Christmas chaos: turbulent system to send tornadoes, storms, and snow careening across much of U.S.

December 24, 2012CLIMATE An outbreak of severe weather, including tornadoes, threatens to ruin Christmas Day for families and communities across the Gulf Coast states. The area at greatest risk for damaging thunderstorms and tornadoes on Christmas Day stretches from southeastern Texas to the Florida Panhandle and southwestern Georgia. That zone is home to College Station and Houston, Texas, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, La., Jackson and Gulfport, Miss., Montgomery and Mobile, Ala., Pensacola, Fla., and Albany, Ga. meteorologists are especially concerned for the potential for loss of life with this outbreak since it will actually commence during the predawn hours of Christmas across southeastern Texas. Tornadoes touching down during the nighttime hours is always a dangerous situation as people may sleep through vital warnings or have difficulty seeing an approaching twister. The severe weather danger will then expand eastward on Christmas Day, encompassing central and southern Louisiana, the southern half of Mississippi and Alabama and southwestern Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. In addition to tornadoes causing destruction, severe thunderstorms capable of unleashing damaging winds and flooding rain are a serious concern. The violent thunderstorms should organize into a solid line by Tuesday night and march across Alabama, northern Florida and Georgia with damaging winds. The severe weather danger should reach the Southeast coast, from eastern North Carolina to northeastern Florida, on Wednesday. Wilmington, N.C., Charleston, S.C., Savannah, Ga., and Jacksonville, Fla., are among the communities at risk this day. The same storm set to trigger the impending severe weather outbreak will also spread a swath of significant snow from the southern Plains to the eastern Great Lakes and Northeast from Christmas Day to Thursday. Ahead of this storm, another system is triggering showers and thunderstorms across the South today. Thunderstorms causing damage this Christmas Eve would be extremely isolated occurrences, but the danger of lightning striking anyone spending the day outdoors still exists. –Accuweather
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6 Responses to Christmas chaos: turbulent system to send tornadoes, storms, and snow careening across much of U.S.

  1. Gav says:

    So sad, if only they would do their homework and realize that xmas is pagan in origin, has nothing to do with Scripture and is nothing more than consumerism at its best or worst depending on the way you view it.
    I do not acknowledge this day and for parents to perpetuate a lie based on fiction is nothing more that a travesty and teaching our children that telling lies is ok as long as its for a good purpose – and what is that purpose?
    Tell the truth and people will forget the lies, tell a lie long enough and loud enough and people will eventually believe it to be truth. So sad!
    Saint Nickolaus was his name according to the story, and he was such a good chap that after his death the (Germans) starting celebrating in his name & the rest is history. Even scripture states “do not cut down a tree and adorn it with gold and silver as the heathen does” but this along with some fictional birth on Dec 25th of Mashiach ben David has people so blinded by traditions they bend over backwards to celebrate it. So sad!


  2. Irene C says:

    After a wonderful day with my children, I came home to follow the weather. I don’t remember any Christmas day when I was following storm chasers who were tracking tornadoes. The previous record for Christmas Day tornadoes was 12. As of the last count, there have been 15, and that count will probably be higher. Here in Ohio, we are under a Winter Storm Warning. The county just to the west of us is under a blizzard warning. We are forecasted to get 7-12 inches of snow, along with wind. Fortunately, we have plenty of food here. I’m just praying that we don’t lose power. And I’m praying for those who are in the path of this storm. And in case anyone is interested, this is Winter Storm Euclid. The Weather Channel decided to name winter storms to give it more meaning so people will pay attention.


    • Hope you are safe Irene. I use to live in the Southern 1/3 of the nation, and I can remember having to turn the air conditioner on at Thanksgiving. But never tornados that late in the year. Crazy weather, but Jesus said nations would be perplexed at the roaring of the waves. Stay safe. And keep us updated.


      • Irene C says:

        Thank you. I’m quite safe here. We had a lot of snow, but nothing unusual for Ohio. But I also believe that there will be changes and they will be coming much faster, much like birth pains.


  3. hello irene! hope you stayed safe and warm!i have been horrified by the amount of tornadoes,100 i think?? did you notice any strange chemtrails or booming? anything out of the ordnary? ive been wondering if the circular trails could possibly cause tornadoes? so much weirdness,im sure some of it is manipulation although i do know we are naturaily going through changes as well and safe!!


    • Irene C says:

      Thank you Nancy. Yes we stayed safe and warm. We got a lot of snow here but not as much wind as they first forecasted. But this is wintertime in Ohio, so we’re used to it, even if we don’t particulary like it. I didn’t see any chemtrails. Too many clouds.


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