2013: The Extinction Protocol

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  2. Scott says:

    I also want to thank you for all your work and reporting of the increase of the birth pangs of our planet. God bless you and keep you and your family safe in this new year. I have a feeling that it will be worse than 2012. Come Lord Jesus, Come.


  3. bhargav says:

    This is becoming a long wait, hope we don’t go to 2014 from here….


  4. bryce says:

    After coming across this site a few years ago and along with deep research, I seriously thought 2012 was gonna pull through with the extinction event. Maybe it wasn’t God’s time yet and I appreciate you so much author Alvin (I assume that is your name) for what all you do on the updates across the world. I’m so curious of what tornado season is going to bring this time around and I’ve got my GRLevel3 Version 2 radar ready for them. HERE WE COME 2013 BABY!!!! : D


  5. julieth says:

    alvin thanks for keeping us current thur 2012 it has been very informative and i do hope you will keep up the good work for 2013


  6. Vicki says:

    It is very difficult to get information on what is really happening in the main stream media. Thank you very much for all of your work in reporting the changes taking place in our world. I appreciate your efforts and enjoy the knowledge it brings. You do an excellent job.


  7. Cookie's mum says:

    Happy New Year Alvin…I appreciate all of your hard work…I hope 2013 is full of wonderful surprises for you…hugs and love xox


  8. bobi becke says:

    And thank you Alvin, Happy New Year to you and yours…… Peace, Love and Blessed Be…..


  9. ashuka1 says:

    Happy new year Alvin. Thank you again for keeping us posted.


  10. Thank you for your blog. I read it daily. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year
    Michele Kearney


  11. Louise Page says:

    “When your world changes”, we will come here (EP) to read about it. 😉
    I also appreciate the time and effort you put into this site and the collation of all your information. You do a terrific job.
    Peace, best wishes for the New Year,
    Louise 🙂


  12. Carla says:

    Happy New Year. Thank you for all your hard work to keep us informed.



  13. Dr Ron Lee says:

    Thank you! I check it each day to focus my prayers for the souls on earth.

    Dr Ron Lee, JMJ


  14. Nancy Licks says:



  15. ashuka1 says:

    Happy new year Alvin and thanks again for keeping us posted on daily events.


  16. cristian topi says:

    thanks very much for your and our information… without you I didn´t know where i could get it..
    grazie molte per le tue e le nostre informazioni… senza di voi non saprei dove poter prenderle…
    buon anno cristian


  17. Irene C says:

    Thank you Alvin for all of your hard work in 2012. Looking forward to more thought-provoking articles and comments in 2013.



  18. Glad you’ll be here for the 2013 ride…. Happy New Year!!!


  19. Kris O'Brien says:

    I cant tell you how much I enjoy and treasure, yes, treasure this newsletter..It tells me things no one else does about our world…Thank you so VERY MUCH for your diligence and for exploring our world like no one else! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  20. Barry says:

    Thank you Alvin.
    Checking your site is an important part of my day! 🙂


  21. MyNeoX says:

    may We All Rise YoungStar… Gods Bless us All


  22. niebo says:

    Alvin, to you, sir, and all who gather here, I pray faith, hope, love, and joy in abundance, and that, come what may, there be no shortage of peace.

    (And . . . Italian? Dude, that’s sexy.)


  23. onthemark55 says:

    Thanks for keeping it real Alvin, looking forward to EP 2013!!! Peace to you and yours.


  24. Blackbird says:

    Yes, agreed.

    Your efforts are very much appreciated. I obsessively tune in several times a day for your updates, and look forward to more. I can only imagine trying to balance my daily life, work and the research you do to put this together for the betterment of our awareness :D.

    Btw… I’d get the shakes if I couldn’t couldn’t tune in at least twice a day lol

    Wish you the best : )


  25. grace says:

    We’re still here but everyone i speak to can feel that things are changing and shifting. Change is heavy in the air…
    Thanks as ever for this informative site Alvin,


  26. Nigel says:

    Alvin, I was so moved to notice that you have taken the time to reply to each individual post…
    My heart is full for everyone involved in our ‘Planet Earth’ project and I’m certain 2013 will bring even more revelations to embrace and learn from.


  27. funki arts says:

    We will all be here for many years to come, so those who are waiting for ‘the end’ will have a long wait (a lifetime) and those of us who believe otherwise, can take heart that IF ‘the end’ is coming, then there’s a chance we might find out on this site 🙂 keep up the good work, love and peace, funki


  28. Mrsotto says:

    Thank you Alvin for another great year of the real news we need to know. you are a blessing to all. keep on keepin on brother! \o/


  29. Sergei says:

    Dear Alvin! Thank you for your dedication and very necessary work!
    All the best in the New Year! Always come to you to find out the most important news.


  30. Gordon Hervey says:

    Go to RSOE EDIS disaster monitoring site from Hungary. In late November, earthquake frequency started to climb and science articles appeared mid December. By the 20th, there were 25 per day. By the 27th, 40 per day. By the 30th, 50 per day. On January 1st, there were 55 reported IN A TEN HOUR PERIOD, Today, so far 40 in a SIX HOUR period (this will be well over 120 per day.
    The scary bit, the Guardian (UK) newspaper has an Earthquakes listing on it’s menu, and when I loaded it on the 1st it was blank, apart from ads. Today, the 2nd. it is still blank. Over 100 earthquakes per day (a third are very close to volcanos) is too frightening to print.
    Try the US Geographic Survey for another source of statistics.


    • Gordon Hervey says:

      The USGS Earthquakes Hazards Program (earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/) is providing complete and accurate information to the best of my knowledge. The frequency is still climbing, and many more events are registering as medium rather than low. One volcano has erupted, but Japan appears to be the greatest worry at this time. Best wishes, Gordon Hervey.


  31. Gordon Hervey says:

    I just checked Yellowstone on the Supervolcano listing. Between the 14th and 28th December there are 8 minor events. A recent newspaper article says that if it erupts almost all of mainland USA will be buried under feet of ash. Good luck, from Australia.


  32. Jay says:

    Another faithful follower who appreciates all the hard work you do keeping us informed and up-to-date!
    Blessings to you and yours this New Year!


  33. Marcel says:

    Peace and solitude along the way…
    Can we take a look at beauteful birds flying in the sky showing that there is space? Can we reverence what is truely vastness unsted of our limited tradition?
    Can we puke the deception of science so we can again breath the morning mists…. and drink in the water fountains of the new?


  34. Blessings to you, Alvin, and a big kudos and thanks for the hard work you do “keeping your ear to the ground and your eye on the sky.” Maranatha!


  35. PKK says:

    A blessed new year to you and your family Alvin, and to all my fellow readers and posters out there. This is one of the very few sites reporting the accelerating changes on our planet and I am grateful for it. Also, Alvin, have you ever heard of the book, Drama of the Last Disciples? It describes some amazing and little known history of the Roman war to exterminate the Christian British and the British commander Caractucus who is captured and defends himself and his nation to the emperor Claudius; and not only survives but is granted asylum with his family in Rome which gives Christianity its toe hold there. Thought you and some readers might be interested
    with love, Paula


  36. Angelsong says:

    Thank you so much for shining your light so brightly for all the world to see! May we all go forward in 2013 and reach out to the hurting and the lost and tell them of our hope which is in Jesus Christ!
    May we all remember that God has said, “If my people, who are called by name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14.
    Much peace, love and blessings to you Alvin and many thanks…


  37. Courtney says:

    Alvin everyone has already said everything I am grateful for on this wonderful site of yours ~ its the first site I check when I wake up, I count it as my go to news site and I check you on my phone throughout the day and you are usually the last I check at night too. Keep up the awesome work and hope 2013 is great for you. Thanks!!!


  38. Shalom and many thanks for all the reports & news coverage… keep up the great work to keep us so informed and up to date. Have a very Blessed New Year this 2013 to all @ Extinction Protocol .^_^


  39. Paula says:

    Happy New Year Alvin to you and yours and all the friends online here. Thank you for your incisive, detailed and intelligent explanations! Also, I am wondering if you ever heard of a book called Drama of the Lost Disciples by George Jowett. It is an amazing little known history of the band of disciples who went to Europe and England after Christ’s crucifixion. It tells the story of the capture of the British Chieftain Caractacus and his speech before Emperor Claudius and the Roman Senate. It is said that the British schools of old made students memorize this speech.
    His story explains how Christianity gained a foot hold in Rome, very interesting. I just thought you and some of your readers would find this interesting. The blog won’t let me use my regular sign on so here goes another attempt
    Best Wishes and with love,


  40. George Brenner says:

    God Bless you Alvin

    You have a God given talent not only to present and keep us informed of breaking world events but you temper it with truth, advice and stay clear of sensationalism; a rare talent and blessing. We appreciate you.



  41. pagan66 says:

    With Love, Hope & Peace as always Alvin – May you & yours continue to be blessed by the One. Still reading & still thankful for your courage, intelligence, empathy and Light. All the very best for 2013 my friend.



  42. Quazar says:

    Thank you for taking the time to create this blog spot. I do enjoy dropping by and having a read.


  43. Stefan says:

    Thanks for Your great work to keep this site running ! I love read all Your stuff !

    Happy 2013 !


  44. Luis A. says:

    2012 it’s over. In fact, for some, it was the end of the world.
    May God embrace their souls.
    I’m sure they can see us, in another kind of dimension and energy.

    For 2013, I wish all the best for you Alvin, your family and of course, our EP family.
    Once again, let’s try to survive this year!
    It’ll be not easy…..

    Best Greetings fom Portugal!
    Luis A.


  45. myrthryn says:

    keep the good posts rolling, even if the good times aren’t! Thanks for all the posts..I don’t comment much..but keep that eye ever watchful.


  46. K says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! I truly believe God lead me here and I’m so glad He did. I wanted to be informed and I am thanks to you! Cheers and I hope you have a wonderful year.

    P.s.-did you hear about the dead birds in Seymour,tn? (I live in TN so thats why I heard it on my local news)I believe it happened 3 days ago I just haven’t been aboe to find out more.

    God Bless


  47. tonic says:

    Thank you for this site, and all the knowledge you, and all bring to it.
    So much change is occuring, we have never needed a shining light as much as now. Thank you.
    And God bless.


  48. Audrey Parduhn says:

    Thank you again, Alvin, for all you have done. God bless you. APAK


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