300 children die in measles outbreak in Pakistan

January 3, 2013 PAKISTANMeasles cases in 2012 have surged by almost five times of that the previous year in Pakistan, leading to the deaths of hundreds of children, according to an international health body. Maryam Yunus, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that 306 children died in Pakistan because of the infectious disease in 2012, a dramatic surge from to the 64 children in 2011. The WHO said the jump was most pronounced in southern Sindh province, where measles killed 210 children in 2012. Twenty-eight children died there the year before. The organisation did not give a reason for the increase in deaths, but a provincial health official in Sindh said that the disease hit areas where poor families did not vaccinate their children. A provincial health minister said 100 children died in Sindh province in December alone, mostly in areas where many people were not vaccinated. He said health officials recently launched a campaign to vaccinate 2.9 million children in the affected areas of the province and urged parents to get their children vaccinated. “We are vaccinating more than 450 patients per day. We are working on vaccination since the outbreak of measles in the area,” Dr. Shahid Hafeez Shahani, a government official, said. Pakistan has a poor health care system, unsanitary conditions in many regions due to poverty, and a lack of education about how to prevent disease. Pakistani officials believe that the worst-hit areas are poverty stricken areas where children did not receive vaccination. Many Pakistanis, especially in rural areas, view vaccination campaigns with suspicion as a western plot to sterilize Muslims. Sindh province, the area hardest hit by the measles outbreak, has also been battered by repeated floods in recent years that have damaged hospitals and clinics. Measles is an extremely infectious disease spread by coughing and sneezing or personal contact. It causes a fever, cough and a rash all over the body. Most people who contract the disease recover, but it can be fatal for malnourished children. According to WHO, 139,300 people died of measles worldwide in 2010. –Al Jazerra
World on verge of new malaria pandemic: MAE SOT, Thailand — Clipboard in hand, Dr Francois Nosten worked his way down a ward of malaria patients. He stopped in front of five-year-old Ayemyint Than, who sat to attention and smiled. The smile told Nosten as much as his lines of graphs and figures. “She’s doing well,” he said, moving to an older man, whose pale face and dull sunken eyes told a very different story. “Day five, and he’s still positive?” he asked another of the doctors. “That’s not very good. It means he was very slow to clear the parasite, no?” To Nosten, it was further evidence of an alarming rise in resistance to artemisinin, currently the front-line drug in the treatment of malaria. He fears it could be the start of a global “nightmare” in which millions of people could lose their lives. Nosten’s not sure whether the resistance he’s found has spread from the Cambodia border or is home-grown. Either way, he’s worried. “It means that all the progress of the last 10 to 15 years will be lost,” he warned. “Now the resistance is here, we worry that we are running out of time.”-MSNBC
contribution Emanni
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4 Responses to 300 children die in measles outbreak in Pakistan

  1. I just read where rebels are killing aid workers trying to vaccinate for Polio? Not sure, but if they are killing aid workers offering vaccines, they are probably threatening villagers and keeping them from medical treatment. This is awful. Continuing to pray for women and children in this part of the world.


  2. Emanni says:

    UK norovirus sickness cases reach over 1.1 million
    More than 1.1 million people in Britain have succumbed to the norovirus winter vomiting disease so far this season, and health officials expect cases to jump higher after a Christmas and New Year dip

    This Robot Vomits So You Won’t Have To
    Larry the humanoid vomiting simulator is not the most glamorous robot we’ve covered.
    For the most part, the virus isn’t especially serious; people usually kick it in a few days. But for a lot of reasons, including the fact that we’re unable to grow human norovirus in a controlled environment, we have to study the spread of the virus in other ways.


  3. Meema says:

    “Most people who contract the disease recover, but it can be fatal for malnourished children.”

    And those who live in unsanitary conditions. I would be interested in seeing another statistic, for example, how many children, under these conditions, who receive the vaccines, die from these conditions anyway?

    Suggested reading – How to Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff


  4. Claudia says:

    How sad for the people, and for the state of the world that causes people to be suspicious of having something injected within them. In America also this fear is prevelant. Even in the medical profession are many who do not want to take the shots….and many who fake taking the shots. What with coroporate greed we cannot trust the shots. One example being the killer meningitus(sp) in the injections that arthritic people were taking for their joints that turned out to be contaminated. Another example, is the globalist “population control” agenda. Who is to say when the “mandatory” flu shot or some other will be the vehicle of that “population control”? We live in a world of greed and deceit…..who can we trust, truly……who can we trust?


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