Forget the Mayan calendar. Now, please, worry about volcanoes

December 14, 2012 WORLD – Something really bad will happen at some point. Of that much we can be sure. When, what and how are the variables. One writer went and talked to some experts about what we should be worried about and what we can do about it. Here’s what the volcano guy said: “The threat posed by volcanoes worldwide is greatly underestimated,” he tells me. Today, he says, we ignore the fact that very large eruptions occur from time to time. It gets worse when he adds, “This size of eruption may occur on average somewhere on Earth every 200 to 500 years. It will occur again.” And then it gets much worse: “This is by no means the largest, however.” He says we can expect eruptions 10 to 20 times as powerful as the Tambora eruption, which killed 117,000 people. That eruption led to the Year Without a Summer, in 1816, otherwise known as Eighteen-Hundred-and-Froze-to-Death. Since the new eruption Sigurdsson is predicting could be 20 times worse than that, winter really is coming. By the way, when did professor emeritus become emeritus professor? Other things we should worry about: asteroids, pandemics, earthquakes, tsunamis. But the writer points out that the real disaster is not being knowledgeable and not being prepared. –Houston Chronicle
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8 Responses to Forget the Mayan calendar. Now, please, worry about volcanoes

  1. Ruggiero says:

    The Mayan predict global cataclysm and of course thus cataclysm are causated from vulcanos


  2. isis2012 says:

    When I REALLY accepted that my true self (the inner light Being of consciousness) will ascend to a compatible gravitational field of a reality, when this old body reaches the point of death … I began to look at every such threat as an opportunity to leave this diabolical reality …

    And when I look at this old body as being that “low frequency anchor” holding me in this prison without walls … I look forward to the flesh falling away …. and in this world I have long since understood the in-depth meaning to “the day of death is better than the day of birth” …

    For born into such a world as the truth of this reality … is most heavy laden and sorrowful … and the only true lasting joy that a good and Positive sojourner can hold on to, is that truth of being here for only a little while before leaving, and the hope of paving the way for others to follow …


    • SD says:

      Great Isis2012. Your comment is simply wonderful… 🙂


    • onthemark55 says:

      @ isis2012 Do you ever wonder “WHY” and “FOR WHAT PURPOSE” we’re “born” to this world/life? You have a very different(not mainstream) pereception of our journey, i.e. “diabolical reality”. Curious about your opinion/thoughts on the subject


  3. Helen Parks says:

    What if the Maya calendar is CONNECTED TO volcanoes?
    The Maya calendar speaks only of a change of DATES
    one way that could happen would be if a major volcanic
    event rolled Earth of her current course like it did when
    we went from 360 days a year to 365


  4. Larry T says:

    This article reminds me of Cayce saying that significant earth changes would start with a large volcanic eruption.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    It does seem to be heating up as we get closer to 12.21.12 or just happens to be part of the cycle.
    But, Alvin wrote about volcanoes in his publications and how they will effect our very existence.

    It is all part of the unraveling………… and I believe we will see it on the social and economic levels


  6. Irene C says:

    Although I believe that we need to keep an eye out on volcanoes and earthquakes, I believe that what we need to watch for is man’s inhumanity to man. This really brought me to tears. This world is truly becoming more and more evil.

    Matthew 24:12 – And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

    27 People Dead, Mostly Children, at Connecticut Elementary School Shooting–abc-news-topstories.html


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