NASA mulls plan to drag asteroid into moon’s orbit

January 4, 2013SPACE Who says NASA has lost interest in the moon? Along with rumors of a hovering lunar base, there are reports that the agency is considering a proposal to capture an asteroid and drag it into the moon’s orbit. Researchers with the Keck Institute for Space Studies in California have confirmed that NASA is mulling over their plan to build a robotic spacecraft to grab a small asteroid and place it in high lunar orbit. The mission would cost about $2.6 billion – slightly more than NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover – and could be completed by the 2020s. For now, NASA’s only official plans for human spaceflight involve sending a crewed capsule, called Orion, around the moon. The Obama administration has said it also wants to send astronauts to a near-Earth asteroid. One proposed target, chosen because of its scientific value and favorable launch windows for a rendezvous, is a space rock called 1999 AO10. The mission would take about half a year, exposing astronauts to long-term radiation beyond Earth’s protective magnetic field and taking them beyond the reach of any possible rescue. Robotically bringing an asteroid to the moon instead would be a more attractive first step, the Keck researchers conclude, because an object orbiting the moon would be in easier reach of robotic probes and maybe even humans. The Keck team envisions launching a slow-moving spacecraft, propelled by solar-heated ions, on an Atlas V rocket. The craft would then propel itself out to a target asteroid, probably a small space rock about 7 meters wide. After studying it briefly, the robot would catch the asteroid in a bag measuring about 10 meters by 15 meters and head back towards the moon. Altogether it would take about six to 10 years to deliver the asteroid to lunar orbit. The project still needs some technical and scientific fine-tuning, says co-leader Louis Friedman of the Planetary Society, but he sees it as an important boost to exploration. For instance, NASA has also expressed interest in putting astronauts on an outpost parked in orbit at the Earth-moon Lagrange point 2. From there they could study a captured asteroid using tele-presence technology, or even practice human landings on its surface. Such work could help develop ways to use asteroid material for construction or spaceship fuels, making the captured asteroid a stepping stone for human missions to larger asteroids and eventually to Mars. –New Scientist
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19 Responses to NASA mulls plan to drag asteroid into moon’s orbit

  1. Jeff says:

    This is the stupidest idea I have ever heard of. People are starving on earth, children are being aborted, and all social rules are going down the drain, and we are going to do this?

    Want to save the budget and cut spending just decommission the NASA organization….


    • Moco says:

      Just shows who the real moonbats are. Can’t trust contaminated science. Let’s all go to fantasy land. Stupid is the status quo.


  2. j says:

    Amazing, just simply amazing


  3. what a waste of our tax dollars with all the trouble were in and they want to explore a rock on the moon! I dont get it!!!


  4. Irene C says:

    Ok??? Why??? I’m sorry but this really doesn’t make sense to me. And, what would the additional gravity of the asteroid do to our tides? And what guarantees would they give that it wouldn’t leave the moon’s orbit and head straight for us? I have more questions about this, but, I think I’ll just go back to watching my sci-fi movies. They’re beginning to make more sense.


    • Forreal says:

      Me thinks something stinks!!! What’s the real truth? Is an asteroid headed for us and our gov’t is trying to figure out what the f*** to do? Or are we humans really this wasteful and dumb. Beam me up Scotty!!!


    • wanderingirl says:

      exactly! this is what gets me. i don’t think they understand the gravity of the situation (pun too easy). can they calculate the effect this would have on the timing and levels of tides? how that might affect currants? how it might affect sea creatures and sea plants? how that might affect shore lines and creatures that live and feed there and migrate from coast to coast? how it’ll change the amount of light in our night sky and how that might affect the flight patterns of creatures that go by the moon (moths being the only one i can think of right now)? too many unknowns…
      i don’t care what they do with dollars, we can always make of that hoax, but gravity shouldn’t be played with so lightly.


  5. westhmpsn1 says:

    They already have people living and working in Space- There are Stations that Have Plasma Canons and they use them to shoot at the Terrestrials and their craft and have been for some time- Cosmonauts and Astronauts have fought to the death on such stations before and instead of a rescue, It was a battle for control even in Space- The moon is a Sphere that is fabricated with multiple skins- The Dark Side of the Moon is inhabited and NASA { a Nazi group since WW2 } have a hidden Agenda for such stupidity- They may want to try to detonate more explosives on the Moon and the terrestrials WON’T ALOW THIS AS THEY HAVE STOPPED THE ASSUALT ON THE SPHERE MORE THAN ONCE ALREADY-believe it or not- They want the money from the taxpayers because they are saving their own money that they have already stolen from the citizens- They want the taxpayers to pay for them to move their War Campaign into Deep Space-These things are all, Distractions from their real Agendas and to make the people forget about all the mass murders and black flag deeds they have done and ids being found out about- They will do anything to distract and confuse the people while they continue to put Military and equipment in place all over America and supply all Law Enforcements with Armored vehicles and troop/Policemen carriers, with machinegun torrents that pop up above the vehicles to mow us down and get those holding out up in the hills and country- Drones and the Military will assist in the disarmament and locating those seeking safety- The FEMA Prisons and FEMA Coffins await, the Martial Law- All the cameras and Cams set all over the roads will tell them who is moving around-


  6. Coyote's brother says:

    Hi, Alvin, Happy new 2013, I feel open here to say if this project were to pass the hurdles–it would be a huge waste of money–but it would prove that there are humans with their own (mad) God-complex leading us into danger.


  7. TexasRedNeck says:

    Mankind playing God, now what can possibly go wrong with that ?


  8. Alexandra says:

    Irene c, I completely agree with you! It’d absurd!


  9. Channon says:

    Like this doesn’t say disaster all over it!


  10. tonic says:

    After how NASA landed the Rovers, and Curiosity, on Mars I have to admit that I do have admiration for the people who put these projects together. And a realisation of the technologhy they have at their fingertips.
    But this just reads like “Lets see if we can do it”
    Dragging an asteroid into Earths orbit via the Moon, just begs the question, …Why?


  11. grace says:

    The article comments that there is still some ‘fine technological and scientific tuning’ to complete, which suggests that the bulk of the work has already been performed. How long has this project been active? What else are they working on? What aren’t they telling us? It’s mind blowing how little we’re told and how little we know.


  12. Wes says:

    This is just a waste of tax dollars, NASA does nothing to make the earth any better and going to the moon did nothing for us. Even if they find another earth they could never reach it so why spend our money trying to, I’m all for science for the better of making our life better etc but space is out of our reach and I don’t really care about Saturn,Mars, etc.Instead of digging up the past which is past lets try helping out our future I don’t care how a planet died or the big bang I am a christian and no matter what or how is that GOD made it all happen and will end all he created.


  13. Maya3Ahau says:

    Unfortunately the truth of their endeavors are not realized until much time has passed. It is like back when they first started launching satellites into space, they told the American public they were only to be used for weather monitoring, now we know that wasn’t true. After the fact of the matter the truth comes out. We are still kept in the dark.


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