Chile raises alert on Copahue Volcano to red, issues air-traffic alerts

December 24, 2012CHILE Chilean authorities on Sunday issued a red alert — the most severe in their warning system — that the Copahue Volcano, high in the Andes Mountains on the border with Argentina, might be poised for a significant eruption. A familiar threat to New Zealand air traffic is emerging from a mountain 10,000 kilometers away. The Andes Copahue volcano on the Argentinian-Chilean border has started erupting, sending up ash and gas high into the atmosphere. When the Cordon Caulle volcano erupted in June this year, the ash reached New Zealand about three weeks later, forcing some airlines to curtail flights. While Air New Zealand continued its flights, although at a lower flight level, Qantas and Jetstar suspended domestic services on both sides of the Tasman. The BBC reported Copahue started erupting on Saturday and sent a plume of smoke and ash up about 1500 meters. The ash plume has gone over Chile and aviation authorities in South America have warned fliers to avoid the area. Auckland has direct flights to Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires in Argentina but they have yet to be affected. The June ash which hit Australia and New Zealand moved from west to east before reaching here. –Stuff, CNN
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3 Responses to Chile raises alert on Copahue Volcano to red, issues air-traffic alerts

  1. Louise Page says:

    I feel this will not be the only ‘hot-point’ volcano to flex it’s muscles in the immediate future.
    There seems to be quite a few regions of unrest. Let’s hope that these events do not adversely affect their surrounding communities. There is alot of ‘energy’ being, and yet to be, released by our beautiful planet at the moment.


  2. Ross says:

    It is not a good idea to live in place very close to the Volcano.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    This one region seems to be very active if you consider the recent earthquake reports and now this volcanic action. But then, I believe it is located on the ring of fire and that has been reported as being very active recently. Always important to pay attention to the weather.

    Merry Christmas to everyone…………..


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