Mysterious bright lights and sonic booms reported over Texas skies

December 7, 2012DALLASFrom McKinney to the White Rock Lake area and all the way south to Houston, a bright flash reported in the sky Friday morning captured the attention of many across the Lone Star State. While early reports indicated it was likely a meteor, the National Weather Service in Houston reported Friday afternoon that it may have been debris from the Russian Satellite Cosmos 2251 as it reentered the atmosphere. In 2009, the Cosmos 2251 satellite, which was not in working condition at the time, collided with Iridium 33, a United States communication satellite, in 2009 as they orbited Earth over Siberia. Meanwhile, Bill Cooke, who heads the Meteoroid Environment Office for NASA, told KRLD that the object was actually a meteor, and was likely the size of a basketball. As researchers continue to investigate the source of the flash, reports of sightings continue to grow across Texas. One McKinney woman reported seeing what appeared to be a comet streaking across the sky in a bright flash around 6:42 a.m. near Stonebridge Shopping Center. Justin Wagoner, who lives in the White Rock Lake area, said he saw a green trail and heard a large ‘sonic boom” around the same time. Others reported seeing white and orange colors. The sight only lasted a few seconds before vanishing in the sky. According to Dr. James Roberts, a University of North Texas astronomer who talked to WBAP early Friday morning,  the mysterious object in the sky was likely a burned up meteor. A KHOU meteorologist in Houston said it may have been part of the Geminids meteor shower, which takes place in December. The meteorites often appear to be slow moving and are usually best seen at its peak on December 13 and 14. However, Mike Hankey, the operations manager with the American Meteor Society, said later in the morning he believed the meteor was likely a fireball, a meteor brighter than Venus, and not a part of the Geminid shower. “For those not familiar with meteors and fireballs, a fireball is a meteor that is larger than normal,” read a report on the American Meteor Society’s online site. “Most meteors are only the size of small pebbles. A meteor the size of a softball can produce light equivalent to the full moon for a short instant. The reason for this is the extreme velocity at which these objects strike the atmosphere.” Seeing a fireball is something not everyone gets a chance to do in their lifetime, according to Hankey. “While fireballs are actually pretty common across the globe, they happen every night, to actually see one in your area is very rare,” he said. “If you see one once in your life, you are very lucky.” The loud boom heard by some could be explained by what happens when a large fireball breaks apart, Hankey went on to explain. –WFAA
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23 Responses to Mysterious bright lights and sonic booms reported over Texas skies

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Five other states have reported sonic booms or loud noises in the past day. From Rhode Island
    to Arizona. Loud noises and booms were reported all year in all parts of the country.
    And I wonder, I wonder if we are on the edge, in that the United States, being geographically separated by earthquakes and even parts of it sinking into the sea. I think that many of these sonic booms/loud noises are a result of the land cracking from extreme pressure, like, a carrot when you bend it and it snaps and breaks. I think we could be on the verge of a mass land deformation event.
    I am not saying this month, this year, but unless these reported noises are something traveling inter-dimensional travel, well that is something else.

    Many of the bloggers who come here often post end time scriptures. People often post thoughts concerning the future of the USA and our involvement in prophecy. Is it possible that the USA is not mentioned because we are not here; not here as a result of a catastrophic earth change event?
    Just a thought……………….


  2. Desiree says:

    I’ve seen 4 fireballs in the skies over redding, CA since October 17. According to the meteorologist quoted above, to see one in your life time is lucky. Hmm. 4 in a month and a half? I’m not sure that’s luck.


  3. sparrow59 says:

    Interesting. I live in this general area! Didn’t hear about it.


  4. john says:

    Volcanic eruption precursors?


  5. Julia Cosby says:

    Dear family what you see streaking across the sky is our Galactic Family. They are here. Meteor showers do not shoot across the skies they fall downward. They are our blessings from our father God. Love you all. WE ARE ONE Love & Light!


  6. Deb says:

    And now 2 earthquakes in TX




  8. Sandie says:

    My son and I heard a sonic boom around 2:30 pm AZ time on Thursday afternoon. It shook our house, I thought someone slammed into a house or light pole. Our neighbor across the street came out and said it kicked her off the internet. Strange thing is not one mention of this on the news. Though Verde Valley, AZ heard booms around 5 pm Wednesday which was reported on a local channel here in Phoenix. Weird!!


  9. davidi says:

    be prepared for the landing of aliens designed in USA and made in China


  10. Qc, Canada says:

    Come on, USA/Canada/Central America and South America aren’t mentioned BECAUSE they weren’t on the map at the time the BIBLE WAS WRITTEN!!


  11. TexasRedNeck says:

    I heard it and felt the “boom” as it went overhead as I was getting out of bed, I thought it was just thunder tho. @ Dennis E. the USA turned it’s back on God for the last 45 years and now we’re about to pay for it.


    • Dennis E. says:

      yes indeed……Some prophecy teachers of the scriptures believe that God will judge America
      with a fiery judgment in that the country itself will sink to the sea bed and be seen no more.
      This being the USA as being the new Babylon…..


  12. Coyote's Bro says:

    A really farout battle taking place above the planet we cannot see with the naked eye, travelers in contention for our earth? On a more “realistic” note we are moving through a space junk field.


  13. Everything was just a sign of a new Blast resembling Tunguska Pedregosa, Siberia,
    Russia 1908.


    • michael graves says:

      I in the small town of Azle,Tx around 1230am on 12-23-12 me and my Fiance saw a bright flash and looked up to watch in aww over the biggest and brighest colorfulest meteor we belive burning lasting atleast a minute or so till it disipated. It was so amazing. We will probably never see that ever again


      • lmnop says:

        Figures. I’m an amateur astronomer, out every night looking up…nothing. Just shooting stars. And then you just look out the window one night and witness something that fantastic.

        I’m so jelly.


  14. Silver Run, Maryland, 5 miles from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in December I witnesses on two consecutive nights at around 8 PM, what I assumed to be some type of bright fireball. Both times the fireballs or meteorites were so low to the sky and so completely bright I could have sworn they landed on a nearby neighbors property. I never saw anything that bright or close to the grou d. The second one was so close if I had not lived on a pitch black road; I would have walked down to see of I could find out where it fell, that was how close I thought it was. All my years of watching shooting stars and I never saw anything like this before


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