Is the main-stream media ignoring America’s sinkhole epidemic?

December 9, 2012OHIOHave you heard of the massive sinkholes popping up around the nation? Flammable craters spanning acres wide and leaking radiation, monster sinkholes described as ‘apocalyptic’ have forced residents out of homes, expelled radiation into the environment, and are now ushering in concerns about serious Earth changes in the near future. If you’ve heard of these sinkholes, chances are it has been from the alternative media. It’s a hot issue on forums, some social networking sectors, and certain alternative talk radio programs. Sure, it has come up in some mainstream reports here and there, but there are virtually no in-depth pieces tying everything together. And they often fail to mention the scale of these sinkholes, behemoth anomalies that can swallow up 100 foot trees, houses, with the latest Ohio sinkhole devouring 4 football fields of land. Events that are sending residents scrambling. A more serious issue, even beyond the dangers posed by these radiation-leaking sinkholes, is how man-made processes like fracking and excessive drilling are changing the planet on a larger scale. Bloomberg reports that fracking is a likely cause for a dramatic rise (sixfold) in earthquake activity from 2000 to 2011. Not to mention contamination of the water and food supply. Extreme mining practices by Texas Brine and others are also responsible for triggering the sinkholes. So are these actions ‘waking up’ the New Madrid fault line? In case you’re not familiar, the New Madrid fault line was responsible for the legendary 1811-1812 earthquakes dubbed the ‘New Madrid’ earthquakes. Extremely powerful and devastating earthquakes that are the most significant earthquakes to hit the United States in all of recorded history. As Investment Watch explains, the research indicating fracking and excessive mining in the expansion of earthquakes along the Madrid line reveals a concerning and plausible reality. It is important to note that the New Madrid fault line includes areas within Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. In the event of a large (8.0 or higher) earthquake along the fault line, however, a much greater area would likely be affected. Outside of the repercussions of the sinkholes, such as the radiation issue and major possibility of implosion or massive disruption in the area, what are the larger consequences of invasive fracking? Could a massive disaster be the result of greedy corporations endangering the entire nation? Furthermore, why is the mainstream media shying away from the issue completely? –Info Wars
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36 Responses to Is the main-stream media ignoring America’s sinkhole epidemic?

  1. Glenn Rice says:

    Yes, they are ignoring these disasters. The LA sinkhole is the most horrific. This is the best article I have found covering it:


  2. I’ve heard of at least two sinkholes in Ohio. When you say “across the nation” do you mean “across the United States” or across “Ohio”? Do remember some of us live in other countries, and this isn’t obvious to us. Indeed, when I think of “nation” I think of the USA, rather than an individual State. Yet, to answer your question, why is the media ignoring it, well, if you mean “Ohio” when referring to “across the nation”, then it is clear that the geological processes causing these phenomena (man-made or otherwise) are peculiar to Ohio…. whereas if you mean “across the United States”, that really would be something to write home about. So I am guessing you mean Ohio. Perhaps the media should write more, but perhaps they don’t think Ohio is “newsworthy” enough? They’re only interested in sales at the end of the day, methinks.


    • Dennis E. says:

      The Viking from Yorkshire: Dennis E. here: In regard to The two sinkholes mentioned in this article, I did not know about the event in Ohio, which I found two weeks ago on a internet
      report by accident. This site has posted articles regarding sinkholes but I think if you would do a google search, there is a site whose subject is primarily about sinkholes world wide.
      It is possible America has a sinkhole problem from mining/drilling and ruptured pipes, but it is not being actively reported.
      have a nice day.


  3. Therese Denbeck says:

    I am curious. I started paying attention to the anoamly of sinkholes and/or watermain breaks about 7 years ago. I am on the line when it comes to blaming fracking as the entire reason. Are other countries experiencing this problem and if so is fracking involved? I believe that the New Madrid is long over due. If there has been a conscious choice to ignore this problem based on specific reasoning you will probably find “Mass Panic” as one of the keypoints. I’m not saying that it is right or wrong. It may be that local agencies may want to be proactive in those areas and bring a statement of clarity. This were investigative reporting will eventually catch up with everyone if it is not handled properly.


  4. nickk0 says:

    I think there is a tendency in the mainstream media, to ‘dismiss’ or otherwise ignore – certain events, like these sinkholes – which can not be easily explained, or have their ’cause’ determined.

    Eventually, as enough ‘events’ start taking place, the mainstream media will eventually start reporting on them, even if the experts (geologists, or others) can’t explain or disagree on what the cause is.
    A good example of this, would be the ‘earthquake booms’ (??) heard in Clintonville, WI., earlier this year.


  5. mike says:

    Edgar cayce said that area around the new madrid would become part of the ocean


  6. The MSM or the Government new’s agency as I like to call them, are constantly ignoring or purposely misleading. “Move along here, nothing to see.” Thanks Alvin for the updates. I’m sharing as fast as I can. God Bless and guide you.


  7. timelesslady says:

    Thanks for sharing this…I was talking to my husband about this very fact yesterday. Why aren’t these sinkholes being covered in the news? Instead we hear about movie stars being arrested yet again or royal pregnancies.


  8. Paula Nixon says:

    I dont think the govenrnment is on the side of big oil and big coal. It has been my experience that the government is delighted in finding things to stop or slow down this time of endevors.


  9. warren H. says:

    PLease people there should be hundreds of comments on this, If it is Americas greead that will destroy the country I am not surprised, if it is not going to be earthquakes that destroy most of america it looks like it will all be swallowed whole instead, very creepy way to die if you ask me.


  10. Joseph t. Repas says:

    The only one I had ever heard of was down in Louisiana…I woder how many there really are? Alvin; do you know if the radiation mentioned is from the natural rock formations, or from manmade sources? Thanks for keeping us up to date in these perplexing times!


  11. Helen Parks says:

    According to Nostradamus these are caused by the particle colliders. There are two on the same latitude! One under Lake Superior – along with CERN.
    And these foolish “scientists” are going to “experiment” at noon on December 21 !!!???


  12. Louise Page says:

    This must be a very concerning situation for the communities. I am still amazed as to how many of these ‘things’ are appearing and the behaviour of them.
    Though mainstream media may not be exposing the extent of the problem, many (thanks to EP and other alternative sites) persons like myself (and if I can speak on behalf of many Aussies) are keenly tuned in to what is going on and care for the people being poorly affected.
    Peace to all.


  13. Ben says:

    I Believe these are an Unknown Anomaly from the Proton Proton Testing at CERN look at the Dates and when this all started


  14. Bruce Wayne says:

    because there is absolutely no proof of any real danger or that the fracking can cause any great harm…after all, the 1811/12 earthquakes mentioned happened anyway without any fracking


  15. Phyllis says:

    I would say the media is ignoring more than just this,they are not talking about anything that is going on,and I am tired of trying to tell these people around me what is happening,they think I am crazy because they hear nothing since where we are nothing has happened out of the ordinary,I try to tell them its on the internet and they laugh at me and say you cant believe nothing on the internet,they really refuse to believe anything unless its on the news so these news people know what they are doing,they are keeping these people blind and dumb,they are really not gonna know what hit them when the shtf,I get so aggravated,I lie awake at night and cant sleep,I have a bad feeling in my gut,something is going to happen and its going to be very bad,i just feel it.I thank God for this site,I really do.


  16. Mary says:

    I live in Ohio. What part of Ohio did this sinkhole happen in? Nothing was reported on our news channels in Columbus. This was a huge sinkhole! Do they know what caused this?


  17. revparadigm says:

    Now the Ohio “sinkhole” was more of a lake shore banks caving in directly caused by them dredging out there, as you can see in the video the dredging boat in the water. Hardly a end of the world apocalyptic scenario. Now the Louisiana sink hole is far more sinister than this one, but even at that I personally think it is a bit of a stretch to attach the New Madrid fault to it. When that fault ruptures again, these sinkholes are gonna seem like mere little mud puddle incidents compared to the destruction that fault will unleash. Attaching fracking to the rise in earthquakes seems kinda odd too in light of all the fracking going on in North Dakota…where are the earthquakes coinciding with that activity? I’m not seeing it at all. I’m not denying the rise of earthquakes, I believe it is a sign of the Biblical end times, but I still want to critically examine what is happening without misdirection.


  18. Irene C says:

    I’ve pretty much stopped watching mainstream media except for some financial news. Most of my news sources are online and, of course, TEP. I have heard news about the sinkholes in Louisiana and Ohio, but, as this article says, nothing much in-depth.

    Fracking is a major issue for me since they are considering doing fracking just a few miles north of where I live. Many in our city are actually against it, but since it is out of city limits, we don’t have a lot of say on it. Petitions and protests are being taken to the county and so far, it’s on hold. But greed usually triumphs over reason.


  19. Skeptical Citizen says:

    Sinkholes are caused by water. The water over the eons erode away the bedrock creating huge caves. These natural caverns eventually collapse and when they collapse the roof falls in and you have sinkholes. The N E Arkansas and south east Missouri Ozarks are full of these sinkholes. Its was very dry this year and a small sinkhole developed in one of my fields Its located about 300 feet uphill from my spring &creek. its about 4 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep. I think the low water level in the aquifer ( my spring dried up) let the roof cave in. Its not caused by fracking. Now the increased eartquake and earth changes certianly have contributed. Its a pole shift end of an age cycle. These things would still be happening even if man had never existed.


  20. Even here in Canada there is some sinkholes that many are not aware, here is one link for example:


  21. Sean says:

    has anyone seen the sinkholes in china….something like 700 plus since..2010…..could it be earth related…or…silent war…..we have tech now as warfare that is beyond…belief…could..we be at this phase…or all natural…earth shifting events…we need to solve this puzzle…7.3 quake on DEC 7th….???? the attack on Pearl Harbor day?? is that a shot accross the bow…from the US… or an OMEN.. or just random chance….the earth has become a big x file.. we need solved…


  22. Bob says:

    Fracking takes place 7-10,000 feet below the ground. Sink holes take place on the ground level, I don’t see 7,000 feet of earth shifting and causing a 50 feet deep sinkhole. Just a thought…


  23. akathesob says:

    These things are popping up everywhere.


  24. Pete says:

    I am in Northern Florida and there are sink holes everywhere. .. Insurance are no longer covering sink holes .. You must have inspection to identify the difference between sinkhole and foundation movement.. ha!
    If we are watching the signs of the end times, the why doesn’t much matter, just that things are happening…


  25. cece says:

    If this was due to fracking, the Obama administration and the mainstream media would be all over this story.


  26. mikew says:

    LOL they will have an answer for everything and it will always be manmade because if we survive this what ever is tearing up the planet they plan to cash in big on it. This crap is happenig all over the world.


  27. ChemE says:

    I believe sinkholes are caused by the Beta Decay from orbital dark matter particles (micro black holes) striking Earth. They come at us from solar flares and CMEs.


  28. GORDON QUINTON says:



  29. Ian k says:

    It could be related to many things, and yes when you pump out oil and gas creating a void, it is possible that this cave in, but not necessary into a round hole, what about areas where no oil or gas have been removed? The world changing may be there should be a collection of data on any magnetic and compass changes in these areas. The all look like some very powerful force caused them. We are going to see some of the strangest things we ever dreamed of come to the surface, if they are not caused by man then by who or what?


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