Restless awakening: Iceland shaken by 1,500 earthquakes in November

December 13, 2012 ICELAND A total of 1,500 earthquakes hit in Iceland last month. According to data from the Icelandic Met Office, the most seismic activity—or a total of 750 earthquakes—occurred in Eyjafjördur, which was also the location of the strongest earthquake, of a magnitude 3.8, reports. In late November, a minor glacial outburst flood was reported in Grímsvötn volcano in Vatnajökull glacier. GPS data shows that the ice level had decreased, a strong indication that a flood had started. The flood reached its peak on November 26. A glacial outburst isn’t necessarily an indication of an upcoming eruption. –Iceland Review
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7 Responses to Restless awakening: Iceland shaken by 1,500 earthquakes in November

  1. George says:

    And not a word of this on the USGS site.


  2. awt says:

    So when is a big volcano going to blow in Iceland? Will it happen this month?


  3. mtnwolf63 says:

    New Icelandic volcano eruption could have global impact
    December 1, 2011

    Hundreds of metres under one of Iceland’s largest glaciers there are signs of a looming volcanic eruption that could be one of the most powerful the country has seen in almost a century.


  4. says:

    First I love this website. I follow u daily. Second so man shooting stars, meteors. I live in Chicago and can see them all over. Absolutely beautiful.


  5. says:

    What about whats really goin on in iceland…all kinds of govt.probl,ems they want to dismantle their constitution whats really goin on ?


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