Philippine death toll from Typhoon Bopha rises: 475 dead

December 6, 2012Philippines Nearly 200,000 people were homeless and 475 confirmed dead after the Philippines’ worst typhoon this year, officials said Thursday, as the government appealed for international help. Typhoon Bopha ploughed across Mindanao island on Tuesday, flattening whole towns in its path as hurricane-force winds brought torrential rain that triggered a deadly combination of floods and landslides. Erinea Cantilla and her family of six walked barefoot for two days in a vain search of food and shelter through a muddy wasteland near the mountainous town of New Bataan after the deluge destroyed their house and banana and cocoa farm. “Everything we had is gone. The only ones left are dead people,” Cantilla told as her husband, three children and a granddaughter reached the outskirts of the town, which itself had been nearly totally obliterated. The army said it was looking for at least 377 missing people while seeking help for more than 179,000 others who sheltered in schools, gyms and other buildings after losing everything. Officials said many victims were poor migrants who flocked to landslide-prone sites like New Bataan and the nearby town of Monkayo to farm the lower slopes of mountains or work at unregulated mines in the gold rush area. Of the dead, 258 were found on the east coast of Mindanao while 191 were recovered in and around New Bataan and Monkayo, said Major-General Ariel Bernardo, head of an army division involved in the search. The civil defense office in Manila said 17 people were killed elsewhere in Mindanao along with nine in the central Visayan Islands. “We still have more than 377 missing and our challenge now is really to try to get to them,” he told. Shell-shocked survivors scrabbled through the rubble of their homes to find anything that could be recovered, as relatives searched for missing family members among mud-caked bodies laid out in rows on tarpaulins. Civil defense chief Benito Ramos refused to give up hope for the missing. –The News
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5 Responses to Philippine death toll from Typhoon Bopha rises: 475 dead

  1. Wiseguy says:

    Human nature… Government warned population on tv, radio, but now it’s 238 deaths and hundreds missing… It’s a proof that even if authorities would warn us about cataclysm, human would’nt change it’s daily routine, human don’t want to be disturb in it’s daily life… Nobody wants to face the actual reality, even New-Yorkers after Sandy. I think it’s funny, they’ll go to work even if the bridges are collapsing, even if the road are flooding, even if they forecast the worst, people don’t want to know…


  2. Bert Fannin says:

    Mega storms,super quakes and larger and more powerful volcanic eruption Maybe nature is trying to tell us something. Yah think!


  3. james says:

    From the local news, latest death toll has reached more than 300. Likely to rise, many are still missing.


  4. latest count 276 dead, 279 missing, what a sad Christmas for families


  5. James says:

    The storm made a u-turn and is on its way back to the Philippines, this time to the north island of Luzon. This storm is weird and scary. Hopefully it has weakened enough to cause less devastation than it did in the south.


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