Freak tornado kills 3 in Auckland, New Zealand

December 6, 2012AUCKLANDA freak tornado hit Auckland Thursday killing three people and causing “utter devastation” as wild weather ripped apart homes and caused flash flooding in New Zealand’s largest city. The storm, packing gusts of more than 110 kilometers (70 miles) per hour, struck suburban Hobsonville in the afternoon, toppling trees, ripping roofs from houses and sending debris flying. Civil Defense said three people died and seven were hospitalized, with two of the fatalities believed to have been caused by a concrete slab that landed on the cabin of a truck and the other by a falling tree. About 150 homes were badly damaged, many rendered uninhabitable, forcing residents into temporary accommodation at a nearby air force base. Resident Suzanne McFadden said the storm roared through in “five minutes of utter devastation.” Police urged people to stay indoors as flash floods blocked roads and falling trees brought down power lines, blacking out about 1,300 homes. The Met service weather agency said the tornado was created by a series of intense thunderstorms that lashed the city through the day, largely dissipating by early evening, although there were fears the winds could pick up overnight. Prime Minister John Key expressed condolences to the families of the dead and praised the efforts of emergency services, who swiftly sealed off an area of about one square kilometre (0.4 square miles) that was worst affected by the tornado. –TN
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6 Responses to Freak tornado kills 3 in Auckland, New Zealand

  1. pagan66 says:

    Maybe it’s the same vicious system that spawned a trio of massive storms we had here last Friday afternoon/night & it’s slid down to NZ. The town closest to where I live had hundreds of trees ripped out by the roots, roofs off houses, power lines down – over 3/4 of the town was in darkness for an extended period of time – trees through roofs and crushed cars and an insane amount of rain. Wasnt pleasant at all. Take care Auckland.



  2. Irene C says:

    I saw the video of this tornado earlier today. Although rare, New Zealand gets on average 7 good sized tornadoes a year and about 20 weaker ones.


  3. Brandon says:

    Can you send me the link to your October interview with Wisernow? I want to listen to it and links to your other interviews as well? Also, something has concerned me a bit. We have a six year old son. I have been following this site since a month before the Japan 9.0 earthquake and everything you have forecasted has come to pass and it keeps worsening. We know that the planet has experienced several E.L.E.’s in its past and that we’re approaching another one. Soon these changes may nearly put an end to us. The Bible is clear about the body count during the Tribulation Period. I think about will he have a future? I know he would go straight to heaven, but please give it to me straight. Don’t hold back any punches. We know what’s coming and you named your blog Extinction Protocol for a reason. How many more years do you honestly see us having? He’s the love of our life.
    Bless you,



      Change will run its course. Geological change on a planetary scale is incredibly complex and if a shift is underway, it will be quite dramatic and will unfold across several stages. Usually, you don’t know its happening until you’re in it. I don’t know anytimes frames…but I also know there is no reason to worry about anything the future holds. Your life was planned from end to its beginning by God…not the other way around and we should all take solace and comfort in that fact. Enjoy your life and I wish you many bountiful years of blessings for your son and family.

      God bless,


      • Brandon says:

        I wish you and yours many bountiful years to come as well. My gut instinct (possibly the Lord telling me) tells me that we are seeing these events die down and they are about to be over. Things haven’t really intensified so I think we dodged a bullet again.


  4. lili-ni-viti says:

    An average of 7 good sized tornadoes per year means it is seasonal and NOT rare.


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