Pronounced climate extremes continue across hemispheres: Tasmania has hottest day on record

Heat wave
A wool shed goes up in flames near the Carlton River in Tasmania, where up to 80 buildings were destroyed. Picture: Richard Jupe Source: The Australian
January 5, 2013AUSTRALIA Australia’s southern island of Tasmania has experienced its hottest day since records began, with the capital Hobart sweltering at 41.8 Celsius (107.2 Fahrenheit) on Friday. The Bureau of Meteorology said the temperature in Tasmania, where records have been kept since the early 1880s, beat the previous high of 40.8 Celsius set in January 1976. “There are only three or four (days) on record over 40 degrees so it’s quite rare,” said Melbourne-based Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Murray Keable. Southern Australia has been experiencing a heat-wave that has seen bushfires destroy several buildings in Tasmania, and the temperature rise to 45 Celsius in the South Australian capital of Adelaide. Further inland Wudinna, on the Eyre Peninsula, hit 48.2 Celsius and a string of other South Australian towns topped 47 Celsius. In Australia’s biggest city Sydney, thousands headed to beaches to escape the heat but the temperature was much milder, hitting a maximum of just 29 Celsius in the city centre. –Space Daily
Up in flames: In Tasmania, east of Hobart, fires destroyed as many as 65 buildings at Dunalley and 15 at Boomer Bay. There were also unconfirmed reports that one life had been lost. Fires burned out of control in Victoria and South Australia where temperatures were well above 40C and strong southwesterly winds worsened conditions. Tasmanian fire authorities were making comparisons to the conditions that led to the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria that left 173 people dead, state fire chief Mike Brown declaring “we reached catastrophic fire danger ratings at times this afternoon.” Deputy Police ommissioner Scott Tilyard said a team of experts had been sent to Forcett, near Dunalley, last night to verify a report that a person had died. “We’ve got people flying into the area at the moment to do an assessment of the Dunalley township in particular,” Mr Tilyard said. “That particular township … has been the hardest hit this afternoon by the fire that started at orcett“We have a report of about 50 people on the waterfront at Boomer Bay who are quite safe – there’s a fair bit of smoke in the area so there’s obviously concerns in relation to potential smoke inhalation, and we’ve got plans in place to, if necessary, evacuate those people by boat.” The buildings destroyed in Dunalley, by a blaze started in nearby Forcett, include a primary school, petrol station and the RSL. Resident Peter Crocker told the ABC: “To my knowledge, I know of at least two houses between myself and Dunalley that have been lost and I know of a couple of houses at Copping that have been destroyed by fire. “We’re going to try and go back into the area and see what’s there and see if we can salvage anything out of it or put any fires out, if the house is not already gone.” Tasmanian fire authorities upgraded a warning for another fire near Bicheno on the island’s east coast where campers were being evacuated and residents encouraged to act on their bushfire plans or leave. Fires are also burning on the mid-north coast of NSW near Forster and in western parts of Queensland. Inland Australia can expect temperatures above 40C for the next week, a prolonged heat-wave that will leave southern Australia on high bushfire alert. Meteorologists are describing the blast of hot air as unusual, given the size of the area it is affecting. Birdsville, in Queensland’s far west, had a high of 47.3C while Hobart reached a record 41.8C – one degree hotter than the record set in 1976. But it was South Australia that bore the brunt, with the wheat-town of Wudinna on the Eyre Peninsula recording a high of 48.2C and 20 people admitted to hospital with heat-related illness. Port Augusta, Whyalla, Moomba and Tarcoola all experienced temperatures above 47C. –The Australian
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9 Responses to Pronounced climate extremes continue across hemispheres: Tasmania has hottest day on record

  1. I am sorry for all of you experiencing all this heat ! I can’t take heat and I pray it will come down for you all soon. Wished I could send some of our cold air your way! God bless and keep you all!


  2. Cameron says:

    I Live In Adelaide, South Australia. IT IS SO DARN HOT, IT’S CRAZY!?
    God help us all!


    • Dennis E. says:

      I feel your pain.
      It has been so hot where i Live, not presently due to the seasons, I felt as if my insides were just as hot and it was if my air conditioner wasn’t working and I ended up with over 400.00 plus in utility bills. Last summer not bad, but 2010 and 2011, just terrible oppressive heat.
      Hope it breaks for you soon………………


  3. Louise Page says:

    The heat has been very oppressive. Most of our continent has been enveloped in this dragging heat wave. The temperatures in Tasmania are unusually high. This island is situated below Victoria and is usually one of the cooler regions of Australia.
    Many of the southern parts of our continent especially at the moment have endured or are feeling the effects of sudden browning off of our lands and extreme heat. Just last night (outer eastern Melbourne,Thursday) it was 32 degrees Celsius at 1am (down 10 degrees from when the sun went down).
    ‘Everything’ is tinder dry here and is an unnerving reminder of the conditions present before our horrendous and tragic Black Saturday bushfires, 7th February, 2009.
    We have many more weeks of our summer to go yet, so we are all praying that we get through it unscathed by any more bushfire disasters.
    What we desperately need now, all over Australia, is some good rain.
    My heart goes out to our fellow Aussies in Tassie who have lost their homes and livelihoods.


  4. Angelsong says:

    Please protect your children who are enduring these extreme and difficult times. I pray that they would turn to you for solace and comfort for their fears and find Your peace and mercy. I ask that You lift them up and may they find strength and courage to face whatever may come their way. For it is in Jesus’ holy and most precious name that I pray this, Amen.


  5. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Expecting early summer heat in eastern USA starting middle of May also. Drought like conditions in much of this area….Interesting that the hottest areas are in the southern parts of Australia. Lord Jesus help you all cope.


  6. brownie says:

    Hello all, I’m from south africa. Weather is weired here too, we had severe heat waves for a big patch so far and a small patches of cool weathers. Wish. I knew what is going on but my theory is, we must have a wobble to experience this kind of to hot or cold weather. Maybe if our common sese prevails, we be able to understand what’s staring us on the eye


    • MARGARET says:

      We are in the End Times ,take a look at your Bible …. All this is caused by the SIN of man ,the earth will convulse soon ,earth Quakes , volcano’s ,tsunamis Exct…. turn from Sin …we all need to turn back to GOD ,JESUS …NOW before it is to late !!!! Jesus is coming very very soon !! Get ready …PREPAIR YOUR SOULS !!!


  7. Irene C says:

    My prayers for all of you suffering through this heat. I would also like to send you some of our cold weather if I could.


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