much like the Nazis of the mid-30s these people are, and it bodes ill for all of us.


    • Irene C says:

      So true davidgreybeard. The “powers-that-be” know they have to create fear in the populace in order to get control. And I agree – this also reminds me of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. In a way, this is beginning in the U.S., however first they have to remove or at least limit our 2nd amendment in order to, as you said, protect us from ourselves. And the sheeple will be brainwashed enough to fear anyone who is associated with the NRA. Many years ago, I tried to warn people that we were losing our rights, our freedoms. Of course no one believed me. Anything the government was doing was for our own good. But on the other hand, a one-world government is in the prophecies. I just never thought I would live long enough to see it start.


      • Neither did I, Irene. All of this anguish and emotion whipped up after the tragic shootings is being used to create an atmosphere where there is more support to abolish the 2nd Amendment, and even if they are not able to do so outright they will sneak it in or perhaps do it incrementally; the revelations of Sen. Feinstein’s anti-gun legislation is trumpeted as being only against “assault weapons” but further examination has shown that it has been carefully worded to include anything with a grip. They did this with the infamous Obamacare bill in the midst of which are provisions to start microchipping Americans for their health care starting this March – no wonder that Nancy Pelosi told the House to pass it without reading it! The actions of the world’s leaders are bringing the prophecies about, and it won’t be much longer until that world government is instituted against our wishes. May God help us all!


    • kathrin says:

      I agree totally.I never understood, how my parents and grandparents could not have known anything and why they didn´t do anything to stop this. We can observe it now, how a totalitarian system pushes itself in place, without any resistance. Amazing! And still the people tell me I am a conspiracy theorist….how long will it take them to realize where we are now and where we are headed for?


      • Well, Kathrin, it just shows what a thorough job of indoctrination the power elite has done for the last few decades (nearly a century, really). Clearly the evil forces pulling the strings have been very patient in this, for the know that the best way to achieve their goals is to move slow and prepare people one small step at a time. The same way they did it in Germany, for even though Hitler had made it clear ever since he wrote Mein Kampf what it was he planned to do; he caught the people when they were desparate for a strong leader and were experiencing rough times. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?


  2. Jonathan says:

    I knew this is going to happen again


  3. Wiseup says:

    David Grey Beard is right – like the Nazis it gives them the opp to pick out the ring leaders and the following link should give us even more concern and reason to fear our own Govs.,

    It’s not that long ago that we in the West looked toward Russia and felt sorry for those living under such surveillance and propaganda and being horrified at the Big Brother Tactics used against the population – how the tables have turned – now we have RT News reporting daily on how those in the UK and US are being Spied on and stripped of their rights. What a Joke!


    • Thanks Wiseup, and thanks for the link. Yes, it is pretty sad when other countries now to at us and shake their heads in dismay. One of the concerns of America’s Founding Fathers was that the explosive revolution of the masses that tore France apart would happen here, and that is why when they drafted our Constitution they put in enough checks and balances to ensure that the House of Representatives (based on the masses) would not gain control over the government at large. What they apparently did not forsee very clearly was that we would have one person lie and cheat his way into office and then decree himself the entire powers of our government. Remember, Adolf Hitler was duly elected Chancellor by the German people who believed the Nazi propaganda, and it was after his election that he seized all government powers for himself.


  4. Ceartgoleor says:

    Something very wrong with the reporting or editing here. The BBC link doesn’t mention Ireland, or even Northern Ireland (which may be in the UK, but it is not in Britain). Is the reference to economic problems in Britain, flag-raising problems in Northern Ireland, both or neither?


  5. Dennis E. says:

    The picture in the posting could be anywhere USA someday. It seems we are heading down that path.


  6. prayntongues says:

    I have been expecting this happen. Last year I had a vision of simultaneous destruction involving the UK: violent rioting then a huge earth shaking from a massive landslide, Australia: massive sinkholes cause sudden collapse with ocean surging over the land, many drown before they could get away by boat because the airport runways were damaged; Germany: massive flooding due to sudden snow melt on a volcano. It was horrible and very frightening to see it happening.


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