13 Responses to Intransigency and political wrangling could send U.S. economy over ‘fiscal cliff’

  1. Kurt71 says:

    Hi Alvin, was wondering if you or any of your readers have heard anything about the federal reserves 99 year lease that ended on December 21. Happened to come across a small article but haven’t been able to verify. Wondering if the fiscal cliff and the lease ending so close together might have anything to do with one another. Almost like they wanted to bankrupt the country before the lease expired. Just speculation on my part but the timing seems suspicious.


  2. mommabhappy says:

    Thelma and Louise had the right idea!! 🙂


  3. Dennis E. says:

    And so it goes……..The social and economic unraveling continues.
    Some financial advisers are saying that we could suffer affects as Greece shortly with massive unemployment and loss of 401-K’s and the stock market decline and crash.
    I think all of this is staged.
    It is a possibility that a short term compromise could be worked out in the interim.
    All that does is prolong the agony of the uncertainly for the American Taxpayer.
    This is a good time for the Church to come together and help each other.
    Regardless what is done about the fiscal cliff, we all will be affected.
    Those who voted, did not vote for this.
    just my opinion……….


  4. Patty says:

    It seems to me all this “political wrangling” just serves for show. Both parties already know what they are going to do. If Obama is the “good politician” there will be a “bad politician” and both will say “don’t blame me” when the middle class are taxed uphill. Then the middle class will become confused and just pay the taxes. The money now coming into the US was predicted by a financial analyst sometime last year when it became apparent the EU was in trouble. That person said the US would experience an influx of dollars because of something I didn’t get….investments, yawn! So this extra money, through lots of taxes everywhere will flow right back into the government for more government control. It actually would be good for the money to stay in the hands of the workers….(Pharoah – let my people go!) A year, two years? Who knows. Then a real downslide will probably occur. Best bet is to become a real quiet activist by being and acting like a Christian should in a community – God happens to bless these types of good living deals!


  5. nanoduck says:

    Make-believe and manufactured crisis to put fear into people, to force them to accept a solution– one world government under a dictatorship. The money is really imaginary and worthless– not backed up by anything at all. We are being scammed.


    • mike says:

      you are 100% correct.


    • lannyboy1 says:

      The “solution” will be to go to a completely electronic system of buying and selling. No more paper money, checks, credit cards, coins, etc.. Already heading down that path now.


      • onthemark55 says:

        IT’LL BE GREAT!!!!, no more money or cards or wallets, just a little, how shall we say, MARK, on,oh,your FOREHEAD or,ah, your HAND or,ah, IT”LL BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTN: K-MART SHOPPERS- Lucky #666 know available in the DEMON DEPT.!!!!! First come First served(up as a sacrifice)!!!!!!!!!!! IT’LL BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!


  6. Skeptical Citizen says:

    I dont think it will be that bad if the so called fiscal cliff happens. Whats so terrible about forced spending cuts & shrinking the size of goverment and increasing revenues. One good thing is the payroll tax holiday will expire. the payroll tax holiday reduced social security witholdings from about 7% to 4%, As a result in 2011 the social security ran in the Red. Yes for the first time ever social security took in less than it recieved. Dumb thing to reduce witholding just as the first wave of the large numbers of baby boomers are starting to retire. The USA goverment needs to start being fiscally responsible. If we dont we are going to wind up like Greece and those other EURO countries.


  7. Phyllis says:

    that is so depressing,will we ever see better times again,I think not but i think we will soon see millions starve to death if something doesnt get better.


  8. Katherine says:

    The system has to collapse, it’s already bankrupt. What it’s going to be replaced with should be a concern to us all.


  9. niebo says:

    Grumble, grumble, rant: We replaced God with politics, so the people wander for lack of a shepherd, which makes perfect sense because the hirelings who are in office are corporate hacks who view people as “human resource”, another natural resource to squander just like oil, gas, and gold, and they are not and never have been concerned with protection of anything but their own portfolios and retirement funds, so who are we kidding to think they ACTUALLY care about the country or the world? We look for leaders where there are none. This failed system suits “them” just fine, and since they are “in charge”, I do not waste hope to consider that they will change anything, but just let the house of cards collapse, because that wipes us out, not them. If nothing else, they have vast amounts of property where the rest of us can do their farming for them in exchange for crumbs from their table. So. . .in my cynical opinion, this subject falls under “distress with perplexity”, and there is no solution, no “cure”, just band-aids and stitches to postpone the inevitable hemorrhage. In the meantime, maybe water, steel (canned goods), and “brass and lead” are the safest investments.


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