2 Responses to U.S. to deploy 400 troops with Patriot missile batteries on Turkish-Syrian border

  1. Irene C says:

    I still have to think about Isaiah 17:1 – “Behold the burden of Damascus. Behold. Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”


  2. Battleships to crack a nut?
    Since Syria’s problems stem from its nutty president and associated Yes men surely a visit by a US SEAL team similar to the recent US ‘Get Bin Laden’ team would be more appropriate and definitely less expensive for US and UK tax payers? After all Assad’s army is perfectly capable of reducing Syria to ruins without the help of a UN ring of steel pumping shells from around the coasts. I only suggest this to limit the ‘Collateral Damage’ as the USA is apparently free and self-justified to eliminate any selected target around the planet.


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