74: Pacaya volcano erupts in Guatemala, spews ash and gas

December 20, 2012 GUATEMALA CITYPacaya Volcano, located 47 kilometers south of the capital, has had increased activity in recent days with ash and gas being released into the air, said the Institute of Volcanology (Insivumeh). On Wednesday, the institute issued a preventive alert and recommended the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conrad) to keep monitoring the 2,500-meter-tall volcano, located between the departments of Guatemala City and Escuintla. “The activity yesterday [Tuesday] was a manifestation of reactivation, so people should be aware of developments in coming days,” Insivumeh experts said. Conrad also released a statement on its website that recommends people “to keep informed and be aware of official information provided by authorities.” The last eruption of Pacaya occurred in May 2010 when a powerful explosion sent ashes to three departments, including the capital, and forced the closing of La Aurora International Airport for five days. One person was killed, thousands were injured and $500 million in losses were reported. –Tico Times 
Volcanic activity continues: The Tungurahua volcano in central Ecuador keeps spewing gas, ash and red-hot rock, forcing hundreds to evacuate from their homes. The country’s Geophysical Institute says incandescent rock shot from the crater of the 16,479-foot (5,023-meter) high mountain fell about half a mile (a kilometer) down its flanks. Explosions early Wednesday rattled windows 9 miles (14 kilometers) away, while rain-borne ash has been falling to the southwest of the crater. Regional emergency director Lourdes Mayorga says that about 100 families are staying in shelters away from the danger zone, though they return during the day to work their fields. She says there will be forced evacuations if the volcanic activity intensifies. Tungurahua has been active for the past 13 years. An outburst in 2006 left four dead and two missing. –AP
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11 Responses to 74: Pacaya volcano erupts in Guatemala, spews ash and gas

  1. larry says:

    Hi Alvin It’s one day before Dec 21 2012 is this calm before the storm?


    • I see nothing happening, with the exception of a higher risk of a seismic event in or shortly after the solstice. Earthchanges are just getting started in so many ways…I see nothing connected with the Mayan calendar related to the geologic events that will ensue, now, on Dece 21, or the years after.



      • Brandon says:

        I realize I have been with you guys awhile now, but I’m still gripped with confusion. What do you mean earthchanges are just beginning in so many ways? What will mankind be faced with?



      • This process is worsening, is what I mean. Our world is changing more rapidly that any of us realize and the forces exacerbating that change are not relenting. What will be faced with is more drastic change on a global level.


  2. Irene C says:

    This being the eve of the end of the Mayan calendar, 12.21.12, and seeing that I don’t believe it will be the end of the world, I look forward to hearing from all of you on 12.22.12. (Lord willing.) 🙂


  3. mommabhappy says:

    Ok, after a long day at work, a night enjoyed with a few a long island ice tea’s, nothing is happening yet in east tx outta the norm exept possibly a visit to the porcilen of god, :/
    And me passing out, and in hopes if anything does happen,, I will be passed out lol, otherwise 5:30 am is coming awfully early!!


  4. Fender24 says:

    Nothing is going to happen but isn’t that kinda borring? after all this time u would expect something to happen though :D, but now doomsayers are pointing at the next year of course, so it never ends! -.- they will never stop until they have they’re doom, and that will happen eventually if we do not end the way we live.



  5. Randal says:

    Here we are, ten till five in the morning – Dec 21, 2012.. Just got up and turning the coals in my fireplace… Nothing’s happened, as far as all the doomsday talk floating across our planet. Honestly, I didn’t (still don’t) figure anything would happen in accordance with the Mayan long count calendar.. But I feel maybe it’s a good thing such a scenario was blown up into such a big deal, for so many people. Some who I’d never have guessed would be, have really begun to look at the world, and can see things that drastically need changes. I think that if a right amount of people could begin to do the things that could help save our planet, maybe this doomsday scare, along with all the others, wouldn’t seem to be just a waste of energy.. And money (for all you preppers) lol. Good morning everyone, and btw… Alvin, I really enjoy this site, and appreciate the work about and behind it. Thank you so much. God bless.


    • As I wrote in my book, The Extinction Protocol 2012 and beyond, the day had more mythological significance than it had anything to do with science. Further, it’s a non-issue in regard to any of the ensuing earthchanges. Still, anybody preparring for calamities in the future, are still one step ahead of the public, who lives in the contrived reality of shopping malls, reality tv, violent dish-panned entertainment. The only thing setting dates for events will do is deflect significant attention off the real geological and environmental crisis brewing with our planet.

      Glad you like the site – Best wishes and God bless


  6. Dennis E. says:

    December 21st 2012 is a date in history. It seems it has been as hyped as Y2K was in some sense. December 21st 2012 is not a date to be concerned about unless you have a note due this day to pay.
    The day after could be a concern if the unraveling remarkably accelerates.
    Many people have prepped for this day thinking it was the end and it is not. As a society, we must be focused on the big picture which is as Alvin posted the “real geological and environmental crisis brewing with our planet” and if I might add, the social and economic unraveling.
    The stuff many of us have collected, well some of it, is not wasted because storms like sandy are not going away, nor will earthquakes and other weather disasters.

    have a nice day…………


    • mark says:

      You are very correct Alvin. I’ve noticed every hour on the hour there are earthquakes, minor, but still there. I wonder if the Mayan calendar and other apocalyptic dates are leaked out on purpose to distract people of what’s really happening on the planet? Only time will tell, but the time itself and the days will change in our generation. They way I see people treat each other, I’d say the world has already ended.


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